For Immediate Release: Sunday, June 21, 2020
We the People Convention Launches Billboard
Campaign to show Support for OUR Police
Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention (WTPC) and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, announced that the WTPC is launching a billboard campaign to show support for local police by placing electronic billboards in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus starting Monday, June 22, 2020. The billboards say "We the People . . . Support OUR Police . . . and We will NOT allow them to be Defunded." According to the media buy, the billboards will be seen by over 1,000,000 Ohioans during their run.
Zawistowski said, "We are taking this highly visible public position in support of our local police because we actually do care about the safety of our black brothers and sisters and we understand that no group among us is more in need of police protection than poor and minority citizens of all races who are trapped in dysfunctional Democrat controlled and run urban cities. We the People cannot stand by and allow extremist to put at risk our most vulnerable citizens and use them to advance their anti-American agendas by forcing communities to "Defund the Police." Our donors and members all over Ohio are sending a message to OUR local police that we support YOU and greatly appreciate the vital work that you do for our communities every day!"
Zawistowski added, "We totally reject the provably wrong premise that there is systemic racism in our police departments or in our nation. Our organization will be on the front lines defending and supporting OUR police all over Ohio, and working to support reforms that improve their effectiveness, while exposing the lies promoted by anti-American marxist groups like Black Live Matters and ANTIFA and their media allies."
Zawistowski continued, "We the People are sick and tired of the lawlessness in our nation and demand that elected officials do the jobs we pay them to do! Which is first and foremost, to protect the safety of ALL citizens and the value of personal, business and public property. We find it unconscionable that mayors and governors in our nation are ordering police NOT to arrest rioters and then are allowing the courts to release, without charges, those few who are arrested. That is NOT Justice or the rule of law, that is Anarchy! We will NOT stand for it! These elected official are literally co-conspirators in the destruction of our cities by allowing these riots to happen under some misguided delusion that anyone is "justified" in destroying the property of other citizens - and even injuring and killing citizens and police officers!"
Zawistowski concluded, "We will be pushing the Department of Justice to investigate and bring federal charges against any state or local elected officials who are found to be co-ordinating with the terrorist ANTIFA group or Black Lives Matters, or other marxist anti-American groups, to assist them in their lawless assault upon our nation. We the People DEMAND that equal justice under the law be enforced for ALL citizens. Therefore, we will strongly support the efforts of law enforcement, at all levels, to restore that standard which has made our nation the most just, least racist, and most successful form of government in world history."
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Second Sign Wave another Success with
Much Higher Traffic Counts and Good Weather!
60 Patriots turned out on a warm sunny day in Stow, Ohio today for a sign wave intended to show support for business owners and unemployed Ohioans who want to Open Up Ohio NOW and get BACK TO WORK! The vehicle traffic was much higher this week compared to last week with people getting out of the house to go to partially open businesses and restaurants that were allowed to provide food services on patios only. As a result an estimated more than 10,000 citizens passed by the protest in their cars.
Additional rallies were scheduled all over Ohio at the same time as Ohioans push Governor DeWine to end the "emergency" now that deaths and hospitalizations are way down in the State. This effort comes as the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that state's Governor's "Stay-at-Home" and Business Closures order to be ILLEGAL and a New York Study that proved that DeWine's "Stay-at-Home" order and business closure orders INCREASE the chance of citizens being hospitalized for coronavirus!
Now studies show that DeWine's orders for people, particularly workers, to wear face masks is also unhealthy. Even the benefits of social distancing are in doubt but ill-informed and power hungry tyrannical Governors and health directors are refusing to follow the science or the will of the people who elected them and pay their salaries. Today's rallies were organized by a group called Free Ohio Now and more information about their efforts can be found at
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Sign-Wave Saturday a Big Success!







100 Patriots braved freezing temperatures and strong winds in Stow, Ohio today in a sign wave intended to show that they strongly disagree with Governor DeWine's illegal stay-at-home and business closure orders. Over 7,200 citizens passed by the protest in their cars and many more expressed their support of our position than their disagreement.
Ohio knows Governor DeWine's policies are not only WRONG they are more deadly than the virus! The FACTS PROVE Governor that this virus is NOT DEADLY to 99.7% of Ohioans. It is long PAST TIME for Ohio to go back to work!
State-wide rallies have huge impact:
The rally in Stow, OH was part of a state-wide effort called "Rally Around Ohio" that included protests in 31 counties around Ohio. (Click Here to find information about other protest around the Ohio on May 9th)
Initial estimates are that as many as 3,000 Patriots participated in the protests across the state, the largest number to protest governor DeWine since the lockdowns and shut downs began. As many as 432,000 Ohioan are believed to have seen one of the protests impacting 3.7% of the states population.
Our goal was to show our fellow citizens that not everyone is happy to be locked in their homes and out of work in order to put pressure on Governor DeWine to End the State of Emergency since he is unable to provide any reason for it to continue. The protests also focused on Ohio's State Senators who are now under pressure to Pass Senate Bill 1, which was passed by the Ohio House this week, which would reign in the abuse of power currently on display by Governor DeWine and his Health Director. The Senate is expected vote on Senate this week on the bill.

You are Invited to Attend . . .
What: A Sign Wave to Protest Governor DeWine's Lockdown of Ohio
When: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Saturday, May 9, 2020
Where: Stow City Hall, Route 91 and Graham Road, Stow Ohio
Why: Please bring Signs and Flags to Wave Showing your Desire for Governor DeWine to End the State of Emergency and Let Ohioans get back to living their lives, get back to work and get back to school.
INFO: This is part of a state-wide effort called "Rally Around Ohio" that will include protests at over 100 other locations around Ohio. (Click Here to find information about other protest around the Ohio on May 9th) Our goal is to show our fellow citizens that not everyone is happy to be locked in their homes and out of work in order to put pressure on Governor DeWine to End the State of Emergency since he is unable to provide any reason for it to continue.
Bring a Friend with you!

