Sign-Wave Saturday a Big Success!







100 Patriots braved freezing temperatures and strong winds in Stow, Ohio today in a sign wave intended to show that they strongly disagree with Governor DeWine's illegal stay-at-home and business closure orders. Over 7,200 citizens passed by the protest in their cars and many more expressed their support of our position than their disagreement.
Ohio knows Governor DeWine's policies are not only WRONG they are more deadly than the virus! The FACTS PROVE Governor that this virus is NOT DEADLY to 99.7% of Ohioans. It is long PAST TIME for Ohio to go back to work!
State-wide rallies have huge impact:
The rally in Stow, OH was part of a state-wide effort called "Rally Around Ohio" that included protests in 31 counties around Ohio. (Click Here to find information about other protest around the Ohio on May 9th)
Initial estimates are that as many as 3,000 Patriots participated in the protests across the state, the largest number to protest governor DeWine since the lockdowns and shut downs began. As many as 432,000 Ohioan are believed to have seen one of the protests impacting 3.7% of the states population.
Our goal was to show our fellow citizens that not everyone is happy to be locked in their homes and out of work in order to put pressure on Governor DeWine to End the State of Emergency since he is unable to provide any reason for it to continue. The protests also focused on Ohio's State Senators who are now under pressure to Pass Senate Bill 1, which was passed by the Ohio House this week, which would reign in the abuse of power currently on display by Governor DeWine and his Health Director. The Senate is expected vote on Senate this week on the bill.