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OCP Candidates win Five House Races

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For Immediate Release: May 7, 2014


Ohio Citizens PAC Candidates win Five House Races
Achieves other Major Goals
Akron, OH - Tuesday, in the 2014 Primary Elections, candidates endorsed by the Ohio Citizens PAC won five (5) Ohio House races as well as state central committee, county central committee and many local races. This despite ORP assurances that the TEA Party would not win any races in the primary. In the 27th House District Tom Brinkman defeated Peter Stautberg 57-43%; in the 54th House District Paul Zeltwanger won a three way race by getting 51%; in the 75th House District Nick Skeriotis defeated Kenneth Hendrickson 67-33%, in the 79th House District Kyle Koehler won a three way race with 54% of the vote and in the 85th House District Nino Vitale won a three way race with 54% of the vote. None of the seven OCP endorsed candidates for Senate were able to win their primary. The OCP can not endorse in Federal races, but did endorse in two congressional races through the We the People Convention under Citizens United.  Richard May won his primary against Robert Horrocks 72-28%, while Matt Lynch lost to Dave Joyce 45-55%. 
Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, said "We are so proud of our candidates, their volunteers and supporters. Tuesday was the culmination of a new effort that started for us just five months ago in December. That is when we decided that we would never get the governance we seek until we can elect people who we chose to represent us and are not controlled by monied special interests. To do that we needed to develop new competencies, because we had no real experience recruiting candidates and running campaigns or winning elections. So, we decided to start with a very small first step, we simply asked people to put their name on the ballot. At the time we were told by the "experts" and the political establishment that we would not get five people run for office. Instead we got 68 to run for state office and hundreds more to run for county and local offices.  The Ohio Republican Party assured the media as recently as Sunday that the TEA Party would not win any races. Winning five House races is a pretty amazing achievement, particularly when you are outspent 20-1 or more. We are proud of all our candidates because they had the courage to put their name on the ballot and give citizens a choice when few others would do the same."
Zawistowski concluded by saying, "What this effort is about is trying to find a way to reclaim the electoral process from the monied special interests, on both sides, so that we can restore representative government to the people. We took a major step toward doing that Tuesday by successfully recruiting candidates, learning the hard way how to run a campaign, and actually electing people that the establishment party did not pick or finance. This is just the start for us. Many of those candidates will be running again in future elections and we will recruit many more for future elections. Overall, it was a great day in Ohio for the TEA Party. The only disappointment was the lack of primary challengers in both the Democratic and Republican Primaries overall, which is what the establishment parties want, and the horrible turnout of just 16.65%. Which is a direct reflection of that lack of choice and the overall disgust with the political process by citizens - which no one understands better than those of us who are directly confronting the political establishment of both parties."
Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 May 2014 20:04

Portman 2016 Re-Elected in Question

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 8, 2014





CCVA just completed a statewide telephone survey of 457 random registered Republican Values Voters with a high likelihood to vote. We asked this question:


"In March 2013, Senator Portman announced his support of same-sex marriage. Do you support his move?"


15% of these Republican voters responded that they support his decision, 72% responded that they do not support his decision, and 13% were unsure.


"Senator Portman has alienated conservatives and is very likely to lose in 2016 because the conservative base will not vote for him. Senator Portman should step down before the 2016 election so that conservatives can support a pro-life / pro-natural marriage candidate," said CCVA Chairman Phil Burress. "In short, Portman is placing a Senate seat at risk to lose to a potential liberal Democrat."


Four facts predict a Portman defeat in the 2016 general election:

  1. The pro-life / pro-family base that a Republican candidate must secure to win an election will not campaign for or vote for anyone who supports same-sex marriage.

  2. In November 2012, 144,100 Ohio voters went to the polls and did not vote for either presidential candidate.

  3. In 2006, then-Senator Mike DeWine lost re-election after opposing the 2004 Ohio Marriage Amendment. Later Mr. DeWine reversed his position, and, as Ohio's Attorney General, is now defending the Marriage Amendment in federal court.

  4. Senator Portman will not receive the endorsement of many pro-life groups including Cleveland Right to Life and Ohio Pro Life Action. These organizations require a candidate to support Natural Marriage in order to earn their endorsement.