1) DeWine keeps repeating "This is a Very DEADLY virus" - FACTS SAY IT'S NOT!
  • So, Governor, what IS the mortality rate from Coronavirus in Ohio?
  • We notice that you and your "Health Director," who NEVER seems to "have the data on that" for anything, NEVER tell people JUST HOW DEADLY it is, Governor!
  • FACT: The Marion Prison Covid-19 Outbreak shows that the virus IS very contagious with 2,011 inmates (80%) out of 2,500 getting the virus with nearly zero mitigation efforts. But, only 106 (5%) even showed symptoms and then only two (.01%) DIED!
  • But Acton and DeWine have intentionally and continuously conflated "contageous" with "DEADLY" in a very successful effort to scare citizens to death with lies.
2) We CANNOT Open Businesses yet because we "don't want a big spike in cases"
  • The FACT is that we NEVER had ANY significant spike in cases in Ohio from coronavirus that came close to "overwhelming" our hospitals. They LIED!
  • Why don't you release a chart today, Governor, that shows the daily hospitalizations for Covid-19 compared to the daily bed occupancy in Ohio for ALL those days?
  • Governor DeWine has NOT ONE SHRED OF ACTUAL MEDICAL EVIDENCE that there is ANY real possibility of any kind of new medical emergency from opening businesses - particularly if we focus on nursing homes and protecting the elderly and other vulnerable citizens.
  • Again, DeWine and Acton are intentionally conflating "getting the coronavirus" with serious illness and even death. The FACTS prove that 90% of employees who "get" the coronavirus will show ZERO symptoms - masks or no masks - and if they are below the age of 65, nearly 100% of employees will not get sick.
  • The Governor's intentional fear-mongering - and masks are a big psychological part of that fear-mongering - borders on the criminal act of inciting panic among citizens!
3) Everyone should wear face masks and it will stop the spread of the coronavirus
  • Where is the evidence, Governor, that this statement is true?
  • There is plenty of evidence that it is NOT TRUE such as this review that concluded "Face Masks Don't Work" in controlling infectious diseases.
  • Furthermore there is also evidence that if you are a healthy person, wearing a face mask can actually increase your chances of infection.
  • Governor DeWine just withdrew his order Monday that people "must" wear face masks as customers, but maintained his order that all employees "must" wear face masks without a shred of evidence that it would help anything. When Acton was asked the basis for the mask recommendation for customers she said, as always, "I don't have the data on that." You bet she doesn't, because their decision has no basis in fact or science and it is totally arbitrary.
  • As DeWine said in his Fox interview last night, his order went a little too far, and so he rescinded it. Now it is time to end all the foolishness that has gone way too far, and stop pretending that masks work when they don't.
4) We need to quarantine everyone in our homes to stop the spread of Coronavirus
  • FACT: The quarantine has FAILED MISERABLY as shown by the California, New York and Florida random testing, and continuing to do so is MEANINGLESS!
  • Studies suggest that there are between 50-85 TIMES more cases of coronavirus in the US meaning at least 50 MILLION people have had it already!
  • FACT: Continuing to quarantine HEALTHY citizens and keeping schools closed inhibits our ability to create herd immunity, which is the only way to prevent it without a vaccine, and GUARANTEES another outbreak next fall and/or winter.
  • Governor DeWine is telling citizens that the goal is to not spread the coronavirus when the actual goal should be to let it spread naturally while protecting the most vulnerable by quarantining only them!
5) The deaths in Ohio are down because of His "Aggressive" Early Actions
  • There is ZERO data to suggest that the actions DeWine took that crippled our economy saved ANY LIVES.
  • The Wall Street Journal this week said, "The speed with which officials shuttered the economy appears not to be a factor in Covid deaths."
  • Professor Wilfed Reilly published this imperical study of the effect of lockdowns and concluded "there is no relationship between lockdowns and lower Covid-19 deaths."
  • Governor DeWine has NO medical or scientific reason to NOT OPEN ALL Ohio Businesses TODAY!
  • Governor DeWine has NO PROOF that Ohio is still - or ever really was - in any REAL Medical Emergency. The "models" were totally wrong!
  • Governor DeWine has INTENTIONALLY not release CRITICAL INFORMATION to YOU about Hospitalizations, and the death counts from the regular flu and other deaths like suicides, drug abuse, ect. from his lockdown orders and business closures in a successful effort to mislead the public.
  • Governor DeWine is not only destroying our medical infrastructure, in his bungled effort to save it, he is continuing to destroy thousands of Ohio businesses as well and continues to destroy or state and local governments through the massive losses of tax revenue - all with NO VALID REASONS for doing so.
  • Governor DeWine is illegally picking business winners and losers and in doing so is exposing out State to BILLIONS of dollars in legal settlements for the $38.8 BILLION in losses he has inflicted on these business owners.
  • Governor DeWine callously threw millions of Ohioans out of work without even making proper arrangements to prepare the Ohio Bureau of Unemployment for the surge of applications he was creating and now MILLIONS of Ohioans have not received unemployment checks in over four weeks!
  • You are NOT GOING TO DIE from coronavirus, 90% of you WILL get it eventually and it will not even make you sick, if you do get sick you have a 90% chance of recovering. STOP BEING AFRAID!
This chart shows - unequivocally - that, historically, the threat of dying from the current coronavirus is less than the average of deaths in your county from the regular flu, based on average of flu from 2007-2019. This data is thanks to Jim Rigano who extracted it from the Ohio Department of Health Data Warehouse as of Monday, April 27, 2020.
So stop being AFRAID for NO REASON! Do be scared by the Lies - KNOW THE TRUTH and SHARE IT! Let's get back to work and back to our lives, with or without "permission" and NEVER FORGIVE THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THIS TO US!


