Your Vote will NOT be Counted!
On Friday, January 10, 2020 the corrupt Ohio Republican Party will meet in Columbus,OH to endorse ALL candidates for state office as requested by the Ohio House and Senate Leadership. They are going to endorse in every House and Senate race based on who the current leadership wants to win so that they can keep control of their respective bodies. These candidates come in three distinct categories:
First, as we have explained previously, the ORP Bylaws pretty much "require" the "Party" to endorse ALL "Incumbent Candidates" because it takes a super-majority vote not to do so. See, even if someone who is elected to office does a horrible job and does not keep their promises to the voters, they do not want the voters to have a chance to throw them out of office because the "Party" and the Caucuses NEED the money that the special interests pay them for those votes. So, if you are an Incumbent - your chance at re-election is nearly 100% regardless of what the voters think! You will see no "voter guide" from the ORP showing you how they voted in their previous term according to the principles and values provided in the National Republican Party Platform as we have suggest that they do for ALL candidates instead of endorsing. No accountability for anything except bringing in the money!
Second, they will endorse "Non-Incumbents in races that are NOT contested". Meaning that they have no one running against them in the primary. Endorsing them is kind of meaningless, however, doing so suggests that they have been somehow vetted and that voters should believe that they will actually enact policies consistent with the Republican Party National Platform if elected. Unfortunately, they have not been vetted for anything other than how much money they can bring in from special interest to help fill the coffers of the House and Senate Caucuses. You will see no "voter guide" from the ORP telling you where they stand on anything.
Finally, you will have the endorsement of "Non-Incumbents in Contested Races". These are the races where the House and the Senate have decided who they want to win in races where YOU the voter actually could have a choice between more than one candidate. But, they can't allow you to have that choice. You may voter for someone who will vote for your priorities instead of for the priorities of the monied special interests! Like when YOU voted for Trump instead of Kasich or Bush - no we can't EVER let that happen again. So, the ORP will just pick the winners in those races tomorrow to make sure they win and that your vote doesn't count.
See, with this new setup, where the Ohio Republican Party voted to accept endorsement recommendations from the Ohio House and Senate Leadership, they have in effect created their own special interest groups to buy elections - and candidates who are not endorsed have almost zero chance of winning. The way this works is that once they endorse these people on January 10, 2020, the ORP will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars producing and distributing "slate cards" listing these people as the "official" choice of the Republican Party - leaving all other candidates names and pictures off the materials.
Then the House Caucus and Senate Caucus will spend MILLIONS of dollars on ads, flyers, phone calls, social media, etc. promoting these endorsed candidates and attacking their opponents. Money that comes from the special interests who want their legislation passed and who expect to have elected the legislators who will pass their legislation. As a non-endorsed candidate, you now have to raise enough money to not just fight your opponent, but to overcome the money spent against you by the ORP AND by the House or Senate Caucus. The non-endorsed candidates are at a tremendous disadvantage which is why at least 95% of the people the ORP endorses tomorrow will win in the fake primary that will be held on March 17, 2020.
Now let me say, and I should have said it in previous emails, that there are some people on the ORP State Central Committee who are not corrupt and who do not think they should endorse. Remember the vote to accept the House and Senate Endorsement recommendation only passed 40-10. So at least 10 people out of 66 believe that it is wrong to endorse and will probably vote against endorsing again tomorrow. I believe there may even be an effort to kill the endorsement in the "Non-Incumbent Contested" races so that YOU the voter will have some reason to vote in the official primary on March 17, 2020. Then again, the ORP State Central Committee will probably vote to endorse themselves again so that they can use "Party" resources to defeat their opponents as well. It is ALL RIGGED!
This is why we no longer have a "Representative Republic" because no one is Representing YOU and the political parties do not believe in the democratic process. They literally do not believe in a fair vote. Jane Timken and the members of the Ohio Republican Party who created and support his corrupt process are no different than Adam Schiff and Nadler and Pelosi. They don't give a damn about our state, our nation, or our citizens, it is all about money, power and control over us and our tax dollars.
Until We the People can find a way to reform this corrupt system or create a new political party/system we are going to continue to have our money, and our Liberty, taken from us by force by these statist who do rule over us and do not work for us as our Constitution requires. It can be done. It MUST be done. It unfortunately can't be addressed until we first re-elect Donald Trump and get Bill Barr to re-establish the rule of law. Then we can turn our attention to reforming our political and electoral processes. I look forward to that day and you should as well. I will talk about this in more detail on my radio program/podcast this Saturday and I hope that you will join me for that program.
For Liberty,
Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention