Now that we have Rejected Ryan's Health Care Bill
Can we actually do what the American People Need and Want?

AKRON - Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party aligned We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, reacted to the US House cancelling the vote on House Speaker Paul Ryan's proposed Health Care Repeal and Replacement Bill. Zawistowski said, "The Bill proposed by Speaker Ryan was unpopular with the public and certainly with TEA Party Conservatives who worked for seven years for the opportunity to restore a vibrant, competitive, private sector health insurance market place that would provide affordable insurance, improve patient care, and lower the cost of providing quality health care to all Americans. The Ryan Bill was nothing close to that and was rightfully rejected by members of the US House today. Now it is time to focus on the needs of the American people instead of on the needs of the K-Street lobbyists and Washington insiders."

Zawistowski continued, "What all the talking heads on TV and everyone in Washington don't understand, is that they think that the answer to every problem is MORE Government when the real answer is LESS Government. You want to know why you they can't craft a Healthcare Bill that meets "everyone's" needs, it's because heath care is a PERSONAL choice and only we can decide what is best for ourselves NOT YOU! The fact of the matter is that we should repeal Obamacare and NOT replace it. The Democrats took a problem of 10 million Americans not being able to afford Health INSURANCE and in seven years turned it into a problem of 320 million American's not being able to afford health insurance! That tells you all you need to know about how poorly government works. The federal government has NO Constitutional authority to provide health care to anyone. It is a simple fact, proven over and over again throughout history, that the only way to decrease costs and increase quality is through competition. So we need to repeal Obamacare with a cutoff at the end of 2018, encourage private insurance companies to compete for the business of 320 million customers, and only pass necessary legislation to reform Medicaid and Medicare so that the young and the old and the handicapped are protected."




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's Time for the Republicans
to Stand up to the "Republi-can’ts"
AKRON - Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party aligned We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, called on Republicans in the US House of Representatives and US Senate to stand up to what he calls “Republi-can’ts” on the Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare. Zawistowski said “Why is it that when the Democrats are in charge that they can find ways to do anything they want, but when the Republican’s are in charge all they talk about is what they "can’t" do? By some apparent D.C. magic, the Democrats were able to implement ALL of Obamacare using ONE “budget reconciliation” bill but the “Repuli-can’ts” claim it is impossible to repeal and replace the same bill using the same one step process! Why? Well because they are “Republi-can’ts”, or to be honest, which they are not, because K-Street and US Camber doesn’t want them to repeal and replace all of Obamacare.” 

Zawistowski continued, “Every citizen who voted for President Trump should call their Congressman, and Senator, and the White House TODAY and demand that they keep their promise to repeal and replace ALL of Obamacare. While we trust President Trump, we have learned long ago that we cannot trust the career political class in Washington, DC. and therefore we must hold them accountable. Isn’t it interesting that the things that will most benefit families and the working class - selling insurance over state lines, repeal of the Insurance Mandate which is the main reason our premiums and deductibles are so high, etc. - those thing “can’t” be in a “budget reconciliation” bill according to the “Republi-can’ts” - even though they were in the Democrat’s bill. They say, "You working stiffs are going to have to give us even more power, 60 votes in the Senate to get what you want, and if that never happens, to bad for you.

Zawistowski concluded, “So, here is a memo to the “Republi-can’ts” from the grassroots that gave you the House, and the Senate and the White House and the Supreme Court - you are actually in charge and you “can” do any damn thing you need to do! REAL Republican’s need to listen to what Trump said in his Nashville speech - “It doesn’t matter what you do, the Democrats will not vote for it” - and the media is going to attack you FOREVER for doing it. So, ignore them! They didn’t vote for you and they NEVER will. Republican’s must keep your word to the people who did vote for you and do not pass ANY bill that does not reduce the cost of insurance and health care for everyday Americans. Regardless of what you “meant” by repeal and replacing Obamacare, to Joe Blow and his family, if they can’t afford insurance and health care then you didn’t keep your promise and they will vote you out in 2018! Don’t be a “Republi-can’t" like Paul Ryan, be a proud Republican like Donald Trump! Do it NOW, do it ALL, and show that you know how to lead and you are willing and able to do what it takes to win. I and millions of Republicans who voted for Trump will be calling your offices today to make sure that you understand the message we sent in the 2016 election."



Look at this chart. This is EXACTLY what Trump promised during the campaign and why we voted for him.

Fix our infrastructure, take care of our veterans, build our defense, defeat ISIS and secure our homeland! Unlike every other politician in your lifetime, Trump has the guts to make the cuts to pay for it! Bravo Mr. President!

The Dems and the Media will lie about how this will hurt the poor and the elderly and the sick, blah blah blah. If you think you couldn't cut EVERY government program by 40% and actually make it do a better job then you have never run a private business.

