Reminder: This Month's PCTEA Meeting!
What: Portage County TEA Party Meeting
When: 7:00 PM Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Where: American Legion, 1945 Mogadore Road, Kent 44240
Many, if not most, of the Republican candidates on the Ballot in Portage County this fall will be at this meeting to provide materials and answer your questions. Then David Conte from the NRA-ILA will lay out their plan for Ohio and what materials and tools they are going to provide to YOU and us so that we can get out the vote for Trump. Then I will explains some things that we are going to do in Portage County between now and November to make sure we sweep Portage County in the election.
This is a political event, so there are no limitations on crowd size and, while we will be following social distancing policies and providing hand sanitizer, face masks are optional. We respect the rights of every individual to protect their health and exercise personal responsibility - so do what you need to do to take care of yourself.
This is a VERY important meeting. We must win Ohio again in November! All of us MUST commit to do everything in our power to fight the propaganda and lies and make clear to our fellow citizens that the very fate of the nation is at stake. A vote for ANY DEMOCRAT is a vote for Communism and the end of our Republic. There is no Democrat Party. It has been taken over by the radical left. Their agenda is to destroy American by EVERY MEANS AVAILABLE as you can see by how they are acting to destroy our schools, our businesses, our history, our health care system, our sports teams, our police, our government, our churches - our very American way of life. We must destroy them before they destroy us!
That is why you must attend this meeting and commit to fighting the fight that we must wage and win this November over the enemies of Freedom and Liberty and Prosperity. Please mark you calendar and I will expect to see you at the American Legion on July 28th!
Bring a Friend with you!