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Kasich Admits He Never Read Party Platform

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Kasich Admits that he has never read the Official Party Platform
Ohio Governor John Kasich as quoted in the Washington Times Friday, October 17th,  “The platform doesn’t mean diddly to normal people out there,” he told the AP. “You think somebody ever read … I’ve never read the Republican platform. I mean, who reads a platform?"
Republicans read the platform Governor, Republican representative from all 50 states wrote the platform Governor, ALL the delegates at the Republican National Convention approved the Republican Party Platform Governor, many state and county Republican Central Committees adopt is as their own Governor because it represents what Republicans believe. You sir are no Republican when your record is compared against the offical platform you never bothered to even read.

When is a political party not a political party?  When the people in it have no policy or platform, which is the definition of a political party, and therefore are not a party but an election machine. The Ohio Republican Party intentionally has no platform and no "Republican" in Ohio is held accountable to the National Republican Party Platform so that they can claim to be Republicans when they run for office and then act like Democrats after they are elected. There is a name for that - it's called bait and switch.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/17/gay-marriage-stances-in-ohio-races-true-to-parties/?page=2#ixzz3Gb24ylWm
Attached below is a PDF of the Republican Party National Platform for you to read. It is a beautiful document which represents the values and principals that real Republicans believe in and want the real Republicans they elect to fight for and implement. I have read it several times and all real Repubicans should as well.
In light of the District Court ruling yesterday that keeps Libertarian Charlie Earl off the ballot in the Ohio Governor's race, please also visit this website that was put together by our good friend John McAvoy from the Toledo TEA Party: http://www.threeotherchoices.com
  1. political party is an alliance of like-minded people who work together to win elections and control of the government. Political parties compete against one another for political power and for the ability to put their philosophies and policies into effect.
Download this file (2012GOP-PlatformFinalSmall.pdf)GOP National Platform[ ]2408 Kb
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