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Open Letter to my Fellow Republicans

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An open letter to my fellow Republicans by Ralph Spampanato

Dear fellow Republican,

Unite or Die was the slogan during our nation’s founding.  I believe once again we must unite or die, this time as a political party.

While the money for the 2016 presidential campaign is being gobbled up by Jeb Bush, I do not believe it will translate into votes from the more conservative members of the party. In fact, it is my belief that the nomination of Jeb Bush will result in electing another democrat. It will also be the beginning of the end of our party.

Jeb Bush is not the only potential candidate that will result in this unfortunate prediction. I will also add Chris Christie, John Kasich and Mike Huckabee. All of whom are progressive and big government republicans. Their support of Medicaid expansion, common core and amnesty for illegal aliens are non starters for grass root conservatives.

Progressives do not own the potential splitting of the party. The conservative wing of the party has their own and they include Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Neither can win in a general election and for different reasons. Paul will lose based on his isolationist foreign policy positions and Cruz because he is viewed as an uncompromising conservative. Many of those who support Rand Paul will support him and no one else. That is a stance that will lead to a loss in November. On a positive note both these gentleman will offer an opportunity in the debates to expand our base and articulate the conservative message, so I welcome them in the political process.

I have been involved in the Tea Party movement since its inception in 2009 and currently serve as a Board member of the Ohio Liberty Coalition.  I am also very active within my county Republican Party and serve on the Central and Executive Committees. In 2012 based on my volunteer efforts for the Romney campaign, I was the Stark County Republican Male Volunteer of the Year. I value working together and have often advocated others to do the same.

However, based on conversations I have had across the state and what I have been reading in social media, there is no way a progressive big government republican will be supported by many conservatives in the party. I will add, if a progressive is nominated there will likely be as many republican protesters outside the convention as there are celebrants inside. Those outside will stay home in November as 4 million did in 2012. The more troubling issue will be when they stay home this time they will likely leave the party.

Ronald Reagan is famous for saying; I did not leave the democrat party the democrat party left me. Many Republicans will feel the same way and begin their exodus. We (party membership) need to realize we will not get everything we want and must be able to unite behind candidate(s) that are acceptable to the majority of the party and not force or mandate their divisive choice on others.

Early in the Tea Party movement there was a large contingent that wanted a third party. I was and currently am steadfast against a third party. I am a proud republican and will remain so. There were many conversations and heated arguments in meetings across the state. Those who wanted to work within the party structure won the day.

There was a lack of trust between the party and grass root conservatives that in many cases has not been resolved. I have been told point blank. If another progressive big government republican is nominated, I am staying home and will look for another political party.

I am not writing this as a threat but rather as information. Many participants in the political process in the Republican Party and grass roots either have not made the effort to communicate or have been disillusioned by the other. Communication is the key in any relationship. The grass roots must attend their Lincoln day dinners and other Party functions and politely advocate their beliefs. I ask the Party to remain open minded and do not dismiss the activist out of hand. Listen to their concerns. They are the individuals you count on for knocking on doors and making the phone calls. They talk to and interact with the general public and have knowledge and information those in the political establishment do not. The grass roots have come a long way but in many instances may not have the technical knowledge or understanding required in running a campaign. We either work together with a candidate we both can work for or the Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs. It can no longer be my way or the highway.

In Liberty,

Ralph Spampanato

Last Updated on Sunday, 15 February 2015 10:38

The King Has No Clothes

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Portage County TEA Party

4682 State Route 43 • Kent, Ohio • 44240 • 330-474-3878 • 330-673-4672 (Fax)


January 17, 2013


Ravenna Record Courier

126 North Chestnut Street

Ravenna, OH  44266


Dear Editor,


In December, Mr. Chlysta wrote in this newspaper that our nations financial problems were caused primarily by the “Bush” tax cuts, which the Democrats have spent a decade demonizing as a Republican “gift to the wealthy”. In his view, we would have no debt if we just got rid of those tax cuts and our newly re-elected President was going to be “fiscally responsible” and finally get rid of them. I pointed out that we would see who was fiscally responsible, when the President had the opportunity to end them by simply letting them automatically expire at the end of the year.  What did the President and the Democrats do?  They made the temporary “Bush” tax cuts the PERMANENT “Obama” tax cuts for 98% of all tax payers! They did not eliminate them because they were good for Americans, not bad as we had been told. Their objections over the past decade were a total lie used for political purposes to fool simple minded people like Mr. Chlysta and it worked.


So, now we move on to the second Democrat BIG LIE, which is the President’s calling card.  If the “rich” would just pay their “fair share”, we could pay “our” bills and provide the services our people need from government.  Which is tied to the other lie that we need to tax the “rich” to protect the”middle class” from higher taxes.  Guess what happened? The President got his wish. The evil “rich”, finally determined to be people making over $400,00 per year, received a significant tax increase and will now to be paying their “fair share”! Justice at last! Our problems are solved!


The result being? Not savings. Not fiscal responsibility. Not applying this supposedly HUGE new tax revenue the President promised would balance our annual budget, pay our bills or reduce the nations debt. They raised taxes on the ‘rich” and spent it all in one day.  It was a lie. Taxing the rich does nearly NOTHING to solve our fiscals “SPENDING” problem.  It was all just political class warfare. Divide and conquer.  And guess who got a tax increase?  You did, not just the "rich".  Every single working American got a smaller pay check this month because the President let a cut in employee social security payments laps. At my company, employees making as little as $30,000 per year got a $600 tax INCREASE.  I would hardly call that “rich” Mr. President.  I bet Mr. Chlysta is crest fallen to see his fearless leader exposed as such a hypocrite and political manipulator. You’ve been “played” for a fool Mr. Chlysta, as have all of you who voted for the “Liar in Chief” - not once but twice. 


So, just keep on drinking the kool-aid.  Believe him when he tells you that “we do not have a spending problem” when we are spending 40% more than we take in each day.  Believe him when he tells you that the evil Republicans are going to cut off your social security check and stop paying our military because they will not raise the debt ceiling. When in FACT it is the President’s sole discretion to decide who does not get paid.  HE - not the Republicans - is going to decide that you don’t get paid so that he can use you and your suffering to get his way.  Believe him when he tells you that the Republican’s don’t want to pay "our" bills by borrowing more trillions, when it is HE who is spending $1.4 Trillion per year more than comes in and does not want to pay for it. The king has no clothes, but what a magnificent suit he is wearing indeed, as I am sure all you loyal subjects can clearly see.


Tom Zawistowski

Executive Director

Portage County TEA Party

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 February 2013 15:57


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