Read the details in this article and notice my fellow Seniors, in the other graph below, that Trump doesn't touch Social Security! Though we all know that it needs fixing as well!

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To: Rep. Steve Chabot, Rep. Warren Davidson, Rep. Bob Gibbs, Rep. Bill Johnson, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. David Joyce, Rep. Bob Latta, Rep. Jim Renacci, Rep. Steven Stivers,  Rep. Pat Tiberi, Rep. Brad Wenstrup

CC: House Speaker Paul Ryan


Subject:  Restore Regular Order, Stop the BAT Tax, Pass Tax Cuts, Use the CRA

Dear Congressmen:

I am writing to express the concerns and frustrations of the Trump voters in Ohio who also elected each of you to a new two year terms in Congress last November. I am hearing from Ohio Congressmen that you are all “frustrated” by what you call the “Three P’s - Pence, Priebus and Paul” who are, in some opinions, manipulating the agenda of President Trump and keeping you from Representing the wishes of the people in your Districts as you were elected to do.

I am writing to assure each of you that we support your efforts to make sure that the Trump Agenda, which we in Ohio overwhelmingly voted to implement, is indeed implemented in full and as quickly as possible. I am also writing to make clear our concerns and to provide some guidance as to how we would like you to address those concerns.

First and foremost, we are deeply concerned about House Speaker Ryan refusing to implement “Regular Order” after having promised to do so when he was first elected Speaker a year ago and AGAIN when he was re-elected, substantially on that promise, this past November. In doing so, he is denying us, your constituents, the Representation we are guaranteed under the US Constitution by not allowing any of you to participate in crafting the bills that will be headed to President Trump’s desk. It is my understanding, at least in the House Ways and Means Committee, that neither Renacci nor Tiberi or any of the 23 Republican Representatives have been “allowed” to propose Amendments or even to debate Speaker Ryan’s “Better Way” tax reform plan. That is simply unacceptable.

More precisely, we are concerned that Speaker Ryan and the House Leadership is pressuring members of the committee, and ultimately all of you, to pass the “Border Adjustment Tax (BAT)” which President Trump has clearly said he does not want and which we, the voters of Ohio, do not want!  We want personal and corporate taxes cut to spur the economy. We do NOT want a third tax, a “value added tax”, implemented that will basically negate the cuts in personal taxes by raising the price of product we consumers purchase from US retailers. That will NOT stimulate the economy and that is NOT a tax cut. That is a typical political shell game where you take less money out of one of our pockets just to take more money out of the other to feed your inability to reduce out-of-control government spending!  You must ALL vote NO on the tax plan if it includes a BAT tax! We do not want Speak Ryan’s tax cuts, we want President Trump’s proposed Tax Cuts.

Furthermore, we want each of you to take decisive action if Speaker Ryan cannot understand the message from President Trump that when you make promises to the American People, we expect you keep them.  If you do not have “Regular Order” then what are you even doing wasting your time and our money being in DC at all???  The voters of Ohio will support another “motion to vacate the chair” if Speaker Ryan does not implement “Regular Order” immediately. We call for our Ohio delegation to join together in making and supporting that motion if the Speaker does not keep his promise to you and to us.

Finally, on the issue of the Congressional Review Act, we are concerned that Congress has no plan to realize the full potential of this resource to improve our lives and most importantly our economy.  While we are supportive and thankful for the actions that Congress has taken already to overturn destructive actions by the Obama Administration, such as the repeal of the onerous “Stream Protection Rule”, we want much more from this resource.

In our view, the CRA gives Congress a once in history opportunity for a “do over” for much of what has been done by the Federal Government since it was passed in 1996.  As you know well, regardless of intentions, much of what government puts into rules and regulations do not have the outcome that were intended. Unfortunately, these “mistakes” are rarely fixed because the burden of doing so through the regular process of government is difficult and time consuming. The American people then bare the burden of these “mistakes” for decades. However, the Congressional Review Act provides a streamlined opportunity to literally fix hundreds, and even thousands, of these “mistakes” since 1996 quickly and efficiently.

What we are suggesting, is that Congress create a Standing Committee, say the Congressional Rules and Regulation Review Committee, that will hire qualified retired agency workers from the major branches of government who know the history, to systematically review which rules and regulation since 1996 had or did not have a report submitted about them to Congress before they were implemented by a Government agency.  The Committee would provide a weekly list of rules and regulations that it has discovered that were implemented since 1996 to Congress and that are subject to repeal by the CRA. Congress would then review the rules and regulation, and the OUTCOMES from those rules and regulations, to determine if they should be cancelled. Finally leadership would set aside time each week to vote on how ever many rules and regulations it wishes to repeal that week, so that this process would be systemic and on-going until it is completed. Creating a system is the only way to make sure this important opportunity is realized.

