Yesterday our friend Dr. Robert Epstein testified to the U.S. Senate about HOW Google Can and Will change the election results in 2020 if we don't Act NOW to stop them!

If you think Trump is just going to be re-elected this is why you are mistaken and why you must help fund our state radio network!
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Watch Ted Cruz Question Dr. Epstein
 about just how serious a threat this is to our Elections:


We Cannot Allow Ourselves to be Silenced!

We are going to fund and build a statewide five station weekly radio network so that we can communicate with the general public in 2020. We must do this because we are not going to be allowed to use social media or the internet or regular media like newspapers and TV like we did to win in 2016. (Click Here to Learn More.)
If you have not yet donated, we NEED your support - CLICK HERE to donate. With our matching challenge if you give $100 they will give us another $100. If you donate $500 our matching donor will add another $500. Please give what you can to help us reach our goal of $80,000 so that we can fund and build our weekly radio network and our voice will not be silenced during the 2020 elections!

Let me be clear, Donald Trump is not going to just get re-elected without the radical regressive Leftist Democrat/Socialist pulling out all the stops to defeat him. We NEED this weekly Saturday morning radio show to message the average Ohio voter about the lies they are being told and to direct our activist so that they can turn out the votes we need to win in 2020. Please Donate TODAY and share this information with others!

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention