OHIO TEA Party Groups to Work with NRA-ILA AGAIN on 2020 Election

Akron, OH: The We the People Convention, announced today that the TEA Party/Liberty Groups in Ohio will be aligning primarily with the National Rifle Association's (NRA) Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) in an effort to win Ohio again and re-elect Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2020. The announcement was made after discussions were concluded between David Conte, the NRA-ILA Regional Grassroots Field Coordinator and WTPC President Tom Zawistowski. The two groups worked closely together, along with a very few other key partners, in 2016 to help produce the stunning 8% victory in Ohio that catapulted Donald J. Trump to the Presidency.

In making the announcement, Zawistowski said, “We are pleased to once again align our efforts in the 2020 Presidential election with the NRA-ILA because no other organization we have worked with in the past has treated us with such respect and in a spirit of true partnership.” Zawistowski continued, “In August of 2016, when Donald Trump had nearly zero support among political organization in Ohio, the NRA-ILA and the Ohio TEA Party Movement joined together and took the task upon our shoulders to defend our individual freedom and liberty by giving all we had to give in order to win Ohio and elect President Trump. Our efforts led directly to turning out thousands of voters who had not voted in decades and played a major roll in helping our faith based partners convince the critical Evangelical and Christian voters to trust Trump and vote for him.”

“Let us be clear, unlike many in our state, we do not just assume that Donald Trump is going to win re-election in 2020.” Zawistowski explained. “We know that the Democrat/Socialist left is desperate to defeat Trump in 2020 and by their own admission will "Do what ever is necessary" to accomplish that goal. We intend to use the resources that the NRA can provide for us to register voters, to prevent voter fraud, and to get out the Trump vote and win Ohio in 2020 and also defeat the anti-2nd Amendment efforts by the Left in Ohio. While we will be working primarily with the NRA-ILA, our activists will also provide assistance to the Trump Campaign and other pro-Trump groups in the state as we have in the past.” Zawistowski concluded.