On Tuesday, the Cincinnati Enquirer published an Op-Ed letter written by pro-life / pro-family activist Lori Viars. Click here to read Ms. Viars' article. She clearly articulates the concerns, reasoning, and expectations of Values Voters.


CCV Action is a 501(c)(4), non-profit education and lobbying organization based in Cincinnati, OH and is dedicated to preserving and advancing the interests of family, faith, and freedom in the political arena. CCVA has three non-negotiable issues: Life, Marriage, and Religious Freedom/ Conscience Rights. Any candidate that is wrong on any of these three issues will be listed as "Unacceptable for Public Office" on the CCVA webpage at www.ccvaction.org.


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Last Updated on Thursday, 11 September 2014 17:12

Two Paths to Common Core Repeal

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This Article orginally appeared on the Ohio Conservative Review

In August of 2013, Rep. Thompson (R-Marietta) introduced House Bill 237 to repeal Common Core (CC) in Ohio. The bill never budged. In an attempt to give the bill some traction, Rep. John Adams (R-Sidney) introduced a discharge petition. The bill still didn’t budge.

[RELATED on OCR: "Why I Proposed H.B. 237 to Repeal Common Core in Ohio"]

Anytime during the past year, Rep. Huffman, Speaker Pro Tempore of the House (the second highest position in the House) could have used his high rank to advocate for a good bill, HB 237. Instead, Rep. Huffman co-sponsored a new bill, HB 597. The new bill functionally rendered both HB 237 and the discharge petition moot.

The new bill, HB 597, an education bill, was not assigned to the House Education Committee. Instead, in a bizarre move, it was assigned to the House Rules and Reference Committee — a committee chaired by none other than Rep. Huffman [1]. HB 597 sets Rep. Huffman up to tout advocacy for anti-CC legislation when he runs for Senator Faber’s open Senate seat in 2016.

HB 597 was a placeholder bill. [2] By design, a placeholder bill isdeliberately void of details. HB 597 did not specify any specific changes. A credible bill always includes the applicable sections of the Ohio Revised Code and it shows all instances where text is being added, repealed or otherwise altered. [3] (Unequivocally, the placeholder tactic should not be attributed to Rep. Thompson. It is certainly possible that he has not seen the placeholder maneuver in action before.)

The pig-in-a-poke placeholder maneuver left theoretical supporters of HB 597 in the peculiar situation of speaking in favor of a bill that was void of the details necessary for informed decision-making. HB 597 is now dead. A new version of it was introduced on August 18, and its formal name is Substitute HB 597. Unfortunately, any proponent testimony on the original vague bill will become evidence of support for the substitute bill, a bill that, in the end, may not be worthy of the support of those truly opposed to CC.  Accordingly, to keep one’s name from being citied as being in support of the final bill, an individual testifying on any version of the bill may want to testify as an “Interested Party” rather than as a “Proponent.” [4]

[RELATED on OCR: "Common Corruption: What Ohio Can Expect with Common Core"]

The new bill (a tool for political gain) will be voted out of the House Rules and Reference Committee because bills introduced by high-ranking members of the House don’t die on the vine. According to Chairman Huffman, the Full House will vote on the bill after the November election. The timing is a strategic maneuver to delay the bill from moving forward through the remainder of the legislative process in an expeditious manner.

Based on the House calendar, it is likely that the vote by all 99 members of the House may take place on or about, November 19 (or even later). Note the limited number of days (approximately 11) remaining on the legislative calendar [5].

[RELATED on OCR: "Confrontational Politics and the Common Core"]

Next, the bill will be forwarded to the Senate. Currently, the key players in the Senate relative to CC are President of the Senate Keith Faber (R-Celina), and Chairman of the Education Committee Senator Peggy Lehner (R-Montgomery County) [6]. (Neither is up for re-election this year, and neither has shown any serious interest in repealing CC.)

Normally, once in the Senate, a bill such as Substitute HB 597 would be assigned to the Education Committee, currently chaired by Senator Peggy Lehner, for public hearings (one obligatory hearing for sponsor testimony, and optional hearings for proponent and opponent testimony). Ideally, the bill would be promptly voted out of committee and scheduled for a full vote by the 33-member Senate. However, it is doubtful that any bill, let alone a bill dealing with Common Core, could make it through the Senate process in 11 days.

