For Immediate Release: April 4, 2020 3:00 PM
Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, called on Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton, to begin immediately publishing daily Ohio death statistics from Suicides, OPIOID/Drug abuse, Alcohol Related Deaths, and deaths from the regular flu - alongside deaths from the coronavirus. Sighting indisputable evidence that the Governor's radical actions, such as shutting down the majority of businesses in Ohio, putting as many as 1,793,472 Ohioans out of work, and ordering 10,000,000 Ohioans to stay in their homes for 30 days, results in significant deaths from these other sources which must be part of the equation when deciding what we do as citizens about the coronavirus.
Zawistowski said,"While all Ohioans, including me, are willing to take important steps and precautions to minimize the deaths caused by the coronavirus in our state, Governor DeWine and Dr. Acton have been negligent in providing citizens with the full "cost" to us, in both lives and dollars, from their drastic actions to prevent the spread of the virus. It is our understanding that the suicide rates, opioid/drug abuse deaths, and deaths from alcohol-related causes are on the increase in Ohio since the Governor's drastic actions were imposed in March and that they greatly exceed the 102 deaths caused by the coronavirus in eight weeks of the shutdown. It is literally medical malpractice by Dr. Acton to be recommending these single focused societal restrictions without giving ANY medical consideration to the well know psychological and sociological effect she is intentionally causing and the inevitable resulting injury and death that they will cause millions of Ohians! The Governor must publish these statistics alongside the coronavirus statistics everyday. We the people have the right to know the deaths being caused by the Governor's efforts to save some lives while killing other Ohioans in the process."
Zawistowski concluded, "It is both immoral and unconscionable that Governor DeWine has NEVER announced how many businesses he chose to close, or how many peoples' jobs he has taken away, or how much pay those Ohioans have lost because of his misguided actions. It is even more immoral to hide the fact that large numbers of Ohioans are now dying because of his actions. The MAJORITY of Ohioans' lives are not even being considered when the Governor takes actions that are singularly focused on just "saving lives" from the coronavirus. Clearly the Governor has forgotten that his job is to protect the lives of ALL Ohioans and not to decide whose life is worth more than someone else's life."
Ohio Coronavirus Score Card:
Ohio Population: 11,660,000 • Average Deaths per day 325
Coronavirus Deaths: 102 Total in 8 Weeks!
Deaths from other Causes in 8 Weeks: 18,200 Estimated
Positive Cases: 3,379 (.00029 of total population)
Ohio Businesses Closed: 200,000 Estimated
Ohioans without Pay Checks: 1,793,472 Estimated
Lost Wages, Past 14 Days: $1,951,297,536 Estimated
Businesses Projected to Close Permanently: 113,670 Estimated

