No Wall Funding - No Government Funding

President Trump is threatening a partial government shutdown if Congress does not include $5 billion in partial funding for the purpose of building the border wall that he and Republicans in the House and the Senate have promised for years. A border wall that Democrats Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Barack Obama all voted for in the past and claimed was necessary as recently as 2006.

Now all we hear from delusional Democrat hypocrites, and some “Republicans”, is that “Walls Don’t Work”, “It costs too much”, “Walls are immoral”, “Walls are racist”, “Everyone has a ‘Right’ to cross our borders”, etc. The inconvenient facts are that the border wall in Israel stopped 99% of illegal immigration ; that the one time cost of $25 billion needed to build the wall would actually save billions of our taxpayer dollars per year that are required to “take care of” illegal immigrants once they are in our nation; that building a wall would save thousands of lives of American citizens who die each year from heroin and fentanyl - 94% of which comes across the southern border; that building a wall would stop the tragic deaths of thousands of illegal “people of color” immigrants who die trying to cross the border now, and would stop the child trafficking and crimes committed against American citizens by illegal immigrants once they break into our nation. In the heartland of Ohio, we consider that what the sophisticated folks on the coasts would call “a compelling case” for building the border wall.

That is why We the People support President Trump’s common sense stand on the wall and will support a partial shutdown of the federal government for as long as it takes to get what we voted for and what is clearly in our national interests as a sovereign nation. It’s really simple, no wall funding then no government funding. Democrats shout “a shutdown over Christmas will be cruel to government workers” and “shutdowns cost money, they don’t save money” and “the American public does not support shutdowns”, so the party responsible “loses” the next election. To which we say emphatically, “We don’t believe a word of it!”

The reality is that when Ted Cruz forced a government shutdown in 2013 We the People supported him for doing so, just as we support Trump today. It was cowardly “Republicans” who did not support Cruz but the direct result was that in 2014 We the People elected more Republicans to the Senate, resulting in Republicans taking control of the US Senate. That is called winning, not losing, but not if you are in Washington, DC where lies are way more effective than facts. Those same Washington insiders claim that shutdowns cost “billions of dollars” when the fact is that most of that “cost” is paying “non-essential” government employees back wages for the time they did not work during a shutdown. So in effect, the actual affect of a government shutdown is taxpayer-funded paid Christmas vacations for as many as 850,000 already overpaid government employees! Wow that sure sound cruel Speaker to be Pelosi - cruel to US not them!

However, in the spirit of Obama crony Rahm Emanuel’s infamous political advice “Never let a crisis go to waste!” we would like to ask President Trump to do what he has done so well as President and use his business acumen during this partial government shutdown. See even the Democrats admit that a government shutdown doesn’t actually shutdown the government since all “essential” services continue. What happens is that “non-essential” government employees are furloughed until the budget is passed.

So to those of us who are business owners and President Trump, the glaring question that a government shutdown posses is “Why would any business have any “non-essential” employees?” Seriously, why would any business spend precious resources on employees it doesn’t need other than nepotism. Isn’t that what this really is in our government - nepotism? How many of these “non-essential” government workers are politically connected or family and friends of current and previous elected and non-elected officials? So why not use the pretend crisis of a government shutdown instead of wasting it?

President Trump should instruct current Budget Director, soon to be acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney to order all agencies of the federal government to audit every single “non-essential” government employee job during the shutdown to determine if those jobs could be eliminated. Since they are not needed to keep the government running certainly a huge number of them could be permanently eliminated - which would actually result in a shutdown saving taxpayers money, and in smaller and more efficient government! What a great idea!

How much could we save?  If 850,000 federal employees get furloughed as “non-essential” during a shutdown, what if we could eliminate even 400,000 of those jobs? Knowing people working in DC it would be very safe to say that each job that was eliminated would save taxpayers at least $100,000 in wages and benefits and thus the President could save $40,000,000,000. That’s $40 BILLION PER YEAR!  Now that is the kind of outside-the-box thinking and management we should expect from President Donald Trump and we would support!

If the Democrats and RINO Republicans want to play a game of chicken with the border wall funding, why don’t we up the stakes? While they deny We the People our national soveriegnty and national security to please their ruling class masters, and ignore our votes and their promises, how about if we put some of their skin in the game Mr. President? I can hear the swamp creatures thrashing about in those muddy waters along the Potomac at the thought of such a creative solution. “You can’t do that!” they will shout! Well besides chanting “Build that Wall” at the top of our lungs for the past three years, you also heard clearly our shouts to “Drain the Swamp!” Now is the time Mr. President, No wall funding - No government funding! Let’s stand our ground and shut it down and let’s not waste a good crisis when we have the chance to drain the swamp at the same time.