Let me be clear, what we propose is that Congress review ALL rules and regulations that are subject to CRA regardless of which President’s Administration implemented them.  We are not so biased as to believe that all well intended rules and regulations implemented by Republican Administrations ended up working for the public good nor that rules and regulations implemented by Democratic Administration are all bad for the public good. That is the point. Never before in history has ANY Government had the opportunity to go back in time and “fix” it’s “mistakes” without a revolution! You, each of YOU, have that once in a lifetime opportunity!

We believe that to not take advantage of this historic opportunity, to its fullest extent, would be the height of irresponsibility and a total disservice to the American people and your constituents here in Ohio. We ask that you take immediate action to implement this plan or something similar. It is clear to us that this action could do more than almost any other action you could take during this Congress to improve the lives of the American people, our economic environment, and to restore long lost individual liberty and freedoms.

I thank you for your attention to the issues in this letter. I hope that it has provided each of you with support and direction. I will be sharing this letter with the media and with Trump voters across the state of Ohio who may wish to add their support for the statements made herein. Finally I ask that you learn from Trump and learn how to fight for us  your constituents. Do not give up your right, and your duty, to represent us, under any circumstances! You elected Paul Ryan based on his promises to restore “Regular Order” to our Government. Hold him to his promise!


Tom Zawistowski


We the People Convention


A GOP Regulatory Game Changer 

Legal experts say that Congress can overrule Obama regulations going back to 2009.

By KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL Jan. 26, 2017 7:48 p.m. ET 

Obama Legacy

Todd Gaziano on Wednesday stepped into a meeting of free-market attorneys, think tankers and Republican congressional staff to unveil a big idea. By the time he stepped out, he had reset Washington’s regulatory battle lines.

These days Mr. Gaziano is a senior fellow in constitutional law at the Pacific Legal Foundation. But in 1996 he was counsel to then- Republican Rep. David McIntosh. He was intimately involved in drafting and passing a bill Mr. McIntosh sponsored: the Congressional Review Act. No one knows the law better. 

Everyone right now is talking about the CRA, which gives Congress the ability, with simple majorities, to overrule regulations from the executive branch. Republicans are eager to use the law, and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week unveiled the first five Obama rules that his chamber intends to nix. 

The accepted wisdom in Washington is that the CRA can be used only against new regulations, those finalized in the past 60 legislative days. That gets Republicans back to June, teeing up 180 rules or so for override. Included are biggies like the Interior Department’s “streams” rule, the Labor Department’s overtime-pay rule, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s methane rule. 


But what Mr. Gaziano told Republicans on Wednesday was that the CRA grants them far greater powers, including the extraordinary ability to overrule regulations even back to the start of the Obama administration. The CRA also would allow the GOP to dismantle these regulations quickly, and to ensure those rules can’t come back, even under a future Democratic president. No kidding.

It turns out that the first line of the CRA requires winning campaign and why the media attacks against any federal agency promulgating a rule to submit a “report” on it to the House and Senate. The 60-day clock starts either when the rule is published or when Congress receives the report—whichever comes later. 

“There was always intended to be consequences if agencies didn’t deliver these reports,” Mr. Gaziano tells me. “And while some Obama agencies may have been better at sending reports, others, through incompetence or spite, likely didn’t.” Bottom line: There are rules for which there are no reports. And if the Trump administration were now to submit those reports—for rules implemented long ago— Congress would be free to vote the regulations down. 

There’s more. It turns out the CRA has a expansive definition of what counts as a “rule”—and it isn’t limited to those published in the Federal Register. The CRA also applies to “guidance” that agencies issue. Think the Obama administration’s controversial guidance on transgender bathrooms in schools or on Title IX and campus sexual assault. It is highly unlikely agencies submitted reports to lawmakers on these actions.

“If they haven’t reported it to Congress, it can now be challenged,” says Paul Larkin, a senior legal research fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Mr. Larkin, also at Wednesday’s meeting, told me challenges could be leveled against any rule or guidance back to 1996, when the CRA was passed. 

The best part? Once Congress overrides a rule, agencies cannot reissue it in “substantially the same form” unless specifically authorized by future legislation. The CRA can keep bad regs and guidance off the books even in future Democratic administrations—a far safer approach than if the Mr. Trump simply rescinded them.

Republicans in both chambers—particularly in the Senate—worry that a great use of the CRA could eat up valuable floor time, as Democrats drag out the review process. But Mr. Gaziano points out another hidden gem: The law allows a simple majority to limit debate time. Republicans could easily whip through a regulation an hour. 

