Join the Cleveland Trump Parade

Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 10 AM – 12 PM

66–81°F Mostly Sunny
Event coordinator: Ed Kovac and Lee Taylor Bennett
September 26, 2020
10:00 a.m. - Noon
"Show (up) & Ride"
Parade Route: Depending from where you start - I-480 West to The Jennings Freeway (I-176), to I-90 East to I-271 South back to I-480 to the west. Its one big circle. Parade route map posted in the discussion section of the event page!
Starting Locations:
Start arriving to the locations around 9 am.
Here is an updated list of potential starting points. These starting points are suggestions provided by your fellow patriots. Volunteers would be appreciated to help line up vehicles. Let me know if you are interested.
Crocker Park parking lot - Westlake - hop on 90 east to join the parade.
Great Northern Mall parking lot - North Olmsted - hop on 480 east to the Jennings Freeway north to join the parade.
South Park Mall parking lot - Strongsville - by Dillard’s. get on 71 north to 480 east to the Jennings Freeway north or Stay on 71 to get onto 90 east to join the parade.
Giant Eagle parking lot in Broadview Hts. - take 77 north to 480 west to the Jennings Freeway north to join the parade.
Holiday Inn on Rockside parking lot - Independence -
Sams Club parking lot - Oakwood Village - take 271 north to 480 west to join the parade.
Solon Mall Shopping Center parking lot (where Aldi's is) Solon - take 422 west to 480 west to join the parade.
Harvard Park parking lot - Beachwood - take 271 south to 480 west to join the parade.
Golden Gate Plaza parking lot - Mayfield - take 271 south to join the parade.
Pine Ridge Plaza parking lot - (by Heinens) - Willoughby - initially take 90 west for a short distance and get onto 271 south to join the parade.
The Lake County Captains parking lot - Eastlake. A vendor will be there selling Trump stuff for those of you who need it at 8am.
Home Depot parking lot - E 200th St - Euclid - take 90 east to join the parade.
Steelyard Commons parking lot - Cleveland - hop on the Jennings Freeway north to 90 east.

* Choose a convenient 'on ramp' for you/your group to enter at any point on 480, 271 or 90.
* Merge on as close to 10:00 a.m. if possible / or at your earliest convenience
* Turn on flashers to indicate you are a parade participant
* As you merge onto the freeway, stay in right lane as much as possible (watch for other merging vehicles)
* Suggested/requested speed is 50-55 mph (road conditions and weather permitting)
* Ride the entire freeway or choose a reasonable route length for you/your group
* Choose EITHER direction to travel - Watch for convoys on both sides of the interstate
Vehicle Décor:
* Decorate your vehicle attractively for this occasion
* Be sure all décor is secured safely for appropriate speed of travel
We are excited for the Cleveland Trump Caravan Parade!
PLEASE read the entirety of this post so that everything goes SMOOTHLY.
• Note your route and plan it out in advance
• Begin with A FULL tank of gas
• Have Trump/Patriot gear displayed attractively and secure
• Have water and snacks
• Have a First Aid Kit (if you have one)
• Use body Cams/Go Pros (if you have one), or use the cams on your wireless phones
Caravan Leaders:
• Arrive early
• Please be aware that there may be more than one group planning to meet at the same staging area … so more than one line-up may be seen
• Please prepare accordingly; that if the group is splitting to go both directions, you will need to stage in that order accordingly
• Should you encounter any issues at your staging area and be asked to 'leave'... do so peacefully. Have a plan B, should this happen . . . or you can simply head to the Interstate
• Please have someone start the 'Pledge of Allegiance'/National Anthem/prayer at staging area
• Keep in mind . . . We become ONE group when we meet and begin to ROLL !!
All vehicles:
• Enter the freeway with your 4-way flashers on
• Drive as SMOOTHLY AS POSSIBLE!! Try to avoid having to speed up and then hit the brakes.
• The less people that are hitting the breaks and gas pedal the better. This is NOT a race!
• Travel slightly under the speed limit (55-60), We do not want to rear end each other
• Stay in the middle or the right lane
• If there are three or more lanes, using the middle lane will allow other traffic to enter and exit the highway
• Try to keep 3 – 4 car length distance between vehicles. Allow
• Remember, we are the 'SHOW'
Overpass Volunteers:
• If you are doing the continual “drive over” keep alert as traffic
increases, and watch for pedestrians.
• If you are doing a 'flag line' stay on the sidewalk at all times.
DO NOT stand on an overpass that does not have a sidewalk
• Remember to wear your seatbelt
• Very Important: - If you encounter those who may not share our enthusiasm – do NOT engage! Smile, wave and move on!
• We have taken measures to ensure this event is safe. That does not mean we won't encounter opinions that differ from ours
• If we do encounter problems, try to de-escalate the situation, show kindness as much as possible
• Do not instigate aggression under any circumstance! You are not the 'law’
• Always note your mile marker and exit numbers. Call 911 when necessary. The police are alert to this event. The men and women in Blue have you covered!
• Safety First – do not hang out of windows or ride in the back of pickups
Let’s show our patriotism, our support for our President, and our excitement about his re-election in November!