Second Sign Wave another Success with
Much Higher Traffic Counts and Good Weather!
60 Patriots turned out on a warm sunny day in Stow, Ohio today for a sign wave intended to show support for business owners and unemployed Ohioans who want to Open Up Ohio NOW and get BACK TO WORK! The vehicle traffic was much higher this week compared to last week with people getting out of the house to go to partially open businesses and restaurants that were allowed to provide food services on patios only. As a result an estimated more than 10,000 citizens passed by the protest in their cars.
Additional rallies were scheduled all over Ohio at the same time as Ohioans push Governor DeWine to end the "emergency" now that deaths and hospitalizations are way down in the State. This effort comes as the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that state's Governor's "Stay-at-Home" and Business Closures order to be ILLEGAL and a New York Study that proved that DeWine's "Stay-at-Home" order and business closure orders INCREASE the chance of citizens being hospitalized for coronavirus!
Now studies show that DeWine's orders for people, particularly workers, to wear face masks is also unhealthy. Even the benefits of social distancing are in doubt but ill-informed and power hungry tyrannical Governors and health directors are refusing to follow the science or the will of the people who elected them and pay their salaries. Today's rallies were organized by a group called Free Ohio Now and more information about their efforts can be found at
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