Imagine this scenario: The Trump administration orders its agencies to make a list of any regulations or guidance issued without a report. Those agencies coordinate with Congress about when to finally submit reports and start the clock. The GOP puts aside one day a month to hold CRA votes. Mr. Obama’s regulatory legacy is systematically dismantled—for good.

This is aggressive, sure, and would take intestinal fortitude. Some Republicans briefed on the plan are already fretting that Democrats will howl. They will. But the law is the law, and failing to use its full power would be utterly irresponsible. Democrats certainly would show no such restraint were the situation reversed. Witness their treatment of Mr. Trump’s cabinet nominees. 

The entire point of the CRA was to help legislators rein in administrations that ignored statutes and the will of Congress. Few White House occupants ever showed more contempt for the law and lawmakers than Mr. Obama. Republicans if anything should take pride in using a duly passed statue to dispose of his wayward regulatory regime. It’d be a fitting and just end to Mr. Obama’s abuse of authority —and one of the better investments of time this Congress could ever make. 

Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Donald Trump shocks world, wins presidential election in biggest upset in political history




NOV. 9, 2016, 2:32 AM

Donald Trump overcame all odds Wednesday, riding the wave of an unprecedented populist movement to put himself in line to be the 45th president of the United States.

The Republican presidential nominee secured the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House. In doing so, he completed the biggest upset in modern political history, beating his Democratic challenger, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as one of the most promising fields of Republican candidates in a generation.

During a speech in Manhattan early on Wednesday, the president-elect promised unity after a dark campaign.

"I pledge to every citizen of our land, that I will be a president for all Americans," Trump said. "And this is so important to me."

He added: "It is time for us to come together as one united people."

Clinton called Trump early Wednesday to concede after the brutal campaign.

"She congratulated us on our campaign," Trump said. "Hillary has fought very long and very hard, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service."

The result came as a shock, to say the least. Markets plunged late Tuesday night as it became clear that Trump would have a better night than expected. Dow futures sunk by more than 750 points.

Almost every major forecasting aggregator, including FiveThirtyEight, RealClearPolitics, The New York Times, and HuffPost Pollster, heavily favored a Clinton victory in the lead-up to Tuesday's race.


The insurgent Republican businessman's candidacy was greeted as a sideshow by many media outlets and even other candidates when he declared on June 16, 2015. But Trump quickly gained popularity among Republican Party voters, many of whom were drawn to his populist message on issues like international trade and immigration, his unscripted speeches — which often included inflammatory rhetoric about identity-politics issues — and his promises to restore the US to previous points of perceived national glory.

Trump's victory Tuesday came amid a wave of support among working-class and blue-collar white voters in numerous battleground states, including Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire. The New York businessman had long claimed his nationalist pitch to voters could spur high levels of voter turnout that would help propel him to the White House.

The mood at Trump headquarters in Manhattan was joyous, as guests drank and shouted when Trump appeared to win Rust Belt states like Wisconsin and Michigan, once reliably Democratic states. Attendees, sporting suits and red "Make America Great Again" hats, appeared equally shocked at Trump's massive upset.

"We're actually going to do it," an attendee remarked as Trump appeared to pull ahead in key states.

Just a mile away on Manhattan's west side, the mood at Clinton's election-night party — to which she ultimately never attended — was also one of disbelief.

Dead silence at Hillary Clinton Javitz Center event in New York as key battleground state of North Carolina called for Trump. #2016election

— Molly O'Toole (@mollymotoole) November 9, 2016

Just seen a woman leave Clinton rally at Javits Center in tears. #USADecides #HillaryClinton

— Olivia Feld (@oliviafeld) November 9, 2016

In the women's restroom at the Javits Center complete strangers are asking each other how they're holding up

— Ashley Fetters (@AshleyFetters) November 9, 2016

Many officials and top allies were shaken.
"This is the lowest moment in my life," a Clinton campaign official told Business Insider.

The Republican presidential nominee will take the oath of office in January with a mandate to fulfill a slate of lofty campaign promises. Trump has pledged several government actions that will certainly rock the US economy, including a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, a massive federal infrastructure plan, a moratorium on increasing regulations, and deportation of millions of immigrants illegally living in the US.

He has also promised national-security overhauls, including a potential return to enhanced-interrogation techniques, increasing bombing of ISIS, reevaluating the US relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, loosening background checks for purchasing firearms, and forcing Mexico to pay for a border wall on the US's southern border.

Trump will inherit a Congress that has remained plagued by gridlock throughout President Barack Obama's tenure. But he will come into office with Republicans controlling both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

David Anderson and Josh Barro contributed reporting. 







FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Portage County TEA Party

Endorses Trump and Renacci

Withholds Endorsement of Portman and Joyce

donald trump make america great

Mogadore, OH  - The Portage County TEA Party today announced,  after a vote by it's members at it's meeting on September 28, 2016, that it endorses Donald J. Trump for President of the United States and Jim Renacci in the Ohio 16th Congressional District. It also announced that it is withholding its endorsement of Ohio Senator Rob Portman and Ohio Congressman David Joyce because they are not supporting Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, for President. The Portage County TEA Party, as a corporation, can endorse federal candidates as provided under the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.

In making the announcement, Tom Zawistowski, Portage County TEA Party Executive Director, said "Our membership overwhelmingly voted to support Donald J. Trump for President of the United States because he wants want we want - a growing economy powered by a less regulated private sector not big government; good paying private sector jobs; the repeal and replacement of Obamacare with a competitive private sector solution; school choice for all students; a strong military; security at home and abroad including enforcing our borders; religious freedom and protection of our 2nd Amendment rights; and a Supreme Court that follows the US Constitution instead of dismantling it.”

Zawistowski explained, “ Donald Trump will stop the cancer of political correctness that is destroying freedom of speech, and even freedom of thought, in our country. So that we can resume having healthy and honest discussions about serious issues that must be addressed in our society.  We believe that Donald Trump is without doubt the best choice for President of the United States and we encourage all citizens to voter for him this election."

Zawistowski then talked about Trumps opponent, “Hillary Clinton is a threat to all the things that make America great. Hillary Clinton believes in global one-world government and wants to destroy our sovereignty as a nation by continuing the socialist big government programs of the current president. Such as flooding our nation with legal and illegal immigrants, federalizing our local police agencies, destroying our military, taking over parent's control of their children's education through common-core, and destroying the ability of businesses to startup and grow and create jobs due to over-regulation. Worst of all, she wants to replace Obamacare with single payer government health care which will eliminate choice, increase costs, reduce the quality of care, and lead to government control of every citizen's every action through the threat of denial of care once all private health care is eliminated. Finally, she will appoint the most radical Supreme Court Judges in the history of our nation who will change the Constitution in a way that will take away individual rights and freedoms and replace them with an all powerful federal government that will control every aspect of our lives and those or our children and grandchildren. Hillary Clinton will continue to divide our nation according to racial, economic, religious, and gender differences. Donald Trump will unite us once again as Americans and get government off our backs so that  “We the People” can “Make America Great Again.”

Zawistowski continued, "Our members also voted to endorse Congressman Jim Renacci in the Ohio 16th District but our organization has decided that we must withhold our endorsement of Ohio Senator Rob Portman and Congressman David Joyce in the Ohio 14th District. Senator Portman just withdrew his support of the Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and Congressman Joyce has never supported Trump. While Congressman Renacci has been very supportive of Trump since he became the nominee.”

Zawistowski explained the group’s issues with Portman, “By his actions, Senator Portman has chosen to set himself apart from the 90% of Republicans in Ohio who will vote for Donald Trump. His nonsensical statement that he “will be voting for Mike Pence” is purely wishful thinking on his part. It reveals his loyalty to the Washington DC establishment and his big monied backers, who have bought this election for him, instead of to the Ohio voters who he will be elected to serve. Every voter has to ask, if Portman cannot support Trump for President, how will he support the changes being demanded by the voters through their support of Trump once he is back in Washington? If Senator Portman reconsiders his position on Trump the Portage County TEA Party will reconsider its decision on his endorsement.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying, “As far as David Joyce is concerned his 36% conservative voting record proves that he votes with the Democrats 64% of the time. So in fact there is no Republican on the ballot in the 14th District - just two Democrats. Our group’s recommendation would be to just leave your ballot blank in that race.”

With early voting starting on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, the Portage County TEA Party encourages all eligible citizens to vote this election. The 2016 election is unlike any in our life time, as the vote for President this year will affect the direction of our nation not just for four or eight years, but for the next 40 years - because of the unusual opportunity for the next President to completely change the composition of the US Supreme Court. Citizens can view all of the Portage County TEA Party endorsements before voting on the groups website at www.PortageCountyTEAParty.com .



The Following Canidates have been Endorsed by
the Portage County TEA Party PAC:

