For Immediate Release: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Summit and Portage County TEA Party Groups to Hold Sign-Wave Saturday In Support of Border Wall Funding

Akron, OH:  Today, Tom Zawistowski, Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, and Terri Iannetta, President of the Summit County TEA Party, jointly announced that their groups would be doing a sign-wave over State Route 8 in Cuyahoga Falls, OH this Saturday, January 12, 2019 to support President Trump's demand that Congress authorize $5.7 billion dollars for a wall on the southern border of the United States. Anyone wishing to participate in the sign-wave can bring their own appropriate signs and meet on the pedestrian bridge that crosses Route 8 just south of Graham Road in Summit County at noon on Saturday.

In making the announcement Zawistowski said, "The American people who voted for and elected Donald Trump President in 2016, understand that without borders you cannot be a nation. We in the heartland of America are the ones who have paid the high price of illegal immigration. In Northeast Ohio we saw illegal immigrant Juan Razo kill Margaret Kostelnik in Lake County as well as others killed, raped and murdered by illegal immigrants in our area. Ohio communities have been ravaged by the 4,854 deaths of our sons and daughters last year alone from drug overdoses - 96% of which come to Ohio through the wide-open southern border. African-Americans and low income whites and Hispanics in Ohio and across the nation lose $1,000 per year in wages to unfair competition with illegal immigrants. Most of all, we as taxpayers have paid out billions of dollars to provide free health care, education, housing and other assistance to illegal immigrants', resources that should be going to help Americans in need. We agree with the President, this is a crisis, and we demand that Congress fund the building of the border wall - NOW!"