Akron, OH: Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention, responded to a comment made by Governor DeWine at his Press Conference Saturday. Governor DeWine said that when he goes to bed at night he asks himself if he "has done all that he could do" to fight the Coronavirus. Zawistowski said, "The question, Governor, is NOT if you have done enough, but if you have done too much! The fact is, Governor, no one but you and the Ohioans you have scared the hell out of believe Dr. Acton's hysterical "projections" because the numbers just don't add up, and your response is way out of proportion to the actual threat to the public. You gave the numbers yesterday: In six weeks from 2/7/20 -3/19/20 we have had 247 cases of Coronavirus in Ohio and 58 hospitalizations and 3 deaths. That is NOT cause to shut down our state and destroy tens of thousands of businesses and ruin hundreds of thousands of Ohioan's lives. You know how many hospitalizations we have had from the regular flu? We had 9,828 last year and 17,397 in 2017-18! No shutdowns, no panic, with 70 times more hospitalizations than we have today. You are looking like "Chicken Little", Governor, because the sky is not falling, but your misguided actions may destroy all of us."
Zawistowski continued, "Both you and your fear-mongering Health Director love to compare what will happen in Ohio to New York and to Italy. We are NOT New York and we are not Italy, and don't you dare continue to make these false comparisons to provide cover for your misguided acts. First, New York has 10,356 cases, New Jersey has 1,327 and we have 247. Those two states should "shelter in place" for a few days, but you have no reason to ask us to do the same in Ohio. Second, we are NOT Italy, but you keep saying that. Italy has the second OLDEST population in the World! They have a horrible Government Healthcare system! They did NOT do the things we are doing to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus! We have the greatest healthcare system in the world and we are much younger than Italy. So STOP making an INACCURATE comparison!"
Zawistowski added, "Even IF we were like Italy, this is NOT the catastrophe people like you and the CDC are claiming it to be! Italy is a nation of 60 Million with 54,000 cases of Coronavirus and 5,000 Dead. The US is a nation of 330 Million - if it got as bad here as in Italy, we would have 270,000 cases and 27,500 Deaths. You know how many Americans died of the regular flu in 2017-18?  80,000!!! No shutdowns. No school closings, No overwhelmed hospitals. No economic suicide."
Zawistowski continued, "Pathetically you and your incompetent Health Director whined yesterday about how people are not watching/listening to your daily press conferences and not following "your instructions". You then said that you got "reports" that Ohioans dared to go outside this weekend and went to stores that were still open despite your apocalyptic misguided warnings. So, let me get this straight, you tell us to keep six feet apart, wash our hands, not cough or sneeze in public, not shake hands, and when we do all that and more - you tell us that is not good enough for you and we should just sit in our homes because you say so? So, today you are contemplating another mis-guided "order" to "shelter in place" with zero medical reason to do so? We will not comply Governor, because you don't have any reason to make such an order!
Zawistowski concluded, "While you and your nationally disgraced Health Director, whose ignorant claim of 100,000 cases in Ohio is being exposed as incompetent and who is getting a grade of "D" for Data Quality from the COVID Tracking Project and is inexplicably refusing to follow CDC Guidelines and report both positive and negative test results, are panicked beyond reason by "projections" that bely the facts in Ohio. We the People are not buying what you are selling. Let us be clear, we will take the action WE feel are appropriate to protect OUR health and that of our families and fellow citizens, but we will not be led off the cliff by someone like you who thinks you are personally responsible for every life in Ohio. Get over yourself, Governor. We are not stupid. Stop treating us as if we don't have enough common sense to come in out of the rain. This nonsense ends on March 30th, Governor. We are giving you the three weeks you asked for and the 15 days the President asked for, but on March 30th we are going back to work because that will do more to save lives than anything you are doing."

Tom Zawistowski's Primary Election Recommendations
As is normal, I am getting a lot of calls and emails asking who I recommend in various elections all over the state of Ohio. Since the membership of the Portage County TEA Party has not voted to recommend anyone, understand that these recommendations are my PERSONAL recommendations and do not necessarily represent those of the Portage County TEA Party!
Everyone should go to for information about Federal and State candidates. They do a great job and I have contributed to many of their Ohio candidate evaluations. You can also see a list of state and local candidates we have endorsed in Ohio through the Ohio Citizens PAC.
Let me make clear, EVERY TRUMP SUPPORTER must show up and vote in the Republican Primary just to show the fake news that their constant attempts to convince American's that Trump is not popular is just that FAKE NEWS! We need to prove to our fellow American's that the FAKE POLLS are just PROPAGANDA and they should not believe them! We want the Trump primary vote in Ohio to just dwarf the votes of Commie Bernie and Sleepy Joe so that everyone knows that Ohio is TRUMP COUNTRY!
Now, in regards to the Portage County Republican Primary, there are few contested races on the ballot but I will make these recommendations:
For Congress in the Ohio 13th District: I Recommend Christina Hagan
(Christina is the only candidate that can seriously challenge Tim Ryan!)
For Congress in the Ohio 14th District: I Recommend Mark Pitrone
(I had this as a toss up, but Dave Joyce's Co-Sponsorship of the Left's totally UN-FAIR"Fairness for All Act" that would give LGBTQ people, including mentally ill gender dysphoric "transgender" individuals, SUPERIOR rights over YOU and all other Americans, is reason enough for ALL conservatives to vote Tuesday to remove Joyce from office!)
For Female Republican State Central Committee: I Recommend Elayne Cross
(Mary O'Toole is a card carrying Democrat Union Member who always wins because no one knows anything about her and she has a favorable Irish name. Throw fake Republican Democrat Mary O'Toole off the Republican State Central Committee!)
For Male Republican State Central Committee: YOU PICK
(All three are qualified and it would be unfair for me to recommend one over the others)
Portage County Levies: Vote NO on the Waterloo and Windham School District Tax Increases
Those are my recommendations. Feel free to disagree and if not, please share them with your friends and family. Most of all VOTE on Tuesday March 17th!
For Liberty,
Tom Zawistowski
Executive Director
Porage County TEA Party

Tom Z Calls out Ohio Governor DeWine and other "Leaders" for "ill-informed" actions to "protect" against the coronavirus.
You can watch/listen on the radio, on your phone, on your computer, on our website, on YouTube, and on your TV from anywhere at any time 24/7/365 with a new show released Every Friday!

Another Excellent Turnout at Last Night's Meeting!
Thanks to all the candidates who made excellent presentations and to Chris Long, President of the Ohio Christian Alliance, who gave a very important presentation about the threat to your rights posed by these SOGI Laws.
Thanks to all of you who attended, thanks to all the ladies on the hospitality committee who provided such delicious snacks for everyone, thanks to Caring Neighbor's United for running the 50/50 Raffle, thanks to the great staff at Maplewood Career Center who do such a great job providing us with one of the best facilities in the state in which to hold our meetings! Thanks to ALL the members and supporters of the Portage County TEA Party and for those who donated last night and paid their annual dues!
Plan on Attending this important Debate Right before the Primary Election!
Mark your Calendar - it starts at 6:30 PM!
You can watch/listen on the radio, on your phone, on your computer, on our website, on YouTube, and on your TV from anywhere at any time 24/7/365 with a new show released Every Friday!

Reminder for Next Tuesday . . .
What: Portage County TEA Party Meeting
When: 7:00 PM Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Where: Maplewood Career Center, 7075 State Route 88, Ravenna, OH 44260
Meeting Schedule:
7:00 Meeting Start - Prayer and Pledge
7:10 Frank Hall - Ohio House 76th
7:20 Diane Grendell - Ohio House 76th
7:30 Mike Berger - State CC
7:35 James Sherbaugh - State CC
7:40 John Plecnik - State CC
7:45 Elayne Cross - State CC
7:50 TBA - State CC
7:55 Break
8:10 Chris Long - Ohio Christian Alliance SOGI Laws
8:45 Closing Comments
9:00 Meeting Adjourned
Open to the Public - Bring a Friend with you!
LaRose urges Kent State to cancel Jane Fonda
From the Record Courier February 17, 2020 - CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE
Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has called on Kent State University to rescind its invitation to Jane Fonda to speak during the 50th commemoration weekend of the May 4 shootings.
In a tweet on Sunday, LaRose, who served for 10 years in the U.S. Army, wrote: “There’s still time to right this wrong @KentState - rescind your invitation to @JaneFonda. The anniversary of this tragedy is not the time to pay a speaker who betrayed our service members,” and linked to a longer statement.
LaRose’s office on Monday declined further comment.
During a Faculty Senate meeting last week, Kent State President Todd Diacon announced Fonda as one of the anniversary weekend speakers. She is scheduled to speak on May 3 as part of events to remember the 50-year anniversary of May 4, 1970 shootings, which left four dead and nine wounded.
The university is paying her $83,000, according to LaRose.
The selection of the actor and outspoken activist as one of the main speakers for the 50th anniversary has drawn mixed reactions.
Fonda drew bitter criticism after being photographed on top of an anti-aircraft gun during her controversial visit to North Vietnam in 1972. Decades later, during a press conference in 2018 to discuss an HBO documentary about her life, she expressed regret for the photo, the Associated Press reported.
“If you watch the HBO documentary on Jane Fonda that came out last year, one of the things she said very powerfully is that she does not regret having opposed the war in Vietnam, that it was absolutely the right thing to do, but she has regrets about the way she did it,” Diacon said last week. “It was a very meaningful moment that spoke to this goal we have of reconciliation.”
In an emailed statement Monday, Kent State spokesman Eric Mansfield said the commemoration advisory committee “developed three pillars that guided the planning: honoring and remembering those killed and wounded; educating about May 4, 1970, and the dangers of polarizing rhetoric and divisive discourse; and above all, inspiring current and future students to be leaders in peaceful conflict resolution and reconciliation.”
“The legacy of May 4, 1970, has revealed lessons that today are more important than ever, including the importance of free speech and the need for civil dialogue,” Mansfield said. “Kent State has a long history of supporting respectful dialogue of all points of view.”
But following the announcement about Fonda’s upcoming Kent appearance, several people reached out to the Record-Courier to express their opposition. Many also criticized the choice on social media calling the decision disrespectful toward veterans.
LaRose’s longer, linked statement echoed several of those individuals’ sentiments. 
“The 50th anniversary of one of Ohio’s darkest days has the potential to serve as a moment of unity, understanding and healing in a nation that is deeply divided. However, Kent State’s decision to pay Jane Fonda $83,000 to speak at their commemoration event does the very opposite,” LaRose wrote.
“I served 10 years in the US Army and eight years in the Ohio Senate before coming Secretary of State. I certainly understand that people disagree on policy issues, especially matters of war — and that’s ok. What’s not ok is providing aid and comfort to the enemy and willfully serving as a propaganda tool for those engaged in hostilities against the United States. And Ms. Fonda did that — the very definition of treason.
“American service members coming home from Vietnam deserved a much better reception than the one they received. They weren’t the politicians who chose which battle to fight — they were the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines sent into the battle. And we should say one thing to them: Welcome Home.
“There’s still time to make the 50th anniversary commemoration of this awful day one that can be inclusive and educational for Ohioans, Americans and the world. I urge Kent State University to immediately rescind their invitation to Ms. Fonda.”

