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Signup for the Ohio Rising Event on August 29th

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If YOU really want to make a difference in our nation,
this is how you do it!  
Register TODAY and run for County Central Committee!
Hello everyone,
I, for one, am tired of politicians not listening to their constituents.  I am tired of them campaigning one way and governing another. I am tired of policies being implemented that most people don't want - like Common Core and Obamacare.
But, then again, if you look at the numbers, why should the politicians listen to their constituents? In 2014, Congress had an approval rating of around 13%. But, what percentage was reelected nationwide that same year? 
The people have lost - or more accuratelywillingly given up - their voice. 
The surest way to get politicians listening again is for the citizens recapture the power to elect and un-elect them. That power currently resides in two places, primary elections and party central committees.
People talk about "calling" their Congressman?
My Congressman actually calls me.
That is in part because he knows as a member of central committee, I have the power to give - or withhold - his endorsement for reelection in the primary.
Begging, complaining, and watching cable TV news to see the latest antics of the presidential hopefuls won't change the direction of our country. 
Taking back the power over who gets elected or unelected will.
Attend Ohio Precinct Project's next Central Committee Training on August 29th in Ravenna, OH to learn more. 

Saturday, August 29th 1PM - 4PM
NE Ohio Training - Ravenna, OH
Where: Maplewood Career Center
7075 State Route 88
Ravenna, OH 4426
Cost: Free! Refreshments will be served!
In Liberty, 
Ted Stevenot

Ohio Rising is a 501(c)(4) organization. Donations are not tax deductible.  Not affiliated with any candidate or candidate's committee.

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