Tia Paoloni, Candidate for Portage County Clerk of Courts


Lori Calcei, Candidate for Portage County Recorder


Sabrina Christian-Bennett, Candidate for Portage County Commissioner


John Mancini, Candidate for Portage County Commissioner


Sarah LaTourrette, Candidate for Representative from the 76th District


Jim Lutz, Candidate for Representative of Ohio State House 75th District


John Eklund - Ohio Senate 18th District


Ron Tamburrino, Candidate for 11th District Court of Appeals


For Immediate Release: Friday, September 23, 2016
Mogadore, OH - Portage County TEA Party Executive Director, Tom Zawistowski, lashed out today at the national media for their lack of coverage of the Impeachment Hearing of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen conducted this week by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Zawistowski called the national media “complicit” in the coverup by the Obama Administration saying “the national media has forfeited their special place under the US Constitution to be the eyes and ears of the public and to hold government accountable.”
Zawistowski said “This week the IRS Commissioner literally admitted in his US House Impeachment Hearing that the IRS staff targeted the common citizens who made up the TEA Party Movement in an effort to stop them from having the same impact on the 2012 presidential election as they had in the 2010 house elections. He admitted that IRS staff destroyed Lois Learners emails with full prior knowledge that Congress and ordered them to be preserved for its investigation. He admitted that his testimony to Congress was false on numerous occasions. Then he reluctantly conceded to Congressman Jim Jordan that the Federal District Court ruling that the IRS was still targeting TEA Party Groups today was in fact true. Only one national TV network reported on any of these developments, Fox News, and few print outlets or news websites gave it the coverage it deserved - if any.”
Zawistowski continued “If these admissions of illegal activity by a high ranking official in the Obama Administration, one who was recently defended by President Obama himself, is not news then what is news? For the national liberal TV networks and print media to deny to the American public the news that the Obama Administration admitted that they used the force of the Federal Government to silence millions of American Citizens, in order to fix the 2012 Presidential election for the sitting President, shows that those sudo-media outlets are in fact complicit in the coverup of these crimes. Is it any wonder that trust in the national media is at an all time low? That their ratings are down significantly? The “traditional media” has forfeited to social media their special place granted by our founders in the First Amendment of the Constitution by betraying their viewers and readers by acts of omission such as this and outright bias such as that being demonstrated and called for by the morally bankrupt New York Times.”
Zawistowski concluded “I am proud of the hundreds of my fellow TEA Party leaders who have stood strong for nearly six years under this assault on our rights by the Obama Administration.  We are winning in the federal courts and in the court of public opinion. Books like “The Intimidation Game” have documented the total corruption of our Federal Government under the Obama Administration and informed the public in a way the mass media has refused to do. We have not been silenced by these illegal acts, we are still here. We have become stronger as demonstrated by the domination of our favored candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the primaries. We will not rest until the rule of law is re-establish and the criminals in our Federal Government are brought to justice - including the Democratic elected officials who were also complicit in both the targeting and the coverup. We thank our Representatives in the US House who have stayed the course and continued to pursue justice in the face of media intimidation. We look forward to rewarding their efforts by putting Donald J. Trump in the White House as President of the United States and returning our Federal Goverment to its rightful role of service to all Americans and not just the ruling class.”

Ohio’s ‘Tea Party for Trump’ Builds Grassroots Get-Out-The-Vote Machine



A crowd of more than three hundred grassroots activists pushed into a church in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday as organizers unveiled a get-out-the-vote plan to win the swing state for Donald Trump.

“The message is simple,” Tom Zawistowski, spokesman for Tea Party for Trump, told the energized Ohio crowd. “If you want to keep your guns and 2nd Amendment rights, you have to vote for Trump.”

Zawistowski is the co-founder of the Portage County Tea Party and is also president of the ‘We the People Convention,’ a coalition of Tea Party and liberty groups across Ohio. He opened up the Tea Party for Trump’s kick-off event by explaining the group’s partnership with the National Rifle Association in Ohio and other key swing states.

“Go to the website, Tea Party for Trump. Sign up. We can have you calling voters who are leaning our way immediately. And if you want to come up here to Ohio to knock on doors, we can make that happen,” he said.

Local representatives of the National Rifle Association’s political arm, the Institute for Legislative Action, provided details about the get-out-the vote program, and Linda Walker, a board member of the NRA in Ohio, explained the importance of the presidential election this year.

“If Hillary is elected, our God-given rights will be on her target,” Walker told the audience.

“I was thrilled when I learned that Donald Trump had picked Kelly Conway to head up the campaign,” said Phil Burress, another activist at the meeting. As the president of Citizens for Community Values, “We hired her to do research for us [a few years ago] … I’ve had meetings with her – she is one of us, and she is smart,” said Burress, who was not speaking for the CCV.

Burress explained why evangelical Christian voters should back Donald Trump.

“Pro-life judges: Hillary no, Trump yes. Supports Iran nuclear deal: Hillary yes, Trump, no. Protects Second Amendment: Hillary no, Trump yes. Supports boys and girls in public school bathrooms: Hillary yes, Trump no,” Burress began. “I can’t believe I’m even talking about this,” he quipped to laughter from the audience.

“Defund Planned Parenthood: Hillary no, Trump yes. Repeal tax for family inheritance: Hillary no, Trump yes. Supports Biblical religious conscience: Hillary no, Trump yes. Reduces EPA regulations on coal and oil, Hillary no, Trump yes,” he continued.

