My Fellow Patriots,

Earlier this week I wrote and asked you to take a survey about your attitudes toward starting a viable alternative party to the Republican and Democrat parties that are failing to represent the American citizens who elect them. You will see in the survey answers below that over 85% of mostly Republican activists would join a viable third party or consider doing so - if the Republican Party does not take action against those who run as "Republicans" and then do not keep their campaign promises.  The point of the survey is to show that if the Republican Party does not act, We the People will act to protect our interests and our nation, and it could spell the end of the Republican Party. The actions of "Republicans" in the coming months will dictate what happens!

President Trump has presented a historic opportunity for Congress to pass substantive tax reform. We have been promised for YEARS, by the Republicans we have elected, that we would get not only tax cuts but REFORM! Our movement was essentially started with the chant "Taxed Enough Already!" Not only do we pay too much in taxes, over 6 billion hours are annually spent complying with our tax code! We demand and deserve both cuts and reform!

Small businesses are often unfairly relegated to the extremes of the tax code. The National Federation of Independent Business estimates that small businesses spend between $15 and $16 billion complying with the code every year. Our combined corporate tax rate is 39% and is the highest corporate taxes in the world - when we used to be the lowest! In the face of these taxes, many companies opt to outsource labor or move their headquarters abroad which is why estimates are that Fortune 500 companies are holding over $2.6 trillion in profits overseas.

It's real simple, lower corporate taxes mean more business investment, which creates more jobs, which increases our personal income, of which we will keep more if we have lower personal income taxes and simpler filing requirements! It's up to the President and the Congress to keep their promise and get our economy growing again and we must have tax reform to get that done! Including REAL tax cuts, which means getting rid of this "revenue neutral" garbage and the bogus CBO scoring and understanding that tax cuts ALWAYS bring in MORE revenue to the Federal Government - not less! We can NOT allow Congress to just pick winners and losers by keeping the same tax burden and just changing who pays more and who pays less! Don't be fooled!

I ask you to join this vital fight and push the people we elected to keep their promises and deliver REAL Tax Reform by writing a letter to the editor, authoring an Op-Ed, going on a local radio or TV station, calling or visiting your congressman and senators, and passing this email along to all Patriots.  If you need information or help on this topic, you can email Bruce Tague at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will help you with whatever you or your group wants to do to help make sure we get Tax Reform. I have known Bruce for a long time and he is a true Patriot and someone you can trust. Please contact him today if you have any questions on what you can do. Thank you!

Tom Zawistowski





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, released the results of an Ohio poll conducted today to determine support for President Trump and his policies since the election. The We the People Convention poll last October was the first and most accurate poll predicting the huge Trump win in Ohio. The poll conducted today re-polled the voters who participated in the original poll and 249 Ohio voters provided their opinions. A total of 112 participants in today's poll, had said they would vote for Trump and actually did vote for Trump last November, with 91 (82%) saying that they fully support the President now and 19 (17%) saying that they strongly support the President now. Meaning that 99% of actual Ohio Trump voters still support the President and only 1% do not.

The poll today showed 55% of Ohioans support President Trump now, including 8.6% who said they voted for Hilary Clinton, and only 45% do not support the President. That is an increase of 3% from the 52.1% who voted for Trump in Ohio last November. Other findings in the poll results show that 60.8% of participants do not believe that the Russians had anything to do with Trump winning, while 39.2% believe that the only reason Trump won was because of Russian interference in the election - 92% of whom voted for Clinton. Finally 53.88% of the poll participants said that they trust Donald Trump more than the media while 46.12% said that they trust the media more than Donald Trump.

Zawistowski commented on the poll results saying, "The polling industry pretended to do a lot of soul searching after being completely wrong in last year's election, but these results prove that nothing has changed. The Quinnipiac poll showing Trump support "at a new low" of 33% and the Gallop daily tracking poll showing only 38% support are simply wrong, at least in Ohio. Like last year, we believe that these polls, unlike our polls, are designed to affect public opinion not find the truth about public opinion. Last year it did not work and it is not working this year, even more so, because the election results proved that they were fake polls. Only the minority of die hard Democrat voters believe these fake polls because they want to believe them. Just like they believed the phony polls about Obama over the past 8 years. It actually is laughable to us in Ohio that the fake news media and those on the left can actually convince themselves that even though the economy is booming; unemployment is down; food stamps usage is down; the stock market is soaring; and small businesses are growing - it has nothing to do with Trump and the majority of American's do not approve of his performance! This poll demonstrates that those who believe these fake polls continue to be out of touch with reality and simply can't see past their own bias and hate for the President, for the American working class and for American Values. Those of us in Ohio pray for these lost souls who bought the lie and are now living that lie as their actual lives."

