July 11, 2009 a group of about 300 citizens gathered on the lawn of the Portage County Court House in Ravenna, OH to listen to speakers and express their concerns about the policies of the Obama Administration. Particularly their efforts to impose Government controlled single payer healthcare upon American citizens as well as their radical environmental and social policies. That was the first meeting of the Portage County TEA Party.

We note our 10th Anniversary, this July 11, 2019 with great pride in our achievements and we believe that our efforts have greatly benefited the citizens of Portage County in very tangible ways. Since 2009, no organization in Portage County has done more to inform the public about the real costs of government and done more to save the average citizen significant money.

The Portage County TEA Party has SAVED every household in Portage County $3,623 in the past 10 years!

Since 2009, the members of the Portage County TEA Party have used their dues and donations to print and hand out informational literature, make phone calls, and hold public meetings, which resulted in the DEFEAT of at least 37 ADDITIONAL Levies and tax increases over the past 10 years. We have calculated, with the help of the Portage County Board of Elections, that the saving to the citizens of Portage County is at least $250 Million dollars in SAVED TAXES since our group formed - meaning that the efforts of the Portage County TEA Party has saved, on average, every one of the 69,000 households in Portage County $3,623.00! Since most of those levies were not in Aurora or Kent, families in the rest of Portage County actually saved over $7,000 thanks to the efforts of the Portage County TEA Party!


Since 2010, the Portage County TEA Party has turned Portage County from a "Blue County" to a "Red County" at the state and federal level sweeping all the state offices, for the first time since 1958, starting in 2010 and then again in 2014 and 2018. Most importantly the Portage County TEA Party was the critical factor in winning Portage County and Northeast Ohio for Donald Trump in 2016 which was the key to his winning Ohio and thus winning the Presidency.

The Portage County TEA Party took on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 2011 for targeting us illegally in an effort to stop our right to political speech and defeated them in court in 2017:

In 2012-13 the Portage County took the lead in defending natural gas and oil "fracking" in Ohio and prevented the Obama Administration and their radical left environmental groups, and their Russian funders, from preventing the United States from becoming energy independent as we are today under President Donald Trump. The actions of the Portage County TEA Party have been directly responsible for creating 200,000 good paying Ohio jobs and over $74 Billion invested in Ohio since 2011.

The Portage County TEA Party and the national TEA Party Movement, which is NOT a Political Party but a political Movement, has had a major positive impact on all Americans:

Here is a list of many of the accomplishments of the TEA Party:

In 2020, our nation will decide if we wish to remain a sovereign nation that puts YOUR Individual Freedom and Liberty and Prosperity ahead of the needs of the state or if we are going to give away the most successful form of government ever devised and replace it with "one world government" in which the needs of the state are all that matters - socialism/communism. We ask all citizens to Join the TEA Party and help us DEFEAT the regressive radical Left that is attempting to destroy our Constitution, the rule of law, and our nation. Just click the button to sign up and get on our email list so that you can help America win in 2020!