The only way even to begin to overcome the narrow 11-day window is for a member of the Senate to introduce a bill to repeal Common Core, now, so that hearings can begin, now. For the sake of discussion, let’s presume that an anti-CC bill does pass in the Senate (as implausible as that would be).

[RELATED on OCR: "Common Core Means Common Failure for States"]

The probability that the House and Senate bills would match, word-for-word is extremely low. Consequently, still within the 11-day window, the two bills would then be sent to a Committee of Conference for reconciliation. The six members of the committee would most likely be the President of the Senate (Faber), the Speaker of the House (Batchelder), the chairs of the relevant committees (Huffman and Lehner), and two other members.

In theory, members of the Committee of Conference attempt to mesh the two bills into one, but the result can be something quite unexpected.Whatever changes the six members agree upon are turned into a Conference Report and then sent back to each chamber for ratification — potentially, in this case, with a retained poison pill, or a new one. The ratification vote, in each Chamber, is straight up or down, no amendments allowed.

If either chamber rejects the Committee’s new version of the bill, the bill dies (but the record of how members voted will stand and those votes will be touted during the 2016 elections). Accordingly, the greatest political advantage would come from both Chambers passing an anti-CC bill that later gets “hung up” in the Conference Committee or fails to gain ratification in both chambers.

The second greatest political advantage, and the one most likely in play, would come from just the House passing the bill and then letting the clock run out.

Passage of Substitute HB 597 by the House meets an important political objective: it ensures that specific Republicans in contested 2016 primaries will be able to portray themselves as being against Common Core. Ultimately, some candidates, including a certain chairman, will proclaim that they fought to repeal CC but, sadly, forces beyond their control prevailed. Some voters will believe such claims, while others will recognize (and remember) the manipulation and vote accordingly. I’ll remember. Will you?


Diana Fessler is a public policy analyst. She served four terms as an elected member of the Ohio House of Representatives and was twice elected to serve as a member of Ohio’s State Board of Education. She is also the author of A Report on the Work Toward National Standards, Assessments and Certificates (precursor of Common Core) andSex Instruction in the Classroom.

All opinions expressed belong solely to their authors and may not be construed as the opinions of other writers or of OCR staff.







Last Updated on Friday, 29 August 2014 09:27

Cuyahoga GOP Takes Heat over Gay Games

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Mr. Chairman,

Conservatives across Ohio were disappointed to see Cuyahoga Co GOP participating in the Gay Games & making statements that sound supportive of the liberal homosexual agenda.  
Lest you think it's just a small segment that objects, remember the Ohio Marriage Amendment passed, 61.7% to 38.2%.  In all or nearly all states where voters have had a say, gay marriage has been banned.  (Granted, the pro-gay-marriage side has made some strides when liberal courts & legislators made the decision....but the voters agree with me on this.)
Our problem in recent presidential elections has been depressed turnout because our base rarely sees GOP leaders & nominees "painting in bold colors."  Instead they see "pale pastels"....in this case, lavender.
Here on the ground, we have lost numerous door-to-door volunteers who are disgusted with state and national GOP leaders not standing up for conservative values---both social and fiscal.  Former Central Committee members have told me they don't even consider themselves Republican anymore.  Two local elected officials just this past month (a twp trustee & a city councilman) told me the same thing. A respected GOP Board Member who had broad support to be our new Party Chairman, refused to even be considered. He said what I keep hearing:  "I'm not leaving the party....the party is leaving me."  
This depressed activity from the base won't sink us when we have a big margin over a weak Democrat (ie, Kasich vs. the Wreck of the Edward Fitzgerald).  But it can sink us when we have close elections--like the next presidential.  The last time I saw conservatives excited (social conservatives in particular) was 2000 & 2004.  And Bush won.  Conservatives were not excited about our nominees in 2008 & 2012.  And Obama won.
I hope Cuyahoga Co GOP will turn from the pale pastels, embrace our national platform & give our conservative base something to be excited about.  GOP candidates in Ohio will do fine against some of the weak Dems in 2014.  2016 is the concern.  Help us win the White House by exciting the base.  Paint in bold Red.  Not Lavender.
Lori Viars
Warren Co. Republican Executive Committee & Central Committee Member

August 10, 2014 


Cuyahoga County Republicans 

Welcome the 2014 Gay Games to Cleveland



The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County today launched an outreach campaign at the 2014 Gay Games.  The event is presented by the Cleveland Foundation and is hosted by the City of Cleveland from August 9 through August 16, 2014.


"Cuyahoga Republicans are thrilled to welcome the 20,000 to 30,000 LGBT athletes and fans of the 9th Gay Games to our great city," said Rob Frost, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County. "We believe in a Big Tent Republican Party, where our membership reflects the diversity of America. We realize many members of the LGBT community may not have experienced a welcoming Republican Party in the past, but Cuyahoga County Republicans are committed to engaging everyone on the principles of a smaller government based on personal responsibility."


The Cuyahoga County Republicans will host a booth in the Gay Games' Festival Village where local Republicans will personally welcome participants to Cleveland and talk to visitors about our new campaign to reach the LGBT community with the conservative message of limited government. County Republicans will also hand out free, 24-ounce water bottles to the visitors.  The bright red bottles are made in the United States, and are 100% recyclable and BPA free.  They are emblazoned with the word "Refreshing" underneath "The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County welcomes you to the Gay Games in Cleveland!"




Last Updated on Sunday, 24 August 2014 20:35

Ask Senator Brown to Stand with Veterans

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Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and the Ohio Citizens PAC, challenged Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown to sign on to Senate Bill 2013 which will give the Secretary of the Veterans Administration the ability to fire VA Administrators who participated in the scandal that has resulted in Veterans dying for lack of treatment. Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman is a co-sponsor of the Senate bill, and the companion bill 4031 passed in the US House on Thursday by a by-partisan vote of 330-33. 
Zawistowski said "This is not a partisan issue as was proven by the overwhelming House vote.  The American people demand accountability for this outrage that has resulted in dozens of deaths and untold suffering by our Veterans. Republican Rob Portman is a co-sponsor of the bill and Democrat Sherrod Brown needs to sign on to Senate Bill 2013 today - as should every Democrat in the Senate.  I ask you Senator Brown, are you willing to stand by and allow more of our veterans to die and suffer simply because you can not cross union lines and allow a single federal government employee to lose their job no matter how incompetent they are?  It is time to do the right thing and stand with our veterans, especially on Memorial Day weekend, and stop protecting incompetent federal employees who deserve to not only be fired but who should also be prosecuted. The President has known about these problems in the VA for years, and has done nothing about it. It is time for the US Senate to do something about it now and the first step is to pass Senate Bill 2013. We ask all Ohioan's to call Senator Brown's office today at 202-224-2315 and urge him to vote for this important bill so we can stop the VA from killing any more of our veterans."
Last Updated on Sunday, 25 May 2014 14:33