The poll contained 39.75% Republican voters, 39% Democratic voters and 20.88% self described Independent voters. A total of 57% were women and 43% were men and represented all age groups from 21 to 65+. The poll was conducted by TRZ Communication of Akron, Ohio.



What a surprise, Ohio Senator Rob Portman Lied to Ohio Voters AGAIN last year when he unequivocally said that he would vote to repeal Obamacare. Now he has the chance to do it and instead he says he will not because he wants to permanently make you pay to insure the 720,000 able bodied people Governor John Kasich put on Medicaid Expansion in Ohio - against your wishes. (Click here for story) He didn't say that last year did he? Would he have gotten your vote if he did? Repeal of Obamacare was THE issue in last year's election and Rob Portman looked you in the face and lied to you. 

Then again, that is nothing new. Remember in 2010 when Portman got the support of social conservatives and was elected by saying he was unequivocally for traditional marriage. Yeah, he lied then as well. When it came time to keep his promise, when we most needed him to keep his promise, he instead became the poster child for republicans supporting "gay-marriage" even though 62% of the Ohioans voted against it. 
So I encourage you to give him a call at 202-224-3353 and let him know how you feel about him lying to you last year and about him denying you the Freedom and Liberty to control your own health care decisions in a competitive private health care system. 
 Does Rob Portman give a damn about you and your family being able to pay for your health care premiums and deductibles? No, he just wants to make sure you are taxed enough to pay for people who he and Kasich want to give "free health care" to at your expense . . . and that his buddies in the Hospital Association, and the Insurance Industry, and the pharmaceutical Industry keep getting BILLIONS of your dollars to provide crappy, expensive, government controlled health care. 

Portman and Kasich have so much empathy for those they want to give your money to, but none for you and your family. It's not Medicaid Expansion, it's welfare gentlemen, and you so-called "republicans" just want to keep expanding government spending until you bankrupt our state and our nation - hardly republican values. 

For those of you who are attending the Ohio Republican Party State Dinner this Saturday, July 22, 2017 at The Ohio Union 1739 North High Street in Columbus, perhaps you can send Senator Portman a 
message when he comes up to speak since he is a Featured Speaker. Turn your backs on him perhaps, since he has turned his back on you and your family? 

Some of you might like to voice your opinions to those Republicans who are attending the event as well - the event gets started at 4:30 PM on Saturday. Should be a few congressmen in attendance as well who you might have a message for as well after their pathetic performance this year. Just sayin . . . 
Here is Portman's contact information, please call and email TODAY ! 

Washington, D.C. Office

448 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-3353

Columbus Office

37 West Broad Street
Room 300
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-469-6774
Toll-Free: 1-800-205-6446 (OHIO)

Cincinnati Office

312 Walnut Street
Room 3425
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Phone: 513-684-3265

Cleveland Office

1240 East 9th Street
Room 3061
Cleveland, OH 44199
Phone: 216-522-7095

Toledo Office

420 Madison Avenue
Room 1210
Toledo, OH 43604
Phone: 419-259-3895
Go here to email him: Rob Portman Email Contact
Make your voice heard, make your vote count !


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, reacted strongly to the shooting of a Republican Congressmen today in Alexandria, VA.  Zawistowski said, "The thoughts and prayers of all of us in the TEA Party movement go out this morning to Congressman Steve Scalise, his staff and security detail, the police officers who responded, and everyone affected by this cowardly act today. There are clear indications that this shooting was a political act, as the shooter apparently wanted to know if the baseball players were Republicans or Democrats. The constant violent rhetoric coming from Democrats, including the Mayor of Los Angeles and the DNC Chairman himself, and from the Alt-Left, from "leaders" of the "Resist" and the George Soros funded "ANTIFA" movements, and their allies in the media, is directly responsible for creating an environment in our nation that encourages violent actions like we have seen today. This must stop and it must stop today. Democratic leaders like Schumer and Pelosi need to stand up to the violent anti-American radicals who have taken over their party and must return to participating in our representative government instead of trying to overthrow it - through violence or "any means necessary."  The victims of this coordinated effort since the election, led by Soros funded Media Matters, are every American who voted for change in the last year's election and who's votes the Democrats, the media, and the Alt-Left are doing their best to invalidate with lies, leaks and violence. We the People see who is attacking our nation, our laws, our elections, our free speech rights and our very lives, and it certainly is not the Russians, and those responsible will pay a heavy price in elections at every level in the months and years to come."