You are Invited to Attend . . .
What: Portage County TEA Party Meeting
When: 7:00 PM Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Where: Maplewood Career Center, 7075 State Route 88, Ravenna, OH 44260
Why: Ohio House Candidate Diane Grendell will speak along with other candidates on the Primary Ballot. Ohio Christian Alliance President Chris Long will discuss the fight against concerning H.B. 369, the SOGI special-rights bill.
Bring a Friend with you!


You can watch/listen on the radio, on your phone, on your computer, on our website, on YouTube, and on your TV from anywhere at any time 24/7/365 with a new show released Every Friday!

We had a GREAT Turnout and a GREAT Event Tuesday Night!
We heard from Three Great Republican Candidates!
We launched a New Program to educate and influence non-engaged, non-political citizens by handing out AND texting AND emailing copies of this flyer:
You can DOWNLOAD and PRINT your own two-sided Copies to Hand out by clicking on this Link:
(Once you get to Dropbox click the three dots at the top right to download)
Just use your Color Printer to Print on Both Sides, cut them out, then HAND THEM OUT!
We think that most voters are being mislead about the economy by the propaganda put out by the fake media, which is demonstrated in recent polls. Most people you know have no idea that the economy is this good OR how that happened. Take a look and see how many of these facts even you know!
Presidential Elections are won because "It's the Economy, Stupid!" But if you don't know that the economy is good or how that happened - you may not vote to keep it going! That is why we ask you to hand these flyers out. Now we had 20,000 of these printed. If you would like us to send/deliver some to you to distribute at your church or business or any other way you can think of, just reply to this email and tell us how many you need and where they need to be delivered.
Finally, if you just click on this link below, while on your phone or computer, you can then download a PDF Image of one of these flyers and then Text it or Email it to your contacts:
(Once you get to Dropbox click the three dots at the top right to download)
This program is a non-confrontational way for you to educate your fellow citizens while they are not thinking about the fall elections. We ask ALL Patriots to put their Hearts into distributing as many of these flyers as you can. Thank you!

You are Invited to Attend . . .
What: Portage County TEA Party Meeting
When: 7:00 PM Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Maplewood Career Center,
Why: We will hear from Cristina Hagan, Candidate for U.S. House in the Ohio 13th District, Dr. Gail Pavliga, Candidate for Ohio House in the 75th District, and Bruce Zuchowski, Candidate for Sheriff of Portage County. We will also be providing YOU with new materials for an election marketing campaign that is designed to educate and influence non-engaged, non-political, citizens.
Bring a Friend with you!