Mike DeWine
YOUR Position is
If You and Your "team" cannot stand up and refute each and every documented fact in this video, at your Monday 4/27/20 Press Conference, then you MUST announce that new information has made it clear that Ohio MUST change course IMMEDIATELY in order to avoid more catastrophic loss of life and the financial destruction of our citizens, our businesses, and our state economy!
Taken from Ohio Business Owners
Ohio Annual GDP $700 Billion, 50% of Businesses CLOSED represents $350 Billion annual income, Divided by 52 wks, Weekly income of 50% of Businesses is $6,73 Billion per/wk, Five Wks since DeWine’s March 23rd order closing “Non-Essential” Businesses.
Estimated 2,320,000 Ohio workers without paychecks, at average of only $17/hr, and 32 hrs of work per/wk, lost wages totals $1,262,080,000 per week. Seven weeks since DeWine's order to close bars and restaurants. Totals $8.8 Billion in lost wages.
  • Stop the Scare Tactics & Fear-Mongering NOW
  • Explain that the NEW Data shows Covid-19 is no more dangerous to 99% of Ohioans than the Flu!
  • Explain that we will now focus on protecting the vulnerable who we can now clearly identify
  • Lift the "stay-at-home" order IMMEDIATELY!
  • Explain why we NEED to develop Herd Immunity!
  • Explain why we NEED people to Get the Coronavirus NOW to avoid a fall outbreak!
  • Explain that 90% of them will not even know they have it and those who get it will not need serious medical treatment and will not die!
  • Send the Children back to school May 4th!
  • Allow ALL Medical Services IMMEDIATELY!
  • Open Churches NOW without FEAR!
  • Order ALL Businesses to Open As Soon As Possible!
  • Set a NEW Goal for Ohio of developing Herd Immunity by the end of June and saving our economy, and encourage citizens to do their part!
Governor DeWine, if you and your "team" do not watch this entire video and heed the advice of these experts, and do not heed the crystal clear message provided to you by the data acquired from the Ohio Prison coronavirus outbreak that this virus is NOT "an invisible killer lurking out there that will kill you", then you will be guilty of willful ignorance. In doing so, your actions will move from the category of poor political policy decisions into the category of serious criminal negligence and medical malpractice. You and your team will be held accountable by the courts, the voters, and public opinion.
Your chances for re-election will be destroyed, as will be the historical legacy you have spent decades building, as Ohioans see other states opening without major problems while you mindlessly and willfully continue to destroy the personal wealth and public wealth of our state - for no benefit. To wait a single day longer to change course generates more suicide, drug and alcohol deaths, more child and spousal abuses, more businesses lost forever, more Ohioans without income, without saving a single covid-19 patient by your actions.
We the People and I have spent seven weeks, Governor, trying to give you valid information that challenged your position in order to help you make better decisions for Ohio. You and your "team" have ignored not only our input but that of anyone who disagreed with you, even when you had zero data by your own admission, to defend your positions. You have been unable to defend any of your actions to date. Now the data is clear. This has gone far enough. It is past time for you to be man enough to admit that you have made a grievous mistake and change course. It IS time for you to be a strong enough leader to adjust to the new information before your eyes and pull Ohio back from the very edge of the economic precipice where you have placed us.
April 27th will be your judgement day, Governor, and it should not be a day for a stubborn old man to put his own vanity above the best interests of those for whom he is responsible. We are praying today for God to give you the strength and wisdom to protect and defend the Life, Liberty and Prosperity of ALL Ohioans as we go forward.
For Liberty,
Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention


We MUST kill this false narrative - by TRUMP and DeWine and other Governors - that this coronavirus is the most dangerous disease ever known to man! Even if we open businesses, people are not going to go to bars & restaurants, or movies, or sporting events, or retail stores if they THINK they are going to "drop dead in the streets” as Trump said this week would have happened - while he also called this coronavirus flu “a Plague”!  

Ohio Governor DeWine said this week that coronavirus is “An invisible Monster lurking out there that will kill you”! No fearmongering there!!! THIS MUST STOP. It is now CLEAR that this coronavirus, while nasty and very contageous, is NO MORE DEADLY than the regular flu! The facts gained from actual tests last week, documented in this Wall Street Journal article and this Tucker Carlson video, are indicating that 99.97% of people who get the coronavirus WILL NOT DIE FROM IT!

Watch this video (click image or link) and read the article and PLEASE watch the We the People Convention News & Opinion podcast (click link below) and get others to do so to get the facts. We can not get back to anything normal when people are traumatized with fear. President Trump and Ohio Governor DeWine and other Governors must now stop using the terribly inaccurate "projections" of the past and use the new accurate data being documented.
Then use responsible words that ASSURE the American people that 99.97% of them are NOT in MORTAL DANGER from this virus. So that people will have the confidence to go back to work and to go out to businesses in order to save our nation from a decades long DEPRESSION! We must open for business but we must ALSO have customers!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

UPDATE: New Data Suggest the Coronavirus Isn’t as Deadly as We Thought

Study finds 50 to 85 times as many infections as known cases—meaning a far lower fatality rate.