Tom Zawistowski is the President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention and the Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party. He lives in Akron, OH.


For Immediate Release: Friday, December 14, 2018


Akron, OH:  Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio TEA Party organization, the We the People Convention, and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, reacted to the news that former RNC Co-Chairman Bob Paduchik was picked by President Trump's re-election campaign to oversee the President's Ohio campaign for 2020. Paduchik was brought in at the last minute to head up Trumps successful Ohio Campaign in 2016.

Zawistowski said, "In a typical Washington Friday news dump, it was announced today that Bob Paduchik was "picked" by Trump's re-election campaign to oversee the Ohio 2020 Campaign. The fact is that Paduchik was fired from his position at the RNC because the President and his staff finally recognized that Paduchik was not on his side. Paduchik has made a very profitable living taking full credit for the Trump victory in Ohio in 2016, but the fact is that he greatly exaggerated his role in that victory in order to gain the President's trust. Since being named Co-Chairman of the RNC as a reward, he has actively worked to defeat state and federal candidates who supported Trump, he lied to the President about Mike Gibbons as the potential Republican Senate candidate in Ohio, he encouraged the President to endorse and support candidates in Ohio and elsewhere who are in fact anti-Trump, and he has blocked qualified pro-Trump applicants for jobs in the Administration. In short, Paduchick is an anti-Trump Republican Establishment operative who worked in the Bush Administration, and for the Bush campaign in 2004, and who ran the campaign for RINO Senator Rob Portman. We want nothing to do with Bob Paduchick in Ohio and we will not work with him if he remains involved with the Trump campaign."

Zawistowski continued, "On Tuesday, our organization took out a full page ad in the Washington Times with the headline "Mr. President, what ever made you think that We the People expected you to do this alone?" The purpose of the ad was to message the President that he and his advisors must engage and communicate with the grassroots if he is going to survive and win re-election in 2020. This move to put Paduchik in charge of the 2020 Ohio re-election campaign is a perfect example of how the President and his advisors are making critical errors because they are not connected to the people on the ground who elected the President in the first place. The fact is that establishment Republicans like Paduchik and Reince Priebus and others have undermined this President starting the first week after the 2016 election when they advised him to support Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. Since then they have succeed in walling off the President from communicating with his base and the result has been that a full two years into his Presidency he has yet to take control of his Administration. We are hopeful that the President will choose Mark Meadows to be his new Chief of Staff as a sign that the President now recognizes who really are his friends and who are his enemies."


If you hear anyone tell you that "experts say walls don't work" to stop illegal immigration, show them this video.

Click on this link to read more facts.

Please call your Congressman and Senator TODAY and Demand that they fund the Border Wall.

Contact your U.S. Senators of the 115th Congress.

Contact your U.S. Representative of the 115th Congress

The Capitol Switchboard telephone number is (202) 224-3121

Contact the White House

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For Immediate Release: Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Ohio Poll Shows 53% of Citizens Support Trump’s Threat to Shutdown “non-essential” Government over Border Wall

Akron, OH:  Today, the Ohio TEA Party organization, the We the People Convention, released the results of it’s Ohio state poll which was conducted on Tuesday, December 11, 2018. The poll surveyed 410 Ohioans to determine the position of Ohio citizens toward the importance of securing our US borders, including building of a border wall, and their degree of support for President Trump’s pledge to “shutdown” non-essential parts of the Federal Government if Congress fails to provide adequate funding for the border wall.

The We the People Convention poll showed that 52.91% of Ohioans support the President’s threat to shutdown “non-essential” government if Congress does not fund the border wall in the budget. While 42.78% of those polled do not support a shutdown and 4.31% are undecided. Republicans support the President by 84.52%, while Democrats oppose the President on the shutdown by 78.57%. The survey also found that 68.54% of Ohioans feel that securing the US border was “Very Important” or "Important", while 31.46% felt that it was “Not Essential” or even “Necessary” for the border to be secured.

Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention said, “Our poll shows that support for President Trump threatening to shutdown “non-essential” parts of the government from his base is off the charts at 84.52%, which makes sense since those are the people who elected him largely on that issue. Our organization certainly supports the President’s stand because it just makes common sense. The cost to build a wall is a one time cost of $25 billion, the cost to take care of the estimated 30 million illegals already in the US is $130 billion every year! Interestingly in our poll, 58.57% of Democrats were not aware of these facts and they also were the most opposed to funding border security.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying, “Despite Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s false claims yesterday that “experts say that walls don’t work”, the fact is that the wall Israel built cut illegal immigration by 99%. With 95% of the Heroin and Fentenyl, that killed a record 70,000 Americans last year alone, coming across the Mexican border, anyone who opposes funding the border wall can’t do math and doesn’t care about America’s children or its middle class. It’s real simple, if their is no funding for the border wall, then there is no funding for the government! Congress must do what they promised, nothing else is acceptable.”


