Did you get a little extra money in your Christmas Stocking?

Please consider using it to support Ohio Conservatives and YOURSELF!

Fellow Patriots,

Please excuse my tardiness in sending this email. Each year I write to remind you that there is an Ohio Law that allows YOU to donate $50 per person or $100 per couple to any Ohio Elected Official and get at "tax credit" on your Ohio State Income Tax.  Meaning that your donation is subtracted directly from your state tax bill.  You could for instance send $25 to one candidate and $25 to another, but you cannot get a credit for more that $50/$100 total for any one year. You can give more than $50/$100 but you can only take a credit for up to that amount. You must mail in your check or donate online by December 31st to take the credit on your 2018 State Income Taxes. Why give the State of Ohio your $50 when you can give it instead to an elected official who is fighting to cut taxes and advance our conservative agenda?

Now, you can donate to anyone who is an Ohio state elected official. It's your decision. When looking at the voting records of those in our Ohio state government, the elected officials I can recommend without hesitation are listed below. Just click the name/link to go to their webpage:

Ohio House:

John Becker (OH District 65)
Nino Vitale (OH District 85)
Derek Merrin (OH District 47)
Ron Hood (OH District 78)
Kris Jordan (OH District 67)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (OH District 74)
Tom Brinkman (OH District 27)
Candice Keller (OH District 53)
Scott Wiggam (OH District 1)

In the Senate:

Kristina Roegner (OH District 27)
Andy Brenner (OH Distict 19)

I have also personally donated to the NRA, Judicial Watchand Prager University. You might also want to consider the ACLJ, FreedomWorks, TEA Party Patriots, Buckeye Firearms, Hillsdale College, just to name a few. Most of us, like me, don't have the personal wealth to give to every group we support. But even it you just give $5 it helps! Speaking of which, I would ask you to also consider donating to the We the People Conventionas well to help fund our continued efforts to defend Liberty in Ohio and our nation.

Wishing you, all the best in the New Year!

Tom Zawistowski
Ohio Citizens PAC

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