True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht
to be Honored with "Spirit of Freedom" Award
at 2019 We the People Convention!

The We the People Convention is extremely excited to announce that YOU will have the opportunity to join with your fellow Ohio Patriots and Honor a True American Hero when we present the "Spirit of Freedom" Award to True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht at the Noon Luncheon of the September 21, 2019 Convention! Catherine Engelbrecht, and her family, her family business, and her non-profit organization were subjected to brutal and illegal attacks by dozens of Obama Administration Agencies from the IRS to OSHA - simply because she wanted to make sure that only registered voters were allowed to vote in our elections.

In her 2014 testimony in front of Congress Engelbrecht famously proclaimed "I will not Retreat. I will not Surrender. I refuse to be Intimidated." Indeed she was not intimidated and this June 2019 True the Vote was awarded $2 million in damages from the IRS who discriminated against the organization according to a Federal Judge.

True the Vote has played a critical role, for the past 10 years, in helping TEA Party Groups around the nation to get the voter roles in their states purged of people who are dead, or no longer living in the state, and who are simply not US Citizens and ineligible to vote. Despite having the full force of the Federal Government used against her, she has made a huge difference in making American Citizens, and politicians, aware of defects in our election systems and getting the loop holes closed.
She is an example to all of us in the TEA Party Movement that it is up to us to force our government to do their jobs and provide for fair and honest election and to protect our own rights! Catherine embodies the "Spirit of Freedom" and we hope that YOU will join us in awarding her our highest award that the Ohio TEA Party has to offer!

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This Convention is not a rally, is not a place to come and hear speakers and be entertained. This Convention is an event for those who are willing to volunteer to do the important work that must be done in order to protect and defend our individual Freedom, Liberty, and Prosperity and WIN the 2020 elections! There are only 300 seats available and they need to be filled by Patriots who are going to leave the Convention with a checklist of things that they will commit to doing, in their own geographic area, after they leave the Convention. The focus of the 8th Annual 2019 We the People Convention will be:

• Voter Registration
• Candidate Recruitment for 2020 Primary
• Organizing to Stop Voter Fraud
• Organizing to Get Out OUR Vote in 2020

This content for this event is being created with the help of Judicial Watch, the Ohio Secretary of State's Office, and the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action.


The Cost of the Convention is: $35 per person and includes your lunch



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