We had a GREAT Turnout and a GREAT Event Tuesday Night!
We heard from Three Great Republican Candidates!
We launched a New Program to educate and influence non-engaged, non-political citizens by handing out AND texting AND emailing copies of this flyer:
You can DOWNLOAD and PRINT your own two-sided Copies to Hand out by clicking on this Link:
(Once you get to Dropbox click the three dots at the top right to download)
Just use your Color Printer to Print on Both Sides, cut them out, then HAND THEM OUT!
We think that most voters are being mislead about the economy by the propaganda put out by the fake media, which is demonstrated in recent polls. Most people you know have no idea that the economy is this good OR how that happened. Take a look and see how many of these facts even you know!
Presidential Elections are won because "It's the Economy, Stupid!" But if you don't know that the economy is good or how that happened - you may not vote to keep it going! That is why we ask you to hand these flyers out. Now we had 20,000 of these printed. If you would like us to send/deliver some to you to distribute at your church or business or any other way you can think of, just reply to this email and tell us how many you need and where they need to be delivered.
Finally, if you just click on this link below, while on your phone or computer, you can then download a PDF Image of one of these flyers and then Text it or Email it to your contacts:
(Once you get to Dropbox click the three dots at the top right to download)
This program is a non-confrontational way for you to educate your fellow citizens while they are not thinking about the fall elections. We ask ALL Patriots to put their Hearts into distributing as many of these flyers as you can. Thank you!