At our core, the Portage County TEA Party represents American Citizens who demand a constitutionally and fiscally responsible government that does not intrude on individual freedom, opportunity, and responsibility.   To facilitate that philosophy, we seek to provide citizen education in an effort to increase citizen participation in the governance of our country and the political process that drives governance at the local, state and national level.


What is the Portage County TEA Party?


The Portage County TEA Party is an organization that believes it is the responsibility of all citizens to actively participate in government at all levels as required by the Ohio and Federal Constitutions. To “actively participate” means more than just voting on election day.  


”Actively participating” means attending any government meeting in one’s area including, but not limited to, meetings such as school board, township trustees, zoning commission, city council, county commissioners, etc.  This must be done so that citizens can become familiar with the issues facing our government, and then participate in the debate as to how to best address those issues in a democratic and fiscally responsible manner.  


For one to “actively participate” means to become personally active in the political party of one’s choice by volunteering to serve on that party’s Central Committee; or by running for office at some level; or by actively working to recruit and support candidates they feel will uphold the constitution, be fiscally responsible and will represent the needs of citizens over those of their political party. 


“Actively participating” requires citizens to support their elected representatives by educating their fellow citizens, locally, statewide, and nationally, about important actions by the government that can improve every individual’s ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness.  It also requires citizens to monitor the actions of government to make sure it is consistent with the Ohio and Federal Constitutions, and to challenge and even change government when government takes actions to the contrary.


What activities does the Portage County TEA Party participate in?


Organizes educational meetings and seminars  

Recruits and supports candidates for local, state and federal offices

Raises money to promote issues and candidates

Works with all political parties to promote citizen participation in government and to get the best possible candidates elected

Organizes bus trips and protests at the local, state, and federal levels when necessary

Hosts its website as an information source for its members

Recruits members throughout Portage County to help promote the organization’s mission


How do I become a member of the Portage County TEA Party?


Click on the “Join our TEA Party” link on the front page and fill out the registration form to start getting our group’s emails and broadcast voice calls. Or you can send your name, address, phone number and email address to P.O. Box 253, Mogadore, OH 44266 or call 330-474-3878 if you have questions.