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For Immediate Release: April 4, 2020 3:00 PM
Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, called on Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton, to begin immediately publishing daily Ohio death statistics from Suicides, OPIOID/Drug abuse, Alcohol Related Deaths, and deaths from the regular flu - alongside deaths from the coronavirus. Sighting indisputable evidence that the Governor's radical actions, such as shutting down the majority of businesses in Ohio, putting as many as 1,793,472 Ohioans out of work, and ordering 10,000,000 Ohioans to stay in their homes for 30 days, results in significant deaths from these other sources which must be part of the equation when deciding what we do as citizens about the coronavirus.
Zawistowski said,"While all Ohioans, including me, are willing to take important steps and precautions to minimize the deaths caused by the coronavirus in our state, Governor DeWine and Dr. Acton have been negligent in providing citizens with the full "cost" to us, in both lives and dollars, from their drastic actions to prevent the spread of the virus. It is our understanding that the suicide rates, opioid/drug abuse deaths, and deaths from alcohol-related causes are on the increase in Ohio since the Governor's drastic actions were imposed in March and that they greatly exceed the 102 deaths caused by the coronavirus in eight weeks of the shutdown. It is literally medical malpractice by Dr. Acton to be recommending these single focused societal restrictions without giving ANY medical consideration to the well know psychological and sociological effect she is intentionally causing and the inevitable resulting injury and death that they will cause millions of Ohians! The Governor must publish these statistics alongside the coronavirus statistics everyday. We the people have the right to know the deaths being caused by the Governor's efforts to save some lives while killing other Ohioans in the process."
Zawistowski concluded, "It is both immoral and unconscionable that Governor DeWine has NEVER announced how many businesses he chose to close, or how many peoples' jobs he has taken away, or how much pay those Ohioans have lost because of his misguided actions. It is even more immoral to hide the fact that large numbers of Ohioans are now dying because of his actions. The MAJORITY of Ohioans' lives are not even being considered when the Governor takes actions that are singularly focused on just "saving lives" from the coronavirus. Clearly the Governor has forgotten that his job is to protect the lives of ALL Ohioans and not to decide whose life is worth more than someone else's life."
Ohio Coronavirus Score Card:
Ohio Population: 11,660,000 • Average Deaths per day 325
Coronavirus Deaths: 102 Total in 8 Weeks!
Deaths from other Causes in 8 Weeks: 18,200 Estimated
Positive Cases: 3,379 (.00029 of total population)
Ohio Businesses Closed: 200,000 Estimated
Ohioans without Pay Checks: 1,793,472 Estimated
Lost Wages, Past 14 Days: $1,951,297,536 Estimated
Businesses Projected to Close Permanently: 113,670 Estimated

Akron, OH: Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention, responded to a comment made by Governor DeWine at his Press Conference Saturday. Governor DeWine said that when he goes to bed at night he asks himself if he "has done all that he could do" to fight the Coronavirus. Zawistowski said, "The question, Governor, is NOT if you have done enough, but if you have done too much! The fact is, Governor, no one but you and the Ohioans you have scared the hell out of believe Dr. Acton's hysterical "projections" because the numbers just don't add up, and your response is way out of proportion to the actual threat to the public. You gave the numbers yesterday: In six weeks from 2/7/20 -3/19/20 we have had 247 cases of Coronavirus in Ohio and 58 hospitalizations and 3 deaths. That is NOT cause to shut down our state and destroy tens of thousands of businesses and ruin hundreds of thousands of Ohioan's lives. You know how many hospitalizations we have had from the regular flu? We had 9,828 last year and 17,397 in 2017-18! No shutdowns, no panic, with 70 times more hospitalizations than we have today. You are looking like "Chicken Little", Governor, because the sky is not falling, but your misguided actions may destroy all of us."
Zawistowski continued, "Both you and your fear-mongering Health Director love to compare what will happen in Ohio to New York and to Italy. We are NOT New York and we are not Italy, and don't you dare continue to make these false comparisons to provide cover for your misguided acts. First, New York has 10,356 cases, New Jersey has 1,327 and we have 247. Those two states should "shelter in place" for a few days, but you have no reason to ask us to do the same in Ohio. Second, we are NOT Italy, but you keep saying that. Italy has the second OLDEST population in the World! They have a horrible Government Healthcare system! They did NOT do the things we are doing to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus! We have the greatest healthcare system in the world and we are much younger than Italy. So STOP making an INACCURATE comparison!"
Zawistowski added, "Even IF we were like Italy, this is NOT the catastrophe people like you and the CDC are claiming it to be! Italy is a nation of 60 Million with 54,000 cases of Coronavirus and 5,000 Dead. The US is a nation of 330 Million - if it got as bad here as in Italy, we would have 270,000 cases and 27,500 Deaths. You know how many Americans died of the regular flu in 2017-18?  80,000!!! No shutdowns. No school closings, No overwhelmed hospitals. No economic suicide."
Zawistowski continued, "Pathetically you and your incompetent Health Director whined yesterday about how people are not watching/listening to your daily press conferences and not following "your instructions". You then said that you got "reports" that Ohioans dared to go outside this weekend and went to stores that were still open despite your apocalyptic misguided warnings. So, let me get this straight, you tell us to keep six feet apart, wash our hands, not cough or sneeze in public, not shake hands, and when we do all that and more - you tell us that is not good enough for you and we should just sit in our homes because you say so? So, today you are contemplating another mis-guided "order" to "shelter in place" with zero medical reason to do so? We will not comply Governor, because you don't have any reason to make such an order!
Zawistowski concluded, "While you and your nationally disgraced Health Director, whose ignorant claim of 100,000 cases in Ohio is being exposed as incompetent and who is getting a grade of "D" for Data Quality from the COVID Tracking Project and is inexplicably refusing to follow CDC Guidelines and report both positive and negative test results, are panicked beyond reason by "projections" that bely the facts in Ohio. We the People are not buying what you are selling. Let us be clear, we will take the action WE feel are appropriate to protect OUR health and that of our families and fellow citizens, but we will not be led off the cliff by someone like you who thinks you are personally responsible for every life in Ohio. Get over yourself, Governor. We are not stupid. Stop treating us as if we don't have enough common sense to come in out of the rain. This nonsense ends on March 30th, Governor. We are giving you the three weeks you asked for and the 15 days the President asked for, but on March 30th we are going back to work because that will do more to save lives than anything you are doing."