“It just goes on and on. He scores perfect for us,” Burress said of Trump.

“I don’t know what they’re thinking if they’re not on the Trump bandwagon,” Burress said of Christian voters who have not yet decided to vote for Donald Trump. “The simple answer is this: Supreme Court,” Burress added.

Zawistowski then introduced Katrina Roma, a police officer in Ohio who had just come off a ten-hour shift. Police unions traditionally have supported Democratic candidates for president, but that support, especially among the rank-and-file, looks this year to be going for Donald Trump, he added.

“I’ve been a police officer here for eighteen years, patrolling urban neighborhoods here in Ohio,” Roma told the audience. “I’m here today to support Donald Trump for president,” Roma declared.

“I see first hand what reckless policies do to citizens in these [urban] neighborhoods. Drugs, gang violence, robberies, shootings, and killings of innocent people, including precious children caught in the crossfire,” she said.

“We need a president  who understands these issues and will support law enforcement officers who risk everything,” she said.

Doctor David Mungo, representing the medical industry, explained why Obamacare, which Hillary Clinton supports, must be repealed and why he is supporting Donald Trump, who opposes it.

“I’m an orthopedic surgeon in Northeast Ohio. I fix broken bones for a living,” Mungo said. “I still see patients on a daily basis who have no idea what the Affordable Care Act [Obamacare] is or what it means to you,” he noted.

“How many people here have a good understanding of  what the Affordable Care Act is and read all 15,000 pages of regulations [that govern it],” Mungo asked rhetorically, to gales of laughter from the audience.

Let me read you the stated purpose of the Affordable Care Act. It was passed ‘for the purpose of expanding health insurance coverage while also reforming the health care delivery system to improve quality and care. It requires U.S. citizens and legal residents to have health insurance and creates state based exchanges for individuals and small businesses to purchase coverage.’

“That’s what they say,” Mungo said, noting that what it really does has little to do with its stated purpose. “The Affordable Care Act is nothing more than the federal takeover of health care. It also happens to be the largest tax increase in U.S. history,” he said.

“It’s not about improving health care. It’s about submission to the government, and them telling us what to do with our health care,” Mungo added.

Diane Stover of North East Ohio Value Voters, explained why pro-life voters should back Donald Trump. “I’m here today to support Donald Trump because, literally, lives are at stake if Hillary Clinton is elected president,” she said.

Mike Chadsey of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association, speaking as an individual, explained why energy workers and voters who rely upon reliable energy sources should be involved in Tea Party for Trump. “I have not said anything more important throughout this entire year than Donald Trump should be elected president,” Chadsey said.

The coal industry and the oil and gas industry, have been hurt by excessive regulations imposed by the Obama administration, regulations that will continue and likely accelerate if Hillary Clinton is elected president, he said.  Those regulations are hurting the creation of energy sector jobs in Ohio, and adversely effecting the cost of energy for Ohio voters, he said.

Marie Jackson, the last speaker, wowed the audience with her message about why voters should cast their ballots for Trump.

“What is this election really about?” Jackson asked rhetorically. “It’s about our children and children’s children,” she said.

“If we fail to put Donald Trump in office, I shudder to think what this nation will look like,” she said.

After the speeches, the event broke into a working sessions where volunteers obtained detailed instructions on how to participate in the get-out-the-vote activities of the Tea Party for Trump-NRA program in Ohio.

A second Tea Party for Trump kick off event, this one a Tea Party rally, will be held in St. Louis on Sunday.

Michael Patrick Leahy is one of fourteen Founding Members of Tea Party for Trump and the author of Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological Origins of the Tea Party Movement.



Akron, OH:  The We the People Convention, announced today that the majority of the TEA Party/Liberty Groups in Ohio will be aligning with the National Rifle Association in an effort to elect Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. 

“We are pleased to align our efforts in this Presidential election with the NRA because so many of our members are also NRA members and gun owners,” said Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention. “The NRA came out early to endorse Donald Trump, which was no surprise since Hillary Clinton’s anti-2nd Amendment positions are crystal clear. It’s a simple choice- if we want to keep our guns, we need to elect Donald Trump as President. Working together with the National Rifle Association we believe we can get that done in Ohio.”

In 2012 members of TEA Party/Liberty Groups made over 75% of the calls and 75% of the door knocks for the Romney Campaign in Ohio.

“Our members will make phone calls and knock on doors through the NRA’s Political Victory Fund,” Zawistowski explained. “This decision to align with the NRA was made for two important reasons. First, we needed to align with an organization that we could trust and that would respect the value of the volunteer effort we bring to the election. I am confident that the NRA is a trustworthy partner who will respect our volunteers as true partners. Second, there are possible concerns about the resources that the Ohio Republican Party will commit to supporting Trump, based on Governor Kasich’s refusal to attend the Convention in Cleveland let alone endorse Trump.  Taking these factors into consideration, we had to find a partner that has no questions about supporting Trump’s election and the NRA has proven that commitment. This year’s combined effort will bring significant grassroots resources to bear on the mutual goal of ensuring Hillary Clinton is defeated and Donald Trump is our next President.”