June 6, 2017


Chief Mike Marshman
Police Bureau
City of Portland
1111 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97204

Dear Chief Marshman,

I am writing to thank you and your officers for providing excellent security for the pro-Free Speech event in Portland this weekend. Thanks to your departments efforts, our fellow TEA Party brothers and sisters, and the other conservatives who attended, were able to hold a peaceful public meeting to defend the 1st Amendment and exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights. 

We cannot thank you and your officers enough for keeping those who wish to trample our rights and silence our voices from being able to do so in this case. I can assure you that all of us in the TEA Party Movement nationally understand the invaluable role our local police play in keeping the peace and enforcing the laws of our nation. 

We have, and we will continue to stand solidly with our valiant police officers who have been under attack by the same people who tried to shut down the event in Portland this weekend. They must never succeed in destroying the authority and the integrity of our  local police or in ending civil public debate about the important issues in our communities. Thanks to your efforts they did not succeed this past weekend in Portland and Liberty once again defeated tryanny.  


Tom Zawistowski
Executive Director
Portage County TEA Party


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Trump Firing of Comey Long Overdue and Much Needed

Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, today joined a chorus of TEA Party activists and other conservatives in praising President Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey. Comey was fired by the President on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 after serving three and a half years of a ten year appointment.

Zawistowski said "We are thankful that President Trump had the guts to do what few in Washington would ever do and that is to hold an unelected Washington Bureaucrat accountable for their actions. We in the TEA Party know from personal experience, that James Comey did not protect and defend the rights of American Citizens when the IRS was targeting us. This despite substantial evidence that President Obama’s Administration was using the IRS to affect the outcome of the 2012 election by attempting to stop the TEA Party from raising money and participating in the political process. This despite the clear and willful destruction of physical and electronic evidence by Louis Lerner and IRS employees under the leadership of Commissioner Koskinen. This despite hundreds of emails uncovered by Judicial Watch and the ACLJ that have caused multiple federal courts to determine the fact the IRS Targeting of TEA Party and other conservative groups was not accidental but intentional. Jim Comey failed to give millions of regular middle class Americans in the TEA Party Movement equal protection under the law when he allowed the Federal Government to attack us and deny our constitutional rights for purely political reasons. Jim Comey did nothing to investigate the IRS scandal. For that alone he should have been fired a long time ago.”

Zawistowski added, “It is because of Jim Comey, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, the actions of “activist” judges and others that a vast majority of American’s simply do not trust our government or our legal system. Why should we? There is clearly a double standard. We the people will not accept that Hillary Clinton or any other politician is above the law that we all follow. That is why we elected Donald Trump who promised to investigate Hillary Clinton. We want Justice. We DEMAND that our laws are enforced fairly and equally on all Americans and we will not settle for anything less.”

Zawistowski continued, “Outside the fantasy world of Washington, it worries common Americans that the Democrat’s clamor for a special prosecutor to investigate a “scandal” for which their is no evidence while there is apparently no serious investigation of clear federal crimes like unlawfully unmasking US Citizens and illegally setting up a private server, holding hundred if not thousands of classified documents, some of which were “printed out” and viewed by people without security clearance. The fact that the FBI would not investigate a candidate running for President of the United States, and a former President of the United States, who raised some $300 million, mostly from foreign countries in anticipation of future political favors, is simply beyond the pale to the regular citizen.”

Zawistowski concluded, “We trust that President Trump will appoint a non-political, highly qualified, law enforcement professional to the post of FBI Director who will de-politicize the FBI. While the ruling class in Washington is doing everything they can to politicize this action, and “not let a crisis go to waste”, those of us in the Heartland are thrilled to see our President standing up for us and taking on the entrenched DC establishment. Keep it up Mr. President the American people are with you!”



