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Cuyahoga GOP Takes Heat over Gay Games

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Mr. Chairman,

Conservatives across Ohio were disappointed to see Cuyahoga Co GOP participating in the Gay Games & making statements that sound supportive of the liberal homosexual agenda.  
Lest you think it's just a small segment that objects, remember the Ohio Marriage Amendment passed, 61.7% to 38.2%.  In all or nearly all states where voters have had a say, gay marriage has been banned.  (Granted, the pro-gay-marriage side has made some strides when liberal courts & legislators made the decision....but the voters agree with me on this.)
Our problem in recent presidential elections has been depressed turnout because our base rarely sees GOP leaders & nominees "painting in bold colors."  Instead they see "pale pastels"....in this case, lavender.
Here on the ground, we have lost numerous door-to-door volunteers who are disgusted with state and national GOP leaders not standing up for conservative values---both social and fiscal.  Former Central Committee members have told me they don't even consider themselves Republican anymore.  Two local elected officials just this past month (a twp trustee & a city councilman) told me the same thing. A respected GOP Board Member who had broad support to be our new Party Chairman, refused to even be considered. He said what I keep hearing:  "I'm not leaving the party....the party is leaving me."  
This depressed activity from the base won't sink us when we have a big margin over a weak Democrat (ie, Kasich vs. the Wreck of the Edward Fitzgerald).  But it can sink us when we have close elections--like the next presidential.  The last time I saw conservatives excited (social conservatives in particular) was 2000 & 2004.  And Bush won.  Conservatives were not excited about our nominees in 2008 & 2012.  And Obama won.
I hope Cuyahoga Co GOP will turn from the pale pastels, embrace our national platform & give our conservative base something to be excited about.  GOP candidates in Ohio will do fine against some of the weak Dems in 2014.  2016 is the concern.  Help us win the White House by exciting the base.  Paint in bold Red.  Not Lavender.
Lori Viars
Warren Co. Republican Executive Committee & Central Committee Member

August 10, 2014 


Cuyahoga County Republicans 

Welcome the 2014 Gay Games to Cleveland



The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County today launched an outreach campaign at the 2014 Gay Games.  The event is presented by the Cleveland Foundation and is hosted by the City of Cleveland from August 9 through August 16, 2014.


"Cuyahoga Republicans are thrilled to welcome the 20,000 to 30,000 LGBT athletes and fans of the 9th Gay Games to our great city," said Rob Frost, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County. "We believe in a Big Tent Republican Party, where our membership reflects the diversity of America. We realize many members of the LGBT community may not have experienced a welcoming Republican Party in the past, but Cuyahoga County Republicans are committed to engaging everyone on the principles of a smaller government based on personal responsibility."


The Cuyahoga County Republicans will host a booth in the Gay Games' Festival Village where local Republicans will personally welcome participants to Cleveland and talk to visitors about our new campaign to reach the LGBT community with the conservative message of limited government. County Republicans will also hand out free, 24-ounce water bottles to the visitors.  The bright red bottles are made in the United States, and are 100% recyclable and BPA free.  They are emblazoned with the word "Refreshing" underneath "The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County welcomes you to the Gay Games in Cleveland!"




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