Wow! Trump, Pelosi and Schumer get into a fight on live TV about funding for the Border Wall!

Click Here for a Very Short Clip
with Trump telling Schumer "I will shut down the government if there is no money for border wall."

Click Here for a Longer Clip where Schumer tell Trump they will not fund the wall.

Click Here for the entire exchange where Pelosi and Schumer tell Trump that walls don't work and much more!

Call the White House Switchboard NOW at 202-456-1414 and ask them to note that you support President Trump's decision to shut down the government if there is no wall funding. Then tell them that not only should he shut down the federal government, EVERY "non-essential" government employee that is identified in the shut down should have their job eliminated immediately!!!

Watch the video and listen to the idiotic arguments by Pelosi and Schumer claiming that imaginary "experts" say walls don't work. It's real simple - NO WALL FUNDING, no Government funding. When they try to scare you about how "cruel" it will be to have a shut down at Christmas time LAUGH IN THEIR FACE and expose them for the frauds that they are! Like we don't know that nothing important gets shut down and the laid off employees get a PAID VACATION and all there wages back at the end of the shutdown. You can tell by how much Pelosi and Schumer keep saying they don't want a government shutdown that they will cave if the President holds firm. He will hold firm if he has our support! Call the White House Switchboard NOW!

BTW, I have confirmation that our ad was seen in the White House. Don't know for sure if the President saw it or not, but his staff definitely did. I also know lots of "Republican" Congressmen saw it. Our timing could not have been better! Thanks to all of you who shared it and donated to help pay for the ad.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski

If you did not see it Sunday Night on LIfe, Liberty and Levin, I implore you watch this video of Heather MacDonald where she explains EXACTLY what is wrong with our society, who is behind it and what has to be done about it. Then show this to everyone you know, especially young people you know and especially parents. We ALL must start fighting back by rejecting the culture of victimization created by gender and racial identity politics by exercising your FREE SPEECH and calling it what it is - a destructive ideology of hate intended to bring down not only the US but all of Western Civilization.


For Immediate Release: Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Akron, OH:  Today, the Ohio TEA Party organization the We the People Convention, released the results of it’s Ohio state poll which was conducted on August 19, 2018. The poll surveyed a random sample of 614 Ohio Republicans to determine the level of support for Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan’s bid to become the next Speaker of the US House of Representatives. 

The We the People Convention poll showed that 77.36% of Ohio Republicans believe that Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan should be elected as the next Speaker of the US House of Representatives by members of Congress. Congressman Steve Scalise from Louisiana received 14.98% of the vote and Congressmen Kevin McCarthy received 7.65% of the vote. More than 80% of Ohio Republican voters felt that Jordan would be the most supportive of President Trumps agenda.

The survey also found that 79.82% of Republican voters felt that the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee should endorse Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House at their State Central Committee meeting on September 7, 2018.  A total of 73.19% of Republican voters felt the Ohio’s nine incumbent Republican Congressmen and six Republican candidates for Congress should also endorse Jim Jordan for Speaker out of loyalty to a fellow Ohioan and fellow member of Congress. A majority of 55.29% of Republican Voters said that it would affect their vote for members of Congress if they endorsed Jim Jordan before election day.

Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention said, “As President Trump saw first hand at the rally in Lewis Center, OH a few weeks back, and as this statewide polls shows, Jim Jordan is clearly the overwhelming choice of Ohio Republicans to be the next Speaker of the US House of Representatives. I would also point out that the TEA Party Patriots survey last week showed that 98.4% of TEA Party activist around the nation support Jordan for Speaker. The reasons are clear, we trust Jim Jordan as Speaker to restore regular order and allow the House to serve the people instead of special interests. We trust Jim Jordan to do what those we elect to office promised us they would do. We know that Jim Jordan will support the agenda the people elected President Trump to implement instead of obstructing the President every step of the way as has been the case under the current Speaker of the House.  We are going to do everything in our power to encourage all Republican members of Congress to prove that they actually do support President Trump by electing a House Speaker who will work with the President every step of the way to Make America Great again.”




For Immediate Release: Saturday, June 7, 2018



Akron, OH: Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention, today defended Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan against those accusing him of not acting to stop purported sexual abuse by a homosexual doctor named Richard Strauss at Ohio State University from 1978 to 1998. Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State from 1986-1994 and five former athletes have gone on the record saying that Jordan knew about the sexual abuse 32 years ago and did not report it or stop it. Congressman Jordan has vehemently denied the allegations made against him saying that “he was never told about any sexual abuse” during his time at Ohio State and that “he would have taken action had he known about any abuse by Strauss.”  Jordan’s position is backed up by a statement from Head Wrestling Coach at that time, Russ Hellickson, who said this week, “At no time while Jim Jordan was a coach with me at Ohio State did either of us ignore abuse of our wrestlers.” The Ohio State University opened up an investigation into Strauss’s activities this April when they first came to light and hired law firm Perkins Coie which has reportedly interviewed over 150 people so far about these allegations against Strauss.


