Joint Portage GOP - TEA Party Meeting a Huge Success!

Joint Portage GOP - TEA Party Meeting a HUGE SUCCESS!

One of the largest crowds in years came to the Joint Portage County Republican Party - Portage County TEA Party meeting to meet the local candidates in person, pick up signs and commit to keeping Portage County Red in the November 8th Election which is just 60 DAYS AWAY!

Former Senate Candidate Bernie Morino addresses the Meeting about the Convention of States as Portage Republican Chairman Amanda Suffecool Answers Questions

Here is the Call to Action for ALL Portage County Conservatives:

The Portage County TEA Party also ask ALL VOTERS to vote for John Hagan for Ohio State School Board in District 9! John has been a warrior fighting against CRT and the destructive "Trans-Agenda" being forced upon our children and grandchildren by the Democrat Communist Controlled Unions!
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Ohio Tea Party Celebrates Election Wins


For Immediate Release: Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Akron, OH: Tonight, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention, commented on how the Ohio TEA Party movement views the 2018 Ohio General Election Results. Zawistowski said, “I want to congratulate all the grassroots volunteer for doing such a terrific job this election. It is their investment of time and effort that made the majority of these wins possible. We also thank all the candidates we endorsed, on our, who worked so hard to win their individual races. As predicted, there was no sign of a “Blue Wave" in Ohio, as Republicans dominated in all the state races, all the US House races, in the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate. Even the US Senate race was within reach, as our polling suggested, but we just could not quite make up for all of the $20 million spending gap with our outstanding effort. The bottom line is that we met two of our three main goals for this election - we defended all 12 Ohio Republican Congressional seats and we protected the integrity of voting in Ohio by electing Frank LaRose as Secretary of State. We were also glad that State Issue 1 was soundly defeated. We had a very good night and we are celebrating.”  

Zawistowski concluded, “At the national level, we are pleased that it looks like Republicans will increase their hold on the US Senate. This certainly bodes well for what we hope will be at least one more Supreme Court nominee. While we are holding out hope that the Republican’s can keep control of the US House, it looks doubtful that can happen which is certainly a disappointment to us and a real tragedy for our nation.”
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