Senator Browns Anti-Gun Agenda

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REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition
Kent, Ohio • 44240 • www.REALIZEFAC.org •  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Sherrod Brown’s SET ACT hides Anti-Gun Agenda
KENT OHIO -  The group REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition is voicing their concern in response to Senator Sherrod Browns June 2, 2014 email notification of pending legislation titled the “Significant Event Tracker (SET) Act”.    Amanda Suffecool – Director of REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition says “ In my opinion, Sherrod Brown is taking advantage of the VA crisis and the public outcry of  ‘Help the Veterans’ to lay the  groundwork necessary to promote his anti gun agenda”. 
In Brown’s 6/2/14email the SET action was described as:  The SET Act will ease the record-keeping burden on veterans, providing service members with an individualized document detailing when they were exposed to events – such as roadside bombings – that might later be connected to “invisible injuries.” This document will provide a detailed, real-time account that links what is already included in DOD unit reports to the individual service members, will help military medical officers better diagnose and treat service members that have mental health concerns, and will help veterans file better initial claims.
Using Brandon Raub (see article links below) as an example,   creating an additional database of information to track Veterans for mental health concerns is of grave concern to us.  Current active military are speaking of bonuses (both monetary and returning to in country assignments quicker) associated with seeking mental health / psychological evaluations.   Statements are being made that the mental health of our Veterans and their knowledge and access to firearms is a danger to US Citizens.  
Suffecool concluded by saying “This reeks  of slowly building a case to disarm our Veterans.  Historically – US Veterans are primarily pro 2nd amendment, pro firearms.   What better way to – over time – attack the 2ndamendment and the Constitution than to slowly and systematically disarm our veterans.   Spend 5 minutes researching Marine veteran Brandon Raub and his story of what happened in the last few years and you can see that this is not an unfounded concern.”      REALIZE focuses on 2nd amendment issues and in our opinion this Veterans issue is smack dab in the middle of the firearms issue.  
The REALIZE - FIREARMS AWARENESS COALITION   Supports Education, Defends the 2nd Amendment & Stands with the NRA.  The mission of REALIZE FAC is: to educate citizens as to the historical intent of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, to enable citizens to accurately relate and defend aspects of the U.S. Constitution, to enhance public awareness and support for responsible gun ownership, and to emphasize firearms education for women who facilitate the transmittal of constitutional awareness and gun ownership to succeeding generations.  Education is key as informed Americans make better choices.   REALIZE FAC is based in Kent, Ohio, can be reached at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or the web site at REALIZEFAC.org.    REALIZE FAC is in the process of obtaining their 501c3 designation identifying it as a not-for-profit educational organization.
From: Senator Sherrod Brown [mailto:Senator_Brown@Brown.Senate.Gov
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2014 1:32 PM
Subject: Ensuring Veterans Receive the Care They Deserve

Ensuring Veterans Receive the Care They Deserve



While serving our country, many veterans sustain a variety of injuries. These injuries can be visible physical injuries but other so-called “invisible injuries” persist and can affect veterans just as much, or more, than the more obvious visible injuries. It is our duty to ensure that these veterans receive the high quality medical care and disability benefits they deserve – no matter what kind of injuries they suffer. Unfortunately, some veterans with “invisible injuries,” such as mental health issues, have faced claim denials because they have difficulty proving a link between their injury and their military service. 

Nearly 300,000 American veterans struggle with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and about 25,000 have mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI). These injuries stem from traumatic events that they have faced or witnessed in combat but those events go undocumented, making the claims filing process more difficult – leaving them with incomplete or improper medical care. We need to work together to find solutions that help us better care for all our veterans. 

That is why I am proud to have introduced legislation based on solutions brought to me by an Ohio combat veteran, Michael Fairman. Mr. Fairman believes that by better documenting soldiers’ injuries in real time, the Department of Defense (DOD) can help service members and veterans receive proper care and treatment. Michael, the co-founder of the Summit for Soldiers - Post Traumatic Stress/Suicide Awareness Campaign, is dedicated to raising awareness about PTS, destigmatizing the injury, and helping veterans recover. Based on his and other veterans’ input, ideas, and insights about how to document combat injuries when they occur, making claims filing easier should the need arise, I wrote and introduced theSignificant Event Tracker (SET) Act

The SET Act will ease the record-keeping burden on veterans, providing service members with an individualized document detailing when they were exposed to events – such as roadside bombings – that might later be connected to “invisible injuries.” This document will provide a detailed, real-time account that links what is already included in DOD unit reports to the individual service members, will help military medical officers better diagnose and treat service members that have mental health concerns, and will help veterans file better initial claims. 

Veterans should be able to focus on their recovery, not having to prove the cause of their injury. This bill puts the responsibility on the Defense Department – not the veteran – to track significant events that could lead to PTS or TBI, ensuring they receive the benefits and treatment they deserve.