Zawistowski said, “First of all, I have known Jim Jordan for many years and I agree with President Trump’s statement on Thursday that Jim Jordan is one of most outstanding people I have met and I don’t believe these allegations at all. Second, in the nine years we have been involved in the TEA Party Movement, we have learned that there are no coincidences in politics. As soon as the NBC hit piece came out, we saw it for what it was. This is a story about greed, opportunism and useful idiots. The two main athletes accusing Jordan of knowing about the sexual abuse 32 years ago and not stopping it are both in serious financial and legal trouble, and one has a clear vendetta against OSU. They were both well aware of the $500 million financial payout being made by Michigan State to 332 female athletes who were sexually assaulted by the athletic department doctor and they saw an opportunity to get a piece of the action. Their motivation for specifically implicating Jordan, who is clearly a minor player in the full scope of this investigation, by lying about his role, is to make the story national so their potential payout will be larger. The investigation into these allegations has been going on since April of this year, but it is hardly a coincidence that the allegations against Jim Jordan ended up on the front page of NBC News just five days after Jim Jordan called out Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for illegally withholding evidence from Congress in a televised public hearing on June 28th. These athletes became the useful idiots for a smear campaign that is designed to take out someone who is threatening those in our government who have committed crimes and are worried about going to prison.” 


Zawistowski continued, “It is a fact that Perkins Coie, the law firm Ohio State hired to investigate the allegations, is also the firm that funneled Hillary Clinton campaign funds to Christopher Steele who wrote the “unverified” fake Trump dossier and paid Fusion GPS to pedal the fake document to the DOJ, FBI and CIA as legitimate intel in order to smear candidate Trump and then undermine President Trump. This illegal activity is what Jim Jordan and others in Congress are exposing with their investigations. So it is not a coincidence that five days after Jordan attacks Rosenstein for covering up this illegal activity that this hit piece comes out. It was also not a coincidence that Perkins Coi tried to legitimize the accusations against Jordan by lying about contacting Jordan and suggesting he refused a request to be interviewed. Now we see the same pattern we have seen by the left wing “media” over and over, accusation with no evidence repeated again and again trying to make people believe the lie. Well, I can tell you flat out, no one in the Ohio TEA Party movement believes this nonsense and I will bet you that Jim Jordan hasn’t lost many votes in his Congressional District because we know this man, and we know his character, and we know this is all not true.”


Zawistowski concluded by saying, “So let’s get this straight. Thirty two years ago, Jim Jordan is an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State, and a homosexual doctor who works for the athletic department has been purportedly molesting hundreds of male athletes on up to 14 different athletic teams, for eight years before Jordan arrived on campus and then for another four year after he left, and the entire focus on this investigation is on Jim Jordan? These are not children, these are Division I male college athletes who would have no problem physically stopping Dr. Strauss if they did not like what he was doing. Are we to believe that, even though they were purportedly traumatized by these actions by Dr. Strauss, that all they did is causally mention it or joke about it in locker room talk with an assistant coach? The five athletes who are accusing Congressman Jordan admit, and specifically say in one case, that “he was too embarrassed to report the abuse directly to Jordan.” They claim, though they admit that they did not tell Jordan directly, that it was “commonly known” but have no proof other than hearsay. Now if I was being molested by someone, and I reported it to an assistant coach and they did nothing, I sure would have then reported it to the Head Coach or the Athletic Director because I would know that they have the power to do something about it - but there is no evidence of that either. Then, where were their parents? Are we supposed to believe that none of those athletes would tell their parents and that the parents would not have taken action to stop their son from being molested? If they were so injured by Dr. Strauss, then why did they not speak out when Dr. Strauss committed suicide in 2005?  Why didn’t they speak up when the Jerry Sandusky case was going on at Penn State that involved the same type of activity? This just does not add up. At least at Penn State and Michigan State the perpetrator was still molesting people and needed to be stopped. That was a good reason to speak up. At OSU Strauss is long dead, so the reason to bring this up now can only be to cash in. Then the political opportunists saw their own opportunity to “cash in” as well by smearing Jim Jordan and we are just not going to buy the lie. We stand by Jim Jordan and look forward to his re-election and to him continuing to fight for equal justice under the law for all of us in the months and years ahead.”


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