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, March 30, 2017
CONTACT: Tom Zawistowski, 330-592-1848This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Open Letter to President Trump from Ohio Conservatives

Dear Mr. President,

We, the undersigned conservative leaders in the swing state of Ohio, voted for you and worked hard to bring others to the polls to elect you last November. We want to see you succeed in Making America Great Again! We appreciate much of what you have already done in the first few months of your administration.

However, we respectfully ask you to stand with our conservative heroes in the Freedom Caucus, along with other conservatives in the House and Senate. These patriots are working to keep the campaign promises that you--and they--made to us.

Please work with members of the Freedom Caucus, not against them, to ensure you are all successful in keeping your campaign promises and "draining the swamp." Mr. President, we are praying for your success as you work to rebuild our nation.


Ann Becker
Butler County for Trump co-chair; Cincinnati Tea Party president; GOP State Central Committee member

Tom Zawistowski
"We the People" Convention president; Portage County TEA Party

Janet Folger Porter
Faith2Action president; Trump general election volunteer

State Rep. Candice Keller
Butler County Trump volunteer; Ohio House Dist. 53

State Rep. Nino Vitale
Ohio House Dist. 85 (Champaign, Shelby & Logan Co.)

Kirsten Hill
Ohio Liberty Coalition president

Mike Lyons
Ohio Liberty Coalition board member

State Rep. Paul Zeltwanger
Ohio House District 54 (Warren, Hamilton & Butler Co.)

John McAvoy
Toledo Tea Party president

State Rep. John Becker
Ohio House District 65 (Clermont Co.)

Terri Iannetta
Summit County Tea Party president

Jim Green
North Central Ohio Conservatives, Inc. president

Mary Ellen Buechter
Miami County Liberty vice-president

Jim & Jennifer Hiles
Hocking Hill TEA Party Patriots co-founders

Jeff Malek
Medina TEA Party Patriots president

Anne Kaczmarek
Liberty Camp for Kids president

Barbara Burkard
Miami Valley Citizens Informed

Lisa Cooper
Republican State Central Committee, District 26

T.J. Honerlaw
Warren Co. Republican Party Central Committee vice-chairman; Trump general election volunteer

Lori Viars
Conservative Republican Leadership Committee board member; Trump Campaign general election volunteer; Warren Co. Right To Life vice-president



Now that we have Rejected Ryan's Health Care Bill
Can we actually do what the American People Need and Want?

AKRON - Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party aligned We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, reacted to the US House cancelling the vote on House Speaker Paul Ryan's proposed Health Care Repeal and Replacement Bill. Zawistowski said, "The Bill proposed by Speaker Ryan was unpopular with the public and certainly with TEA Party Conservatives who worked for seven years for the opportunity to restore a vibrant, competitive, private sector health insurance market place that would provide affordable insurance, improve patient care, and lower the cost of providing quality health care to all Americans. The Ryan Bill was nothing close to that and was rightfully rejected by members of the US House today. Now it is time to focus on the needs of the American people instead of on the needs of the K-Street lobbyists and Washington insiders."

Zawistowski continued, "What all the talking heads on TV and everyone in Washington don't understand, is that they think that the answer to every problem is MORE Government when the real answer is LESS Government. You want to know why you they can't craft a Healthcare Bill that meets "everyone's" needs, it's because heath care is a PERSONAL choice and only we can decide what is best for ourselves NOT YOU! The fact of the matter is that we should repeal Obamacare and NOT replace it. The Democrats took a problem of 10 million Americans not being able to afford Health INSURANCE and in seven years turned it into a problem of 320 million American's not being able to afford health insurance! That tells you all you need to know about how poorly government works. The federal government has NO Constitutional authority to provide health care to anyone. It is a simple fact, proven over and over again throughout history, that the only way to decrease costs and increase quality is through competition. So we need to repeal Obamacare with a cutoff at the end of 2018, encourage private insurance companies to compete for the business of 320 million customers, and only pass necessary legislation to reform Medicaid and Medicare so that the young and the old and the handicapped are protected."




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's Time for the Republicans
to Stand up to the "Republi-can’ts"
AKRON - Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party aligned We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, called on Republicans in the US House of Representatives and US Senate to stand up to what he calls “Republi-can’ts” on the Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare. Zawistowski said “Why is it that when the Democrats are in charge that they can find ways to do anything they want, but when the Republican’s are in charge all they talk about is what they "can’t" do? By some apparent D.C. magic, the Democrats were able to implement ALL of Obamacare using ONE “budget reconciliation” bill but the “Repuli-can’ts” claim it is impossible to repeal and replace the same bill using the same one step process! Why? Well because they are “Republi-can’ts”, or to be honest, which they are not, because K-Street and US Camber doesn’t want them to repeal and replace all of Obamacare.” 

