May 18, 2016


The Honorable Mike DeWine
Ohio Attorney General
30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215


Dear Attorney General,


On behalf of the group leaders, members and citizens represented by the names below, we write to urge your office to join our Great State of Ohio in the Federal Lawsuit filed by the State of North Carolina and joined by the State of Texas, against the Federal Department of Justice.  We ask you to do this to prevent the DOJ's "radical reinterpretation" of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments adopted in 1972, and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 which is intended to deny women and children in Ohio with the right to privacy in the bathroom, locker room and shower that they have long enjoyed. 


While we respect the right of all Americans, so called "transgendered rights" are not absolute and should not trump other citizen’s constitutional rights of privacy, free expression, or religious freedom. As Governor McCrory’s complaint observes, North Carolina’s law attempts to strike a balance between these competing rights and interests by providing accommodations in public facilities for transgendered individuals. But this balance is not what the Department of Justice wants to secure. Instead, it wants transgender rights to trump all other rights claims.


The text of Title VII (42 U.S.C. § 2000e) prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of an individual’s “race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.” This statute was enacted by Congress and signed by the president. Title VII says nothing about gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Nevertheless, the Department of Justice, purportedly enforcing Title VII, alleges that “sex” as used in the statute should be interpreted to include one’s chosen “gender identity.” Thus, according to the Department of Justice’s interpretation, conditioning access to public restrooms, locker rooms, and prisons on the basis of one’s biological sex markers (such as male genitalia) is discrimination on the basis of gender identity, which is tantamount to discrimination on the basis of sex in violation of Title VII. In the words of the governor’s complaint, this is a “radical reinterpretation of Title VII." Who could disagree? Sex is not gender and gender is not a protected class. Congress has been clear on that topic.


Furthermore, as Robert McFarland from the Witherspoon Institute points out, the Tenth Amendment continues to reserve powers to the states unless they are enumerated among federal powers. Thus, the most fundamental question regarding the legality of the Department of Justice’s demands is simply this: what enumerated power allows you to demand that the governor of the state of North Carolina, or Ohio, cease and desist enforcement of North Carolina’s laws? What constitutional authority allows the Obama administration to tell North Carolina or any state that it must allow individuals to enter restrooms on the basis of their chosen gender identity rather than on the basis of their biological reality? Let alone that every school in the United States, including Ohio, must allow this radical revocation of women's rights!


It is clear, that Ohio must defend it's Constitutional rights and the individual rights of our women and children. There is an intent in this action by President Obama and the radical leftist in his administration, not to protect transgender rights which were not an issue before this action, but to create a divisive issue and a new victim class in order to promote their anti-american agenda. We must not be bullied by our Federal Government and we must take immediate action to defend our individual rights. It is your duty as our legal representative in such matters to take decisive action on our behalf. We ask you as Attorney General of Ohio to join the suit immediately and to encourage other state Attorneys General to follow your lead.




Tom Zawistowski, President
We the People Convention
Dennis Crouch, President
Greene County TEA Party
Mary LeQuyea
Cleveland Prays for Life
Cynthia Meyerson
Summit County Tea Party
Gary Woodburn
Zanesville Patriots
Debbie Gonda
Westlake 912 Group
Joyce Hammer
Toledo Tea Party
Richard and Metta Hahn
Westerville TEA Party
Anne Kaczmarek, President
Portage County TEA Party
Denver Sallee
Lake County Right to Life
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Geauga TEA Party
Denise Robertson
Preble County Commissioner
Pastor Walter Moss
Black ProLife Coalition
Melanie McVay
Summit County Tea Party
John Becker
Clermont County Tea Party
Carol Greenberg, Conservative Outlooks
Ron and Deb Baker
Top of Ohio Patriots
Jacqui Fetsko
Lake County Right to Life
Deborah Parker
Miami Valley Citizens Informed
Carl and Doris Crawford
Eastern Ohio Concerned Citizens
William A. Hanchosky
Hanchosky Posterity Concern
Janet Todaro
Liberty Camp
Molly Smith, President
Cleveland Right to Life
Keith Graber and Janet Graber 
Stark-Tusc 9/12
Marlene Johnson
Green County TEA Party
Kathleen J. Burch, Psy.D. (Mrs. Rodger L. Gamblin)
Rodger L. Gamblin, Ph.D.
South Montgomery County Liberty Group
Anita Rymer
TEA Party Patriots
Susan L Boggs
Pickaway County Republican Central Committee
Gary P. Harper
Wayne County 9.12 Group
Sue Ellen King
Ohioans for Workplace Freedom
Lester Ellcessor, Chairman
The Top of Ohio Patriots Tea Party
Roderick Clay
Westerville Tea Party
Linda Harvey
Mission America
Lori Viars
Warren Co. Republican Party Executive Committee
Ricki Pepin
Institute on the Constitution
Steve Boggs
1851 Center
Carolyn Destefani
Sugarcreek Township Trustee
Dennis W. Egbert 
Highland County TEA Party
Larry Heller
Clermont County Tea Party
Ethlyn Kennedy
Lorain County Totally Engaged Americans
Barbara Burkard
Ruth Thompson
Donna and Tom Czechowski
Beverly Laurito
Miami Valley Citizens Informed
Ohio Citizens:
Renata Walters
Donald and Sue McElrath
Mike and Anna Rehl
Kirsten Keusal
Linore, Michael, Kaitlin, Brian and Bethany Burkard
Lee Redkey
Angela Adam
Paul Chapman
Gary L. George, MD
Shirley Paulus
William Stlater M.D.
Rhonda and Larry Mills
John M McCarty
Nancy Capps
Mark Niezgodski
Carole Weston
Garrett W. Dunn
Dr. Ed and Mrs. Dot Kurz
Anthony Ziehler
Douglas Coleman-Roush
Ron Wise
Ruth King
Lisa Moore
Brenda and Lannt Derreberry
Ed & Sharon Roloff
Jean George
C. Maureen and Bernard SPEARMAN
Hallie Simpson
Teresa Bowling
Linda Lallathin
James & Judith Blackburn
Marvin Schlabach
John Zastawnik
Mark A. Sherman
Richard Monroe
Rosalie Elliis
Keith and Terri Lustig
James H. Kuenzli Sr.
Brian Ames
James Tasker
Bill Reilly
David L. Dosky
Patricia Shaw
Judy Bruns
Madge Jones
Norm and Carol MIller
Gary Burden
Jennie Granato
Ronnie and Teresa Bowling
Larry and Debbie Stewart
Ray Angel
Greig McDonald
Ginny and Ed Riechman
Andy Keusal
Raymond & Cecelia Knispel
Nancy and Dennis Muntean
Cindy Berner
Elaine Fouts
Carol and Scott Barker
Richard and Judy Rogers
Jeannie Craig
Deborah Anderson
Lisha Nienhaus
Mary McCarthy
Matt Pfeiffer
Marilyn Cross
Penny Nickel
Nancy Jensen
Patrick W Fogarty
Judy Cornett
Mary and Page McGirr
Betty L. Smith