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President Needs to follow his Own Advice

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For Release: Thursday, July 31, 2014


President Needs to follow his Own Advice


Kent, OH - Tom Zawistowski, Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, reacted to President Barack Obama's comments in Kansas City, MO on Wednesday with some advice for the President. Zawistowski, said "We find it rich that on the very day that emails were disclosed from top IRS official Lois Lerner, and devout Obama supporter, spewing the most vile hatred at those of us in the TEA Party, whom she then went on to illegally target, that the President thinks it is we who need to stop the hatred. We suggest Mr. President that you take a look in the mirror because it is you and your party that is the locus of the hate and divisiveness in our nation. Your penchant for portraying disagreement with your policies as somehow hating you personally or even worse, as your incompetent Attorney General often asserts, is racially motivated, is not only disingenuous but is hateful and hurtful to those like us who simply have a different view than yours. Unfortunately, the President has shown himself incapable of, or perhaps more accurately unwilling to, rise above his own long held hate and prejudice to lead our country because it assist him politically to keep us divided and keep the focus on everything and anything other than his failed policies."


Zawistowski concluded by saying "The canard that it is the US House that is doing nothing, intentionally hides the truth that it is Harry Reed and the "do nothing" Senate that has executed a "government shutdown" that the media has failed to report and the republican establishment has been unable to articulate coherently to the public. While the 30% who still support the President may believe this outright lie, the vast majority of Americans understand that it is the goal of the Democrat Party to stop the legislative process so that they can unconstitutionally and unlawfully impose their will on the rest of the nation. This isn't about you Mr. President, it's about your radical anti-American ideology and our unwillingness to bend to your will. That doesn't make us haters, it makes us Patriots."



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