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OHIO Citizens PAC Ask for Poll Observers

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Ohio Citizens PAC
For Immediate Release: Thursday, April 24, 2014
Ohio Republican Party Cheating Causes TEA Party
to Request Election Day Observers for Primary
Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC announced today that actions taken by Ohio Republican Party Officials at the state and local levels during this primary election campaign, are so concerning to TEA Party groups and the candidates they support, that they are petitioning each County Board of Elections to allow them to appoint observers to the vote counting for the May 6th Primary Election. State law in section 3505.21 of the Ohio revised code provides for five candidates who are on the ballot in a county to sign a form requesting that they be allowed to appoint a person to observer the counting of ballots. Zawistowski, sent out a copy of the form with instructions to TEA Party groups around the state today, asking them to submit it to their County Boards of Elections to have an official observer appointed.
In making the announcement, Zawistowski said, "It is with deep regret that we feel forced to take this action to defend ourselves from party officials in our own party, who, through their words and actions, have convinced us that they will do virtually anything to maintain power - including cheating on the vote count.  Look at the evidence. ORP Chairman Matt Borges told Jack Boyle, state central committee candidate in Cuyahoga County, in person that if the TEA Party Candidates take over the State Central Committee it will be the end for the party. Jack Boyle replied that it may be the end of Borges's party, but it would be the rebirth of the Ohio Republican Party. Then a few days later, Rob Frost the Republican County Chairman in Cuyahoga County, literally falsified the vote count, in front of 30 witnesses, to deny Jack Boyle their endorsement for State Central Committee. Steve Cuckler, Delaware County Republican County Chairman already threw one of our candidates off the ballot for not stapling two sheets of paper together. Now the Lucas County Republican County Chairman, Jon Stainbrook, with the help of the ORP, is mailing out flyers in support of his state central committee race saying "Vote Republicans Stainbrook and Gallaher to Stop Obamacare." (Copy attached as PDF.) Knowing full well that the Republican State Central Committee has nothing to do with Obamacare and never will.  They simply see in polls that Obamacare is unpopular and then send out this lie to try and fool Republican primary voters in a desperate attempt to win. These people are all on the Board of Elections and will control the vote count. If the state party chairman believes our winning will cost him his job, if they will cheat on a vote in their own country central committee, if they will use every technicality they can find to eliminate candidates who legitimately should be on the ballot, and if they just flat out lie to voters to try and win the state central committee race - why would we think that we are going to get a fair count on election day?" 
Zawistowski concluded by saying that “Our founding fathers made it clear that you could not have a representative form of government without values and integrity. What we have experience this election season has been nothing less than disgusting and all true Republicans should be outraged by the actions of these so called leaders. Our candidates have worked too hard in this election to allow them to be cheated at the polls. We will do everything in our power to make sure their is an honest vote. Then after the primary we will expect that the ORP leadership will try to change the rules to make sure that the candidates that win state central committee seats are kept out of power.” 
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