Sherrod Brown
U.S. Senator


Last Updated on Sunday, 08 June 2014 10:21

OCP Demands Investigation of "Staple Gate"

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For Immediate Release: Friday, March 7, 2014


Ohio Citizens PAC demands investigation

by Secretary of State of Delaware BOE "Staple Gate"


Akron, OH - Today, the Ohio Citizens PAC released a letter to Ohio Secretary of State John Husted demanding an investigation of the Delaware County Board of Elections into the removal of a candidate for Republican State Central Committee because his ballot petitions were not stapled together.  In his letter, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC said "I am writing to express my outrage, and to protest the actions of the Board of Elections in Delaware County, concerning the the totally unwarranted removal from the ballot of Mr. Dan Offeneer who wished to run for Republican State Central Committee.  For Mr. Offeneer to be removed from the ballot because the front and back of his ballot petitions were not stapled together is outrageous on its face. If the pages needed to be stapled, then why did the clerk at the Delaware Board of Elections not staple them when they were handed to her?  It is my understanding the the Board of Elections job is to HELP people get on the ballot and run for office, not go out of their way to keep them off the ballot."


Zawistowski claimed that his organization believes that the actions by the BOE may have been politically motivate. He said in his letter "That lack of common sense and common courtesy is bad enough. However, we have reason to believe the actions of the Deleware County Board of Elections are purely politically motivated and orchestrated by Steve Cuckler, Republican County Chairman and BOE Board Member based on comments Mr. Cuckler has made about “keeping TEA Party Candidates” from taking over the party."


He concluded by saying "Mr. Offeneer, with the assistance of Attorney Robert Owens, none the less asked the BOE to reconsider their previous decision based on the fact that they had ruled in a recent situation, that was exactly the same, that a Republican Candidate could be on the ballot after providing affidavits from his signees that their were in fact two sheet of paper when they signed his petitions. Attorney Owens was prepared to provide the Board with similar affidavits at the hearing Wednesday. However, the Board Refused to accept them and instead provided a statement that they had made a “mistake” when they had let the Republican establishment candidate be on the ballot previously and therefore they were not going to let the Republican TEA Party candidate on the ballot this time!  This is totally unacceptable behavior."


The letter concludes by demanding a full investigation and the re-storing of Mr. Offineers name to the ballot. This is just another example of a pattern of Rebublican Party efforts to keep citizens off the ballot who are not choosen by the Party elite and efforts to demean any candidate that does manage to get ballot access. The Ohio Citizen's PAC is endorsing dozens of canidates in primary races this spring. Candidates currently supported by the Ohio Citizens PAC include:

For Ohio Senate: Corey Shankleton (SD 1), Kevin Solveson (SD 3), Julie Busby (SD 5), Kelly Kohls (SD 7),  Kris Jordan (SD 19), Caleb Davenport (SD 27), Dennis Harbert (SD 29). For Ohio House: Meta Hahn (HD 19), Jim Burgess (HD 25), Tom Brinkman (HD 27), Kristina Roegner (HD 37),Scott Allegrini (HD 47), Ron Young (HD 61), John Becker (HD 65), Chris Swawicki (HD 69), Linda O'Brien (HD 76), Ron Hood (HD 78), Kyle Koehler (HD 79), Nino Vitale (HD 85), Dan Fogt (86)Richard Geyer (HD 88), Barb Cole (HD 91), Nancy McArthur (HD 99). As well as over 30 Republican State Central Committee Candidates, over 700 Republican County Central Committee Candidates, and over 100 local and county candidates.



Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 March 2014 12:50

Kasich Enters Congressional Race to Carry Out Vendetta

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Kasich Enters Congressional Race
To Carry Out Vendetta Against Lynch and TEA Party
Akron, OH - Today, Ohio Governor John Kasich entered the Congressional Race between Dave Joyce and Matt Lynch in Northeast Ohio's 14th District by authorizing the distribution of a full color mailer directly attacking former House member Lynch.  The flyer, featuring photos of Kasich and Lynch, but not Joyce, has the headline "Thanks for Nothing, Matt" and doesn't even mention Joyce. 
Tom Zawistowski, Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, said "So, I guess this confirms that we were right all along when we said that Steve LaTourette moved his daughter Sarah to Lynch's House district as a favor to Governor Kasich to take out Lynch. After all, Lynch dared to represent his district and vote against the Governor's Medicaid Expansion and his ever increasing budgets. So, the Governor told his old buddy Steve to go teach Lynch and his TEA Party supporters a lesson. This is nothing but a vendetta against Lynch and the TEA Party. Guess that isn't working out so well for Steve, or the Governor, or daughter Sarah now that Lynch and the TEA Party took the offense and are taking on Dave Joyce while also taking on Sarah LaTourette with write-in candidate Linda O'Brien. You think the Governor is jumping in at the last minute because Joyce is ahead in the polls??  Think again. Even LaTourette’s Main Street Partners, who happened to pay for the flyer, and the US Chamber, and the Hospital Association don’t have enough money to convince fed up Republican primary voters that Joyce is anything close to a conservative, or that LaTourette and Kasich are anything but bought and paid for by special intesests.” 
Zawistowski went on to say, "The Governor criticizes Lynch in the flyer for, heaven forbid, suing the Governor for jamming Medicaid Expansion down our throats in the Controlling Board.  Well we've got a message for you Governor. The Republican base overwhelmingly does not want your Medicaid Expansion and they thank God for men like Matt Lynch who went to the mat to stop you. The Republican base knows that you are the obstacle to stopping Common Core in Ohio and it is you will will not let the bills move forward in the House. The Republican base knows that it is you who is stopping Workplace Freedom which polls at over 65% for all Ohioans - Republicans, Independents and Democrats. The Republican base knows that you have increased the state's budget by 23% in just four years instead reducing the size of government and now 50% of our state budget is federally funded.  To coin a phrase from your own flyer Governor - Thanks for Nothing John!  We’ll look forward to seeing you at the polls next Tuesday."  
The TEA Party is not a political party but a grassroots cultural movement.  The movement is educating American citizens about the Constitution and the uniquely American form of self-governance that has made our country so successful.  Through this education, the movement is attempting to re-define what it means to be an American citizen, by encouraging individuals to vote, to run for office and to attend government meetings in their area so that they can participate in their self-governance.  The acronym TEA stands for Totally Engaged Americans.
Last Updated on Thursday, 01 May 2014 15:06

Joyce Surrenders on Obamacare

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In his own word's Dave Joyce Surrenders on ObamaCare . . .

so why is he running all those ads saying that he is voting to stop Obamacare???

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Last Updated on Saturday, 03 May 2014 22:02

OCP File Complaint with Ohio Elections Commission

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Ohio Citizens PAC files Complaint with Ohio Election Commission against Ohio Republican Party Flyers

Akron, OH - Today, the Ohio Citizens PAC filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission concerning the mailers produced and sent out by the Ohio Republican Party claiming that endorsed Republican State Central Committee candidates can "Vote Republican's Stainbrook and Gallagher to Stop Obmacare." A statement that the Ohio Citizens PAC says is patently false and is intended to mislead voters. Multiple versions of the mailer were sent out around the state with the names of the endorsed State Central Committee candidates changed to match the district.


Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, said "This type of unethical behavior by ORP Chairman Matt Borges and others within the Ohio Republican Party has got to stop. The statements on these mailers are clearly an intentional attempt to misleads voters by making a false claim of some legislative authority being held by Republican State Central Committee members which simply does not exist. Not only are their actions unethical, they are insulting to the educated Republican party base who will vote in Tuesday's primary election. We are asking the Ohio Elections Commission to hold a hearing on this issue before the election and to force the Ohio Republican Party to take action to inform voters of the truth."


Zawistowski concluded by saying, "Unfortunately, this incident is a part of a pattern of unethical behaviour that resonates from the ORP Chairman right through to the local level. The people endorsed by the Ohio Citizens PAC for State Central Committe who are listed on our website at www.OhioCitizensPAC.org are running for two simple reasons. First, they have all pledged to vote, if elected, for the Ohio Republican Party to adopt the National Republican Party Platform, because the ORP currently has no platform of its own. Second, to hold Republican elected officials accountable to the values and principles within the National Republican Party Platform, which is why the ORP currently does not have a platform because they do not want Republican elected official to be held accountable to anything. Sending out this flyer shows the desperation of the ORP leadership to keep control of the state central committee and that they will do anything to keep their power - including lying to voters. We are hopeful that primary votes will see the truth and vote in our candidates to restore the Ohio Republican Party to Republican values and principles."



Last Updated on Friday, 02 May 2014 22:17
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