“Any group interested in lending a hand should contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for information on how to contact NRA staff in their specific geographic region. They will personally setup and train staff to make phone calls or set you up and train your members over the phone so you can start making calls immediately. We will also hold a one-day state meeting in August to organize other efforts in support of Trump. We will notify all the leaders in the state concerning that event within the next week,” Zawistowski concluded.


Michael Goodwin


Britain’s vote for freedom proves power is with the people


As the Brexit results poured in, I caught myself humming a tune from Broadway’s “Hamilton.” The song follows the decisive Battle of Yorktown in 1781, after which the Redcoats surrender and America is free. It’s called a drinking song, and there’s not much to it except these words: “The world turned upside down.”

It certainly has. The world is also coming full circle because now it’s the Brits who are free. It took them a while, but they finally had their own Tea Party and their own revolution.

I salute them for their courage. And I raise a glass to freedom (that’s “Hamilton,” too).

Revolutions are a leap into the unknown and require the right mix of outrage, determination and leadership. They are testament to the ethos of an entire country and culture when they succeed without a shot being fired.

That’s the beauty of Brexit, and of grand old England. The people spoke, they were heard, and the wheel of history is turning. Let’s get on with it.

It took a revolution because the leaders of both of Britain’s major political parties united in opposition to change, with the pooh-bahs and grandees trying to scare voters into sticking with the status quo. Naturally, the establishment media lectured the rubes on what was good for them.

Sound familiar, America?

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump encouraged and celebrated British independence, declaring that voters “took their country back.” Stuck on the wrong side of history, President Obama and Hillary Clinton acted as if their dogs died.

Modal Trigger
New York Post cover for June 25, 2016.

Fortunately, Prime Minister David Cameron set the right tone for the defeated by doing the honorable thing and saying he would resign. Because investors hate uncertainty, stock markets around the world took an immediate dive, but there were no riots, looting or arson and the sun set on schedule.

This is Western democracy in all its grandeur. It refreshes itself not with the blood of innocents, but with the peaceful passion of ordinary people. Raise another glass to freedom.

The parallels to America’s tumult are obvious — right down to the hairy similarities of Trump and mop-top Brexit leader Boris Johnson.

While the original Redcoats tortured rebels, killed their families and confiscated their lands, the new Redcoats in Washington and Brussels kill the spirit of innovation, enforce conformity with regulations and punish dissidents with charges of bigotry.

Elitists of both parties try to silence Trump by accusing him of “hate speech” for demanding that America control its borders and enforce its immigration laws. Similarly, Johnson was greeted with calls of “racist scum” first thing in the morning.

Johnson, potentially the next prime minister, committed the crime of suggesting that Great Britain would be greater outside the suffocating embrace of European Union bureaucrats. He favors a liberated country that can make its own laws and decisions, and put its own people first.

While not carbon copies of Trump’s rallying cries of “Make America Great Again” and “America First,” the sentiments come damn close. As does the growing fear in both countries that distant, self-serving governments are slaves to political correctness and are not doing enough to stop Islamist terrorists.

To be clear, Trump and Johnson are not sainted men of unquestioned virtue. Rather, they are leaders speaking on behalf of millions upon millions of middle- and working-class people who feel left out of the globalized economy.

In both countries, those who favor the status quo and those who want to upset it are divided by income, education and even geography. Just as Trump gets most of his support from those who are poorer and less educated, residents of booming London voted heavily to remain in the EU, while those in the rest of the struggling country voted more heavily to leave.

In both Great Britain and America, the well-connected people working in government, finance and other sectors that benefit from the international system have no idea why anyone would want to rock the boat. Yet the very trade agreements that mysteriously move money and whole industries and make them winners leave many individuals feeling like pawns in a global game they can’t control or even understand.

People who played by the rules and still became second-class citizens in their own countries have legitimate claims. When they try to express them through the political process, they are patronized and then ignored.

Wary of being demonized, many even are reluctant to confess their anger. As a result, just as polls in the US often undercount Trump supporters, British polls were way off in predicting that “remain” would win.

Now the secret is out, and millions of people in both countries are in open revolt against the encrusted establishment, economic as well as political. There will be setbacks because the road is complex and because change of the magnitude they seek can never be easy.

But they have begun, and it’s a thing of beauty to see such undaunted courage on both sides of the Atlantic. Count that bond as a special part of the special relationship.

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