TEA Party Sign-Wave to Support Border Wall is a HUGE Success!

Just about 100 Patriots, joined together in Cuyahoga Falls, OH Saturday (1/12/19) over a two hour period for a "frozen" sign-wave in support of the Border Wall and President Trump! We got a nice article in our local Akron Beacon Journal and the top talk radio station in the Akron market, WNIR, talked about our event all Friday night and through the end of the event on Saturday at 2:00 PM.

The cars blowing horns in support was deafening at times and clearly a large percentage of American’s understand the importance of building the wall. While we did have members of the left come to the bridge to confront us, what they got instead was intelligent discussion about important issues that affect all of us. To their surprise, they found that there was no hate on that bridge, there was love of country, love of our fellow citizens, and love for the rule of law. There were no incidents and some minds and opinions were actually changed and important information was exchanged!

One thing is for sure, the people in those cars knew that they were not alone in their thoughts about supporting the wall, and the people on that bridge knew that a large group of their fellow citizens support building the wall. This sign-wave shows the President that he is not alone in the fight to "Build That Wall" as We the People are out in public standing proudly with him here in Ohio! 

We encourage our fellow Patriots around the state of Ohio and around the nation, to make a similar public display of your support for the Border Wall! Even if it is just a few people with signs standing at a busy intersection for an hour. We need to let our fellow citizen know that it is Ok to defend our nation's sovereignty and the President we elected who is keeping his promises to us!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
Executive Director
Portage County TEA Party