Tom Zawistowski's Primary Election Recommendations
As is normal, I am getting a lot of calls and emails asking who I recommend in various elections all over the state of Ohio. Since the membership of the Portage County TEA Party has not voted to recommend anyone, understand that these recommendations are my PERSONAL recommendations and do not necessarily represent those of the Portage County TEA Party!
Everyone should go to for information about Federal and State candidates. They do a great job and I have contributed to many of their Ohio candidate evaluations. You can also see a list of state and local candidates we have endorsed in Ohio through the Ohio Citizens PAC.
Let me make clear, EVERY TRUMP SUPPORTER must show up and vote in the Republican Primary just to show the fake news that their constant attempts to convince American's that Trump is not popular is just that FAKE NEWS! We need to prove to our fellow American's that the FAKE POLLS are just PROPAGANDA and they should not believe them! We want the Trump primary vote in Ohio to just dwarf the votes of Commie Bernie and Sleepy Joe so that everyone knows that Ohio is TRUMP COUNTRY!
Now, in regards to the Portage County Republican Primary, there are few contested races on the ballot but I will make these recommendations:
For Congress in the Ohio 13th District: I Recommend Christina Hagan
(Christina is the only candidate that can seriously challenge Tim Ryan!)
For Congress in the Ohio 14th District: I Recommend Mark Pitrone
(I had this as a toss up, but Dave Joyce's Co-Sponsorship of the Left's totally UN-FAIR"Fairness for All Act" that would give LGBTQ people, including mentally ill gender dysphoric "transgender" individuals, SUPERIOR rights over YOU and all other Americans, is reason enough for ALL conservatives to vote Tuesday to remove Joyce from office!)
For Female Republican State Central Committee: I Recommend Elayne Cross
(Mary O'Toole is a card carrying Democrat Union Member who always wins because no one knows anything about her and she has a favorable Irish name. Throw fake Republican Democrat Mary O'Toole off the Republican State Central Committee!)
For Male Republican State Central Committee: YOU PICK
(All three are qualified and it would be unfair for me to recommend one over the others)
Portage County Levies: Vote NO on the Waterloo and Windham School District Tax Increases
Those are my recommendations. Feel free to disagree and if not, please share them with your friends and family. Most of all VOTE on Tuesday March 17th!
For Liberty,
Tom Zawistowski
Executive Director
Porage County TEA Party

Tom Z Calls out Ohio Governor DeWine and other "Leaders" for "ill-informed" actions to "protect" against the coronavirus.
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