Tom Zawistowski's Primary Election Recommendations
As is normal, I am getting a lot of calls and emails asking who I recommend in various elections all over the state of Ohio. Since the membership of the Portage County TEA Party has not voted to recommend anyone, understand that these recommendations are my PERSONAL recommendations and do not necessarily represent those of the Portage County TEA Party!
Everyone should go to for information about Federal and State candidates. They do a great job and I have contributed to many of their Ohio candidate evaluations. You can also see a list of state and local candidates we have endorsed in Ohio through the Ohio Citizens PAC.
Let me make clear, EVERY TRUMP SUPPORTER must show up and vote in the Republican Primary just to show the fake news that their constant attempts to convince American's that Trump is not popular is just that FAKE NEWS! We need to prove to our fellow American's that the FAKE POLLS are just PROPAGANDA and they should not believe them! We want the Trump primary vote in Ohio to just dwarf the votes of Commie Bernie and Sleepy Joe so that everyone knows that Ohio is TRUMP COUNTRY!
Now, in regards to the Portage County Republican Primary, there are few contested races on the ballot but I will make these recommendations:
For Congress in the Ohio 13th District: I Recommend Christina Hagan
(Christina is the only candidate that can seriously challenge Tim Ryan!)
For Congress in the Ohio 14th District: I Recommend Mark Pitrone
(I had this as a toss up, but Dave Joyce's Co-Sponsorship of the Left's totally UN-FAIR"Fairness for All Act" that would give LGBTQ people, including mentally ill gender dysphoric "transgender" individuals, SUPERIOR rights over YOU and all other Americans, is reason enough for ALL conservatives to vote Tuesday to remove Joyce from office!)
For Female Republican State Central Committee: I Recommend Elayne Cross
(Mary O'Toole is a card carrying Democrat Union Member who always wins because no one knows anything about her and she has a favorable Irish name. Throw fake Republican Democrat Mary O'Toole off the Republican State Central Committee!)
For Male Republican State Central Committee: YOU PICK
(All three are qualified and it would be unfair for me to recommend one over the others)
Portage County Levies: Vote NO on the Waterloo and Windham School District Tax Increases
Those are my recommendations. Feel free to disagree and if not, please share them with your friends and family. Most of all VOTE on Tuesday March 17th!
For Liberty,
Tom Zawistowski
Executive Director
Porage County TEA Party

Tom Z Calls out Ohio Governor DeWine and other "Leaders" for "ill-informed" actions to "protect" against the coronavirus.
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