Your Vote will NOT be Counted!
On Friday, January 10, 2020 the corrupt Ohio Republican Party will meet in Columbus,OH to endorse ALL candidates for state office as requested by the Ohio House and Senate Leadership. They are going to endorse in every House and Senate race based on who the current leadership wants to win so that they can keep control of their respective bodies. These candidates come in three distinct categories:
First, as we have explained previously, the ORP Bylaws pretty much "require" the "Party" to endorse ALL "Incumbent Candidates" because it takes a super-majority vote not to do so. See, even if someone who is elected to office does a horrible job and does not keep their promises to the voters, they do not want the voters to have a chance to throw them out of office because the "Party" and the Caucuses NEED the money that the special interests pay them for those votes. So, if you are an Incumbent - your chance at re-election is nearly 100% regardless of what the voters think! You will see no "voter guide" from the ORP showing you how they voted in their previous term according to the principles and values provided in the National Republican Party Platform as we have suggest that they do for ALL candidates instead of endorsing. No accountability for anything except bringing in the money!
Second, they will endorse "Non-Incumbents in races that are NOT contested". Meaning that they have no one running against them in the primary. Endorsing them is kind of meaningless, however, doing so suggests that they have been somehow vetted and that voters should believe that they will actually enact policies consistent with the Republican Party National Platform if elected. Unfortunately, they have not been vetted for anything other than how much money they can bring in from special interest to help fill the coffers of the House and Senate Caucuses. You will see no "voter guide" from the ORP telling you where they stand on anything.
Finally, you will have the endorsement of "Non-Incumbents in Contested Races". These are the races where the House and the Senate have decided who they want to win in races where YOU the voter actually could have a choice between more than one candidate. But, they can't allow you to have that choice. You may voter for someone who will vote for your priorities instead of for the priorities of the monied special interests! Like when YOU voted for Trump instead of Kasich or Bush - no we can't EVER let that happen again. So, the ORP will just pick the winners in those races tomorrow to make sure they win and that your vote doesn't count.
See, with this new setup, where the Ohio Republican Party voted to accept endorsement recommendations from the Ohio House and Senate Leadership, they have in effect created their own special interest groups to buy elections - and candidates who are not endorsed have almost zero chance of winning. The way this works is that once they endorse these people on January 10, 2020, the ORP will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars producing and distributing "slate cards" listing these people as the "official" choice of the Republican Party - leaving all other candidates names and pictures off the materials.
Then the House Caucus and Senate Caucus will spend MILLIONS of dollars on ads, flyers, phone calls, social media, etc. promoting these endorsed candidates and attacking their opponents. Money that comes from the special interests who want their legislation passed and who expect to have elected the legislators who will pass their legislation. As a non-endorsed candidate, you now have to raise enough money to not just fight your opponent, but to overcome the money spent against you by the ORP AND by the House or Senate Caucus. The non-endorsed candidates are at a tremendous disadvantage which is why at least 95% of the people the ORP endorses tomorrow will win in the fake primary that will be held on March 17, 2020.
Now let me say, and I should have said it in previous emails, that there are some people on the ORP State Central Committee who are not corrupt and who do not think they should endorse. Remember the vote to accept the House and Senate Endorsement recommendation only passed 40-10. So at least 10 people out of 66 believe that it is wrong to endorse and will probably vote against endorsing again tomorrow. I believe there may even be an effort to kill the endorsement in the "Non-Incumbent Contested" races so that YOU the voter will have some reason to vote in the official primary on March 17, 2020. Then again, the ORP State Central Committee will probably vote to endorse themselves again so that they can use "Party" resources to defeat their opponents as well. It is ALL RIGGED!
This is why we no longer have a "Representative Republic" because no one is Representing YOU and the political parties do not believe in the democratic process. They literally do not believe in a fair vote. Jane Timken and the members of the Ohio Republican Party who created and support his corrupt process are no different than Adam Schiff and Nadler and Pelosi. They don't give a damn about our state, our nation, or our citizens, it is all about money, power and control over us and our tax dollars.
Until We the People can find a way to reform this corrupt system or create a new political party/system we are going to continue to have our money, and our Liberty, taken from us by force by these statist who do rule over us and do not work for us as our Constitution requires. It can be done. It MUST be done. It unfortunately can't be addressed until we first re-elect Donald Trump and get Bill Barr to re-establish the rule of law. Then we can turn our attention to reforming our political and electoral processes. I look forward to that day and you should as well. I will talk about this in more detail on my radio program/podcast this Saturday and I hope that you will join me for that program.
For Liberty,
Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

US Attorney John Durham AND AG Bill Barr DISAGREE with the IG findings on Russia probe origins in Stunning Statement






This is why we said Republican are Responsible for the Trump Coup:

WOW – OAN Stunning Lutsenko Interview – Outlines: Marie Yovanovitch Perjury, George Kent Impeachment Motive, Lindsey Graham Motive to Bury Investigation…



"In November Rudy Giuliani released a letter he sent to Senator Lindsey Graham outlining how Bill Taylor blocked VISA’s for Ukrainian ‘whistle-blowers’ who are willing to testify to the corrupt financial scheme.

Unfortunately, as we are now witnessing, Senator Lindsey Graham, along with dozens of U.S. Senators currently serving, may very well have been recipients for money through the aforementioned laundry process.  The VISA’s are unlikely to get approval for congressional testimony, or Senate impeachment trial witness testimony."