Shame on FoxNews and all the other media outlets who are doing wall-to-wall coverage of this phony "Impeachment Hearing" and giving credence and exposure to this illegal coup attempt!  Credit to Salem Media and Rush Limbaugh for not giving free air time to this travesty.

Why would YOU, and American Citizen, take your time to willingly watch and listen to people who's sole purpose is to intentionally lie to you about the President of the United States?  Don't worry, plenty of journalists on both sides of the political spectrum will provide the highlights/lowlights, and the spin, to tell you what they think happens today and this week.

Let me save you and them some time. NOTHING that happens this week in this phony, kangaroo court, illegitimate hearing is important. How can anything they say be considered important when there is no fairness, no due process, no rule of law in any of this??? One sick, despicable, person - Adam Schiff - is the prosecutor, the judge and the jury in this staged bastardization of American values that we revere - fundamental fairness and the rule of law.  This political theater is exactly the same propaganda techniques that Hitler used to gain power in Germany and Stalin used  to rule over Russia. We will NOT stand for this in the United States!

So, instead of watching or listening to this nonsense, take action to protect and defend your individual liberty and freedom.  Pick up the phone right now and call, or write to, the US Department of Justice and tell them that you DEMAND equal justice under the law and you DEMAND that they bring charges against these people who are so blatantly undermining our electoral process, our Constitution, and the functioning of our Federal Government.

Then grab your Trump sign from 2016, or your Trump flag, or just make a hand made sign and put it back out in your yard or in the window of your home and show your neighbors that you support the President and you are not afraid to show it!