Zawistowski continued, “Every citizen who voted for President Trump should call their Congressman, and Senator, and the White House TODAY and demand that they keep their promise to repeal and replace ALL of Obamacare. While we trust President Trump, we have learned long ago that we cannot trust the career political class in Washington, DC. and therefore we must hold them accountable. Isn’t it interesting that the things that will most benefit families and the working class - selling insurance over state lines, repeal of the Insurance Mandate which is the main reason our premiums and deductibles are so high, etc. - those thing “can’t” be in a “budget reconciliation” bill according to the “Republi-can’ts” - even though they were in the Democrat’s bill. They say, "You working stiffs are going to have to give us even more power, 60 votes in the Senate to get what you want, and if that never happens, to bad for you.

Zawistowski concluded, “So, here is a memo to the “Republi-can’ts” from the grassroots that gave you the House, and the Senate and the White House and the Supreme Court - you are actually in charge and you “can” do any damn thing you need to do! REAL Republican’s need to listen to what Trump said in his Nashville speech - “It doesn’t matter what you do, the Democrats will not vote for it” - and the media is going to attack you FOREVER for doing it. So, ignore them! They didn’t vote for you and they NEVER will. Republican’s must keep your word to the people who did vote for you and do not pass ANY bill that does not reduce the cost of insurance and health care for everyday Americans. Regardless of what you “meant” by repeal and replacing Obamacare, to Joe Blow and his family, if they can’t afford insurance and health care then you didn’t keep your promise and they will vote you out in 2018! Don’t be a “Republi-can’t" like Paul Ryan, be a proud Republican like Donald Trump! Do it NOW, do it ALL, and show that you know how to lead and you are willing and able to do what it takes to win. I and millions of Republicans who voted for Trump will be calling your offices today to make sure that you understand the message we sent in the 2016 election."



Look at this chart. This is EXACTLY what Trump promised during the campaign and why we voted for him.

Fix our infrastructure, take care of our veterans, build our defense, defeat ISIS and secure our homeland! Unlike every other politician in your lifetime, Trump has the guts to make the cuts to pay for it! Bravo Mr. President!

The Dems and the Media will lie about how this will hurt the poor and the elderly and the sick, blah blah blah. If you think you couldn't cut EVERY government program by 40% and actually make it do a better job then you have never run a private business.

Read the details in this article and notice my fellow Seniors, in the other graph below, that Trump doesn't touch Social Security! Though we all know that it needs fixing as well!

Link to full article





To: Rep. Steve Chabot, Rep. Warren Davidson, Rep. Bob Gibbs, Rep. Bill Johnson, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. David Joyce, Rep. Bob Latta, Rep. Jim Renacci, Rep. Steven Stivers,  Rep. Pat Tiberi, Rep. Brad Wenstrup

CC: House Speaker Paul Ryan


Subject:  Restore Regular Order, Stop the BAT Tax, Pass Tax Cuts, Use the CRA

Dear Congressmen:

I am writing to express the concerns and frustrations of the Trump voters in Ohio who also elected each of you to a new two year terms in Congress last November. I am hearing from Ohio Congressmen that you are all “frustrated” by what you call the “Three P’s - Pence, Priebus and Paul” who are, in some opinions, manipulating the agenda of President Trump and keeping you from Representing the wishes of the people in your Districts as you were elected to do.

I am writing to assure each of you that we support your efforts to make sure that the Trump Agenda, which we in Ohio overwhelmingly voted to implement, is indeed implemented in full and as quickly as possible. I am also writing to make clear our concerns and to provide some guidance as to how we would like you to address those concerns.

First and foremost, we are deeply concerned about House Speaker Ryan refusing to implement “Regular Order” after having promised to do so when he was first elected Speaker a year ago and AGAIN when he was re-elected, substantially on that promise, this past November. In doing so, he is denying us, your constituents, the Representation we are guaranteed under the US Constitution by not allowing any of you to participate in crafting the bills that will be headed to President Trump’s desk. It is my understanding, at least in the House Ways and Means Committee, that neither Renacci nor Tiberi or any of the 23 Republican Representatives have been “allowed” to propose Amendments or even to debate Speaker Ryan’s “Better Way” tax reform plan. That is simply unacceptable.

More precisely, we are concerned that Speaker Ryan and the House Leadership is pressuring members of the committee, and ultimately all of you, to pass the “Border Adjustment Tax (BAT)” which President Trump has clearly said he does not want and which we, the voters of Ohio, do not want!  We want personal and corporate taxes cut to spur the economy. We do NOT want a third tax, a “value added tax”, implemented that will basically negate the cuts in personal taxes by raising the price of product we consumers purchase from US retailers. That will NOT stimulate the economy and that is NOT a tax cut. That is a typical political shell game where you take less money out of one of our pockets just to take more money out of the other to feed your inability to reduce out-of-control government spending!  You must ALL vote NO on the tax plan if it includes a BAT tax! We do not want Speak Ryan’s tax cuts, we want President Trump’s proposed Tax Cuts.

Furthermore, we want each of you to take decisive action if Speaker Ryan cannot understand the message from President Trump that when you make promises to the American People, we expect you keep them.  If you do not have “Regular Order” then what are you even doing wasting your time and our money being in DC at all???  The voters of Ohio will support another “motion to vacate the chair” if Speaker Ryan does not implement “Regular Order” immediately. We call for our Ohio delegation to join together in making and supporting that motion if the Speaker does not keep his promise to you and to us.

Finally, on the issue of the Congressional Review Act, we are concerned that Congress has no plan to realize the full potential of this resource to improve our lives and most importantly our economy.  While we are supportive and thankful for the actions that Congress has taken already to overturn destructive actions by the Obama Administration, such as the repeal of the onerous “Stream Protection Rule”, we want much more from this resource.

In our view, the CRA gives Congress a once in history opportunity for a “do over” for much of what has been done by the Federal Government since it was passed in 1996.  As you know well, regardless of intentions, much of what government puts into rules and regulations do not have the outcome that were intended. Unfortunately, these “mistakes” are rarely fixed because the burden of doing so through the regular process of government is difficult and time consuming. The American people then bare the burden of these “mistakes” for decades. However, the Congressional Review Act provides a streamlined opportunity to literally fix hundreds, and even thousands, of these “mistakes” since 1996 quickly and efficiently.

What we are suggesting, is that Congress create a Standing Committee, say the Congressional Rules and Regulation Review Committee, that will hire qualified retired agency workers from the major branches of government who know the history, to systematically review which rules and regulation since 1996 had or did not have a report submitted about them to Congress before they were implemented by a Government agency.  The Committee would provide a weekly list of rules and regulations that it has discovered that were implemented since 1996 to Congress and that are subject to repeal by the CRA. Congress would then review the rules and regulation, and the OUTCOMES from those rules and regulations, to determine if they should be cancelled. Finally leadership would set aside time each week to vote on how ever many rules and regulations it wishes to repeal that week, so that this process would be systemic and on-going until it is completed. Creating a system is the only way to make sure this important opportunity is realized.

Let me be clear, what we propose is that Congress review ALL rules and regulations that are subject to CRA regardless of which President’s Administration implemented them.  We are not so biased as to believe that all well intended rules and regulations implemented by Republican Administrations ended up working for the public good nor that rules and regulations implemented by Democratic Administration are all bad for the public good. That is the point. Never before in history has ANY Government had the opportunity to go back in time and “fix” it’s “mistakes” without a revolution! You, each of YOU, have that once in a lifetime opportunity!

We believe that to not take advantage of this historic opportunity, to its fullest extent, would be the height of irresponsibility and a total disservice to the American people and your constituents here in Ohio. We ask that you take immediate action to implement this plan or something similar. It is clear to us that this action could do more than almost any other action you could take during this Congress to improve the lives of the American people, our economic environment, and to restore long lost individual liberty and freedoms.

I thank you for your attention to the issues in this letter. I hope that it has provided each of you with support and direction. I will be sharing this letter with the media and with Trump voters across the state of Ohio who may wish to add their support for the statements made herein. Finally I ask that you learn from Trump and learn how to fight for us  your constituents. Do not give up your right, and your duty, to represent us, under any circumstances! You elected Paul Ryan based on his promises to restore “Regular Order” to our Government. Hold him to his promise!


Tom